What Are The 5 Obstacles Of Self-Improvement?

Self improvement is necessary for all of us to get out of a life of despair and change our lifestyle so that we become happy and contented with ourselves. It helps us develop our own personality and our mind in a manner which is fruitful to our health.

5 Obstacles Of Self-Improvement

Self improvement is necessary elements in shaping our lives. It is always said that if a person wants to create a perfect personality and a cheerful mind he must put himself through various challenging emotional and physical problems, which help create an appreciation of the smaller things in life, things which can bring him eternal joy.

But what are the things that act as obstacles that stop us from improving ourselves? In this article, we will describe important barriers in the way of personal improvement, so read the complete article.

Lack Of Immediate Results

In different stages, we make many goals and throughout our life, we tend to achieve them. Every goal that we want to achieve has 50 percent chances of success and 50 percent chances of failure, at its starting point. Anyhow, most of us focus only on the cons and failure, and we increase the chances of failure to 80 percent or more in our mind.

Lack Of Immediate Results

If you do not set a time limit for your goals i.e. when you should make a decision and act upon it etc, you will just keep changing your thoughts here and there also view them from all aspects in your thoughts for a very long term.

So learn to stick at your decisions and to jump into action by setting limits in your daily life. No matter your decision are small or bad. Otherwise, you will never get success in your goals and failure will be your destiny.

At the end, we can be discouraged if we do not get a visible short-term result of our actions. However, the reality is that the success is not imminent but gradual and it is necessary to have the patience to sow the fruits before picking them up.


Laziness is a leaning towards lethargy that can lead the person to stay in his comfort zone and never wanting him to change himself. He remains in the terrain of security and emotional comfort. Looking at the short term here and now is a result of laziness.


We often say I don’t want to do anything. Sometimes, feeling lazy and not wanting to do anything is common and normal but if these feelings are persistent then this can be an alarming situation.  It can be an indication that you are leaning down in your personal growth.

Constantly preventing yourself from going out with other people, feeling constantly sad, having trouble getting up in the morning and putting yourself down or procrastinating can cause serious consequences. Self improvement is a slow process which shows its result gradually. Therefore, in a process of personal change, it is very important to look beyond this brake, towards a future.

The Fear

Change is necessary in every aspect of life in order to improve your lifestyle. Throughout our lives it is usual and normal that we came across the moments in which we must have to make some change in our routine i.e. leaving our family, leaving our partner, changing the city, dare to a new job, and so on.

It is completely normal that at this time, most of us have a feeling of fear that can make us not dare to take that step. Therefore, we stay anchored in our comfort zone.

The Fear

Some people are scared of not having command in everyday scenarios of the professional routine, for example, feeling nervous about a conversation with the boss or a work meeting. A person may fears that he does not know how to do all the tasks corresponding to his position.

He fears that he will not measure up to the circumstances and in a result will get a negative evaluation from his superior. It is also considered as a type of social anxiety disorder.

This is one of the most important obstacles to a process of self-improvement. It is the logical fear that a person can experience before the unknown. It is convenient to have a realistic notion of fear, since sometimes it never completely disappears but you have to live with it.

Negative Thinking

Negative Thinking

It is estimated that a person has 70,000 thoughts per day i.e. you have 70,000 chances to build yourself up or tear yourself down. If you are a pessimist, you doubt your abilities and second-guess your decisions, in such case, definitely, you will harm your performance and most likely you will also be risking your physical and psychological health.

Negative thinking is often closely linked to fear and shows the way of thinking of those who focus more on the obstacles they have to overcome than on what they can gain from the change.

Personal Disappointments

Personal Disappointments

In a process of change, personal disappointments can also generate that lead the person to second guess his abilities and his or her goals due to the lack of motivation produced by these emotional wounds. A person who wants to make new friends has to be prepared to feel certain disappointments since it is not always possible that another person is in a mental state of making friends.

Note: This article is merely informative. In case, you feel that there are other reasons which are becoming obstacles in your self-improvement towards and it is causing you anxiety and depression also you can’t overcome it alone, then it recommended to seek the advice of professionals. You can go to the Psychiatrist if you found that these tips are not working for you anymore.

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