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10 Important Safety Rules For Camping

Camping is an outdoor activity involving nights away from home and to get a bit closer to nature. That is precisely why when doing this you are in a less controlled environment, that it is necessary to be precautionary and to know the most important safety rules for camping. Camping is a very adventurous activity.

10 Important Safety Rules For Camping

Camping Area

Following are the steps that you have got to keep in your mind after you decide to opt for tenting. In several countries, there are especially ready tenting areas that supply several services. In alternative nations, there’s less management so it’s vital to be preventative. Not withstanding what your scenario is, make certain you mostly camp in a very selected space or a minimum of making certain you get info on the safest space to camp within the area.

Get to know your host

Do not camp in banned sites as you’ll have associate degree unpleasant experience. Established tenting areas have a minimum level of direction from authorities and have on paper safe areas. For this reason, it’s best to respect the principles and limit yourself to those areas.

Suitable Land

Put up your tent ashore that’s as flat as attainable and near on surfaces wherever it may collapse like trees, swamps, etc. It’s conjointly vital that your tent is far from the ocean or stream bed, not solely to forestall tides coming back in and flooding, however conjointly to remain far from animals that might board the water and will hurt you.

Weather Check

Take into account the wind when setting up your tent. If you are in an area where there is a lot of wind, you should set up camp against it to protect you against the wind and to prevent it from pulling down your tent.

Camp Fire

Do not build campfires unless you’re in an exceedingly clear space with no fire spreading risk. No wind and in a vicinity wherever it’s allowed. If you choose to create a fire, at least make certain that it’s off from the tents because a spark is often the beginning of a fireplace, once more the advice is to avoid them.

campfire bonfire

However, if you wish to avoid accidents it’s far better to bring a conveyable range than to light-weight a fire as a result of it would get out of hand or not be placed out fully and cause a fire.

First Aid Kit

Always carry a first aid kit with all the things you need as you can see in the image below, as well as keep your mobile phone charged, a compass, a GPS and a map of the area where you find yourself with the nearest places marked. Nowadays, there are many apps that work as a compass and can help you in many situations.



Stay in a group of people and avoid exploring the area on your own. If you are camping in a jungle or any other dangerous area, you have to keep in mind the safety rules, as there are wild animals too, which can be very dangerous. When you have decided to explore the area don’t do it on your own, take at least two to three friends or family members with you and you guys should stick together throughout the trip.



Always carry enough non-perishable food, such as tinned food, and plenty of water to stay properly hydrated.You should also consult the weather forecast for the days when you are planning to go camping. Food is very much necessary and you should always carry eatables so that if you feel anything wrong with your body you can have food.


Self Defense

Remember that you simply are an encampment in nature, that is home to several alternative creatures. bear in mind of signs which will indicate the presence of animals and avoid encampment within the space.

  • Beehives hanging from trees or wasp nests on the floor
  • Search in between rocks and bushes to see if there is any poisonous creature.
  • Make sure there is no food around the camping area to prevent bears and crocodiles from coming near.
wild animals

Dangerous Gas

Be aware of carbon monoxide poisoning. This gas will return from heaters, lanterns, charcoal grills etc. A build of CO might cause unhealthiness and even death and also the worst a part of it’s that humans cannot see it or smell it. to stop CO poisoning, don’t use any supply of heating within the tent, utterly extinguish any fires you’ll have created, and check out to stay gas stoves off from the tent in a very safe place.

Inform People

Never leave the town to camp without informing a loved one or friend as a bar technique. Inform them wherever you’re going, wherever you propose to camp and after you area unit coming up with on returning. If you’re going bivouacking with friends or family, what is left is to own fun.

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