Nowadays we are in an era where you have latest technologies and accessories. People go on an outing or where ever they take pictures of themselves and their fellows. Nowadays taking pictures every time is a new hobby as they have to update their social sites every time like Facebook, Snap chat, Instagram etc.

7 Tips To Look Better In Pictures

Do you think you aren’t photogenic? Do you hate having your picture taken? Do you run and hide every time you see a camera?Unfortunately, not everyone looks good in pictures naturally. However, it does not mean that you can not become photogenic.Getting in front of a camera, posing, smiling, being natural and ultimately looking good in a picture is quite an art, and it takes training.

How To Pose For A Picture?

The most important and basic step to look better in your pictures is that you have a good posture. Avoid looking like Quasimodo with a bent back, but don’t be completely straight and stiff, this way you don’t look good.

If you look at fashion magazines or if you look at celebrities at red carpet events, you’ll observe that they keep their backs straight, push their shoulders back and stick out their bottoms just the tiniest bit, that is actually the correct posture as they are highly trained.


Some of the other photography tips that will never disappoint to make you look great in pictures is keeping your elbows slightly away from the body, leaving the weight of the body to fall on one hip a bit tilt. The legs should be slightly separate not too wide from each other, and a shoulder should be more angled towards the camera than the other.

Should You Face The Camera?

Why do you think everybody hates their passport photo? A picture without your front pose is very flattering and attractive according to research, so it is best to follow the advice from professional photographers and place yourself slightly sideways when in front of the camera lens. This results in a picture with a slimmer body as well as natural look.

facing camera

If you want to look better in pictures, you shouldn’t face the camera full-on. The picture on your ID cards or on your passports or university cards is always with your front and everybody hates that picture so do you.

How To Hide Double Chin?

This is the most important trick of all. People who are a bit bulky and they have a double chin then they should be proper in posing completely in a right way. Some people lift their chins in a picture in order to avoid double chin which is a big rookie mistake.

double chin

If you want to hide your double chin in your pictures, you should stop lifting it, as it actually does not makes you look good at all. The secret to looking better is to move your head slightly ahead or forward even if it feels strange and the chin slightly down, without actually bending the neck. Try it and you will immediately notice the difference. This is a very good hack to avoid a double chin.

Should You Look At The Camera?

Many people wonder where they should look when having their picture taken. In reply to this frequently asked question, professional photographers recommend that the subjects do not look directly into the lens. Looking directly into the lens can be wrong as sometimes due to heavy light when the photographer takes your picture, the eyes are usually closed.


Instead of this, you should focus on any of the corners of the camera or look into the eyes of the cameraman who is taking your picture. A very valuable trick for a natural and unforced look is to close the eyes for 2 to 3 seconds and open them just before the picture is taken. This way the picture will come out to be perfect.

The Ultimate Tip To Be Photogenic

If in most of your pictures you seem to have a frightened face maybe a phobia of getting in front of a camera that you cannot get over no matter how much you try, consider “squinching”. Have you ever heard about the squinch?

Squinch is a pose which is used by the models and celebrities to be photographed with an exotic, seductive and attractive look in all selfies and photographic reports as well as their portfolios. You simply have to squint your eyes a little lifting the bottom lids of your eyes, just enough to build and convey confidence in yourself. Practice the pose in the mirror and see how in a few seconds you master it to perfection.

Watch Your Mouth

What about to your mouth then? Now you will think that while photography how you should keep your mouth like should you be smiling or maybe serious or showing teeth? If these are the questions that run through your mind every time you place yourself in front of the camera, pay attention to the following tip.


Forget about making silly faces or pouting or doing an exaggerated smile, the best is to keep the mouth slightly parted, without showing too many teeth and keeping your face relaxed. This pose has become very common among celebrities and models as well and is the best weapon to look immaculate in photographs.

The most important thing besides these is that you should be natural when you are in front of a camera. Making silly faces, being fake will not be the correct thing to do, as it will affect the photograph badly.

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