8 signs of wound infection: How to treat an infected cut?

A cut is such damaged area of skin that can appear anywhere on the body. Many people considered cut not a big deal but there is a risk of wound infection so you should not ignore any type of cut. In this article we will guide you that how you can take care for cuts, what basic things you must do?

Basically when skin get’s broken germs may enter into the sensitive tissues through the cut beneath our skin. This infection can develop between two or three days. The recovery process of a wound is different from one person to another so there are many important factors including person’s immune system, comorbidity and, condition of wound.

How To Treat Infected Wound

An uninfected cut gradually improve until fully healed, while an infected cut becomes more painful with time! Your skin that surrounds the cut will become red and you may feel hot. You’ll notice some swelling in the affected area as infection progresses, it will begin to ooze a yellowy substance called pus.

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If your infection reaches to the below mention signs then seek immediate medical attention!

  • Redness from the infection spreads to the other areas
  • You feel aches or fever
  • Feel malaise.

When wound become Infected?

Wound become more infected if it meets any of the following reason:

  • Animal or Human bytes
  • Results from puncture such as piece of glass
  • Contain saliva or dirt!
  • Heals slowly
  • If you have diabetes, alcoholism, or a weak immune system problem.
  • Not properly treated or not cleaned within 8 hours.
How To Treat Infected Wound_

If your injury is not serious then there are some easy guidelines for you that you must follow. Read the following points that what you have to do if your wound is not serious.

  • Stop bleeding by pressing: You can stop bleeding by pressing your damaged skin area with a clean, soft cloth for a few minutes. If your bleeding does not stop then press it more even up to 15 minutes!
  • Avoid the urge to Peek: While keeping the pressure on wound you should avoid the urge to peek as Lifting the bandage may start the bleeding again.
  • Clean the wound: Run warm water over the cut for at least 5 minutes then use soap to gently wash the skin. If there’s dirt or debris in the wound also remove it if you can. If you can’t get all the dirt out, visit your doctor’s office.
  • Use Antibiotic Ointment: If you want then you can use light layer of antibiotic ointment around the cut to kill germs.
  • Dry and Bandage the Area: As bandage helps to prevent germ from getting into the wound and causing an infection. So dry you effected area and cover it with bandage, if bandage gets wet or dirty then immediately change it.
  • Change Bandage Daily: Each day take off your bandage and wash the injury, also use new bandage.

Should you keep a wound moist or dry?

Moisture could be the most common reason for your wound turning white. Unfortunately since the beginning of time treatment of wounds not remained constant. In early 2010 people believed that it is better to kept wounds dry for optimal healing, reason is that scab will protect wound while tissue repair itself.

Wound care

According to latest reports wet or moist wound treatment reduces the time required for re-epithelialization. Re-epithelialization means the regrowth of the skin and if the wound is kept moist, then it is possible for the wound to turn a little white.

10 Signs of Wound Infection

Here we are providing 10 signs that you can notice either your wound is infected or not.

  • Fever of Over 101: If fever goes to 101 or above and persists then your wound is infected and you must go for Doctor. If your wound is infected then you may also have headaches and decreased appetite.
  • Feeling of Overall Malaise: It is also necessary to ask from patient that how he is feeling. If they do not and have continuing or worsening feelings of fatigue and lack of energy, this indicates sign of infection.
  • Green, Cloudy or Malodorous Drainage: If the drainage becomes purulent or has a foul odor it can indicate an infection.
  • Increasing or Continual Pain from Wound: If you have continual or increasing pain, its mean sign of wound infection.
  • Redness Around Wound: If redness around wound does not end with in 5-7 days and continues to expand and worsen then it is a sign of wound infection.
  • Swelling of Wounded Area: It is normal at the beginning stages of wound healing but Persistent swelling could be a further sign of infection or can cause complications.
  • Hot Skin Near Wound: When the skin around the cut feels very warm to the touch and doesn’t start cooling down, it’s indicate that the body is mounting a campaign against an infection.
  • Loss of Function and Movement: Another signal of wound infection that might require treatment is when the patient has lost the ability to move the wounded area normally.

How to treat an infected cut?

Now we will guide you that how you can treat your infected cut so follow these steps to help keep wounds from getting infected.

  • Wash the wound with soap and water
  • Apply a small amount of antibiotic ointment
  • Cover wounds with a bandage
  • Keep the wound clean and dry for 24 hours
  • Change the dressing daily using sterile gloves.


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