Pakistan has nice qualities as rustic, with the foremost pleasant climate throughout Asia, marvelous cities, a rich history and fine culinary art. The friendliness of her individuals is one amongst Pakistan’s greatest virtues. Pakistan receives several guests annually attributable to her dramatic scenery and exquisite hill stations.

The seasons of the year are marked thus her panoramas are ever changeable, whether or not you head to one amongst Pakistan’s major cities or somewhere rural, you will not be defeated with this country’s richness. Her history is thus made that you will notice a wealth of museums, castles, medieval fortresses and cultural centers.

6 best cities of Pakistan

 In this Tryarticles article, we tend to tell you the 5 best cities of Pakistan.


Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan located within the federal Islamabad Capital Territory. Islamabad is famous for its rich environment the lush greenery throughout the whole city is perfect for the nature lovers. The city is surrounded by Margalla hills which are again very beautiful and are extremely enjoyable by the People who love hiking.

Islamabad has a variety of places to visit which are full of entertainment and are very beautiful. Amongst them, there is a  place called the Lake View Park. It is a picnic spot which includes many exciting activities including  Paintball battlefield,  boating area, fishing area, rock climbing and much more.

Islamabad Faisal Mosque

Islamabad’s architecture is a combination of modernity and old Islamic and regional traditions. Islamabad has beautiful scenery. It has the highest literacy rate. Islamabad is very beautiful, you cant simply ignore it if you make your mind to visit Pakistan. Some beautiful places in Islamabad are listed below:

  • Shah Faisal Mosque
  • Shakar Parian
  • Monal
  • Rawal Dam
  • Pakistan Monument

and the list goes on. Islamabad is a must visit.


Karachi is one of Pakistan’s most secular and socially liberal cities. It is known as “the city of lights“. It is located in Sindh province. Karachi includes many beautiful places among all Seaside is the best and most attractive place of Karachi, where all the people go on weekends and enjoy the swim along with the variety of delicious food.

The everyday lifestyle of Karachi differs substantially from that of other Pakistani cities and towns. Kolachi Do Darya is one of the best restaurants in Karachi. It has all types of food and the reason why it is famous is that of its location, which is alongside the sea.

A huge waterpark is an amazing place to visit which is “The Aladdin Water Park”. It consists of variety of water slides and different water sports activities. karachi


The largest shipping ports are in Karachi. The seaside is very beautiful and you can have a lot of fun there. Karachi is among biggest cities of Pakistan.


Lahore is said to be the heart of Pakistan. It is located in the largest province of Pakistan i.e. Punjab.  Lahore is the historic cultural center of the Punjab region. Lahore is to Pakistan as NewYork is to the USA. Lahore is that type of the city where you want to go again and again. Lahori’s welcome people very warmly.

There is a very famous saying in Pakistan that, “if you haven’t seen Lahore, you haven’t been born yet!” So I am going to tell you some major attractions of Lahore:

  • Great Badshahi Mosque (Royal Mosque)
  • The Lahore Museum
  • Old City of Lahore which is also called “Andron-e-Shehr”
  • Tomb of Mughal Emperor Jahangir
  • The Lahore Zoo
Lahore Badshahi Mosque

Life is beautiful on the street here in Lahore food street, the center of traditional Pakistani food. Lahore is known for their love of food and habit of eating well. While Lahore has a great many traditional and modern restaurants. People of Lahore are known as food lovers, which is why many new restaurants are constantly opening.

The food business is very competitive. People love to go for dining out at night time. The National Horse and Cattle Show are one of the most famous annual festivals, held in spring in the Fortress Stadium.

The week-long activities embody a placental mammal show, horse and artiodactyl dances, tent pegging, colorful folks dances from all regions of Asian nation, mass-band displays, and tattoo shows within the evenings. On August 14, the people of Pakistan celebrate the day Pakistan gained its independence from the British. There are lots of celebrations in Lahore.


This is one is a beautiful hill station of Pakistan. It has the foremost scenic views attracting thousands of tourists,  trekkers as well as photographers and nature-enthusiast, every year from all across the globe. People who love nature will definitely love this place.


Tourist loves to visit this place. The place in winters is fully covered with snow on top of everything which gives a breathtaking view.


Swat, in Pakistan, is known as the “land of nature“, Swat is also known as the Switzerland of Pakistan. The watercourse Swat could be a clear watercourse ranging from the Ushu range of mountains to the unfolding of the natural depressions of Swat.

It’s one amongst the greenest valleys of the Northern Islamic Republic of Pakistan and is well connected to the remainder of Pakistan. Swat could be a place for adventure seekers, leisure lovers, Hikers, and archaeologists.

Swat Beauty Waterfall

There area unit several comfy hotels wherever one will keep a short time to relax. In Kalam, higher than Swat, the area unit some terribly pleasant walks since the weather is pretty pleasant one will simply trounce the hills for hours and luxuriate in the unspoiled nature.


Skardu is situated in  Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. It is the land of snow. It has heavy sightseeing. The big mountains covered with snow is the most attractive thing for adventure lovers and explorers. Skardu is the gateway to the Karakoram mountain range. Skardu is located on the Indus river, which separates the Karakoram range from the Himalayas.

It is loved by the tourists from all across the globe especially the people who love snow and who loves to play snow sports. Skardu has some very breathtaking places to visit. Literally, the heart melts when you feel like you are on top of the world when you are standing on the peak of a snow-covered mountain.

Skardu Ice Peaks

These were the 6 Best Places to Visit in Pakistan. If you want us to write another article on a specific city or any other city of Pakistan you can mention in the comments section. Happy Exploring!