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10 Ways To Reuse Water At Home

Water is one of the basic necessities of life. Not only the man and the animals need water for their life, even the plants need it. One cannot think of life on the earth without water. Although 70% of the earth is covered with water, yet the useable proportion of this water is nominal. Majority of the water (especially the sea water) is non-consumable for life. Most of the areas in this world are facing acute shortage of consumable fresh water.

Scientists are warning us since long about the shortage of water in the world and are emphasizing upon the need of preserving the potable water. With the change in lifestyle, the level of wastage of water is increasing day by day. A huge quantity of water goes into waste every day. So, the need of preserving water is the call of the day. It is the responsibility of all of us to preserve water for us and for our future generations.

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Apart from preserving water, we have another important way of overcoming the shortage of water; re-utilization of water. There are so many tasks performed by us during our daily life, where we waste a considerable quantity of water which could have been easily re-used for some other tasks without much effort. If we learn how to re-use water we can save a huge quantity of water.

Here we are suggesting some useful ways to reuse water at home.

  • Another way of utilization of rainwater is to collect the rain water, coming down from your rooftop. If you can divert the rooftop drainage system to some safer place and let this water collect in a container, this water can be reused for so many purposes in your house.
  • Another good way of reusing water in your garden is to create your own rain type garden. In this type of garden, you may reuse water flowing from hanging baskets by diverting it to other plants that are grown on earth.
  • When boiling pasta or any other such thing in your kitchen, quite a huge quantity of water is wasted. This water can be preserved in a container or pot which can be re-used afterward. This water can be used in your garden or for any other purposes.
  • Washing fruits and vegetables also involve wastage of water. Although this water is not so pure after washing the fruits and vegetables yet it can be used in toilets and gardens. You can easily preserve this water by placing a pot or container underneath the strainer and then reuse it in your home.
  • Rainwater is quite abundant, especially in the areas which receive heavy rainfall. But unfortunately, the majority of this water goes to waste, despite the fact, that this is relatively purer than many other sources of water.
  • Installing a container at an appropriate area in your house to collect rainwater, is quite a useful idea. This container may be installed at a point where rainwater can be collected easily. Afterward, this water can be used for many purposes, such as gardening and be washing the floors.
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  • When you wash your clothes in your washing machine, the drained out water can be collected or diverted to some storage place instead of letting it go into the sewerage system. This diverted water from laundry is quite useful for washing and flushing the toilets. Try doing it; you can save a lot of water, this way. However, for doing so, you may need to amend the water supply and drainage system in your house.
  • Often we throw away the leftover drinking water in glass, jug or bottle, especially if it is left unattended for quite some time, thinking that it is not wiser to drink such water. But from now onward, you should never throw away this leftover drinking water. Store it in a pot or container and then use it for other purposes, such as washing your toilets and watering the plants. Your kids can also use this water to clean their bicycles or motorbikes.
  • If you have an aquarium in your house and are throwing away its used water, don’t do it anymore. This water is quite rich in fertilizers that can be used in your garden. This will not only provide water to the plants but at the same time is a good source of fertilizer for these plants, which may help them grow more.
  • You often have the huge quantity of ice that is left unused at times. Normally this surplus ice is thrown away without any use. But stop doing this right now. There are many ways to reuse this ice water. Let it melt in a jug or glass and then you can use it for drinking purpose. Or otherwise, these ice cubes may be thrown in your garden which will provide water for your lovely plants.
  • In an effort to get warm water in your bathrooms, you often have to let the taps or showers open for a reasonable time, as it takes time for the hot water to reach your tap or shower. During this time, you are habitual of wasting the cold water by letting it go down the drain. Next time, try to collect this water in a pot or bucket. This collected water may then be used for almost every household purpose.

These are just some good techniques to reuse water at your home. If you start thinking right now, you may come across so many other useful ideas for reusing and saving water. So, start thinking and save water for you and for your next generations.

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