8 Steps To Celebrate Scary Slumber Party: Scary Sleepover Games

When ever we talk about scary slumber party, people think it needs to be Halloween, but you should not save all the fun of a fright nights only for Hallows’ Eve. You don’t need special event to celebrate this scary slumber party as you can arrange party whenever you want.

In this post we will discuss how you can celebrate your slumber party with more horror and also fun. The only thing you need for your scary slumber party is both fun and obviously some scary scenes. We’re actually talking about spooky fun rather than genuine scares. We will guide you to make sure that after party people go their homes with tears of Joy rather than tears of fear.

How to celeberate slumber party

In this Scary slumber party post we will discuss some interesting Scary sleepover games, their creepy challenges. We will also share some content regarding useful slumber party ideas and things to do at slumber party.

8 Steps to Celebrate Scary Slumber Party

Here’s some interesting and creative ideas that you can follow to celebrate Scary slumber party.

  1. Start the party at sunset
  2. Play some ghost games
  3. Tell scary stories
  4. Watch Scary Movies
  5. Pull a prank on your guests
  6. Set up some good food
  7. Play truth or dare
  8. Play some scary music

Start Party at Sunset:-

As the best way is to set everything before everyone came, usually about 6:00 PM. When everybody gets there, it’ll be almost 6:40 or something, which will be dark and perfect for horror. Decorations generally have the same themes as jack-o’-lanterns, witches, and plastic bats, etc.

There are many ideas like hide creatures behind cupboards so when anyone open them they get a fright. You can use some decorations for your scary sleepover:-

  • Psychiatric hospital
  • Creepy Circus
  • Terror Temple
  • Devilish dungeon

Scary Slumber Party story

Play some ghost games:-

You can play bloody Mary or do a seance game, do a seance a game. In this game you get a candle, gather together in a circle and connect each other hands, then light the candle and put it the middle. In this game you can call ghost from the other World and usually people called their dead relatives which seems scary.

Tell scary stories:-

Another good idea that often works is to tell a scary story. As you have everybody crowd around in the dark so all you need to set the mood for a good scary story. It can be about anything but some things are important to remember to make it effective like your story should be in a horrible tone etc.

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Watch Scary Movies:-

You can watch scary movies like Dead Silence, Bloody Mary, etc. If you are watching online then Netflix is good option and you can find horror movies section there.

Pull a prank on your guests:-

You can also try this like at night, wake up and whisper into you each guests ear anything you want like their names etc. To add the scary effect, you can trail your fingers up their arms to make them think the ghost is there.

Set up some good food:-

To make everyone more comfortable food is really very important so set up some delicious food.

Play Truth or Dare:-

You should try this idea as it completes every slumber party. But to make scary slumber party this time, do the scary version like dare them to go outside with a flashlight for a minute alone. You can also dare them to stay in a dark room alone while you whisper from the outside their name etc. Truth them if they believe in ghosts or ever had a scary encounter, etc.

Play some scary music:-

Search on YouTube the best scary music and play that on your Laptop or phone etc to make party more scary.

8 Scary sleepover games

Games can be a really fun and joyful part of any sleepover, but you can make it more at a scary slumber party.

Scary Slumber Party

First you need to make sure that everyone is ready for games and then you can play any sleepover games like:

  1. The Three Kings
  2. Tsuji-ura, or the Fortune Game
  3. The Doors of Your Mind
  4. Dark Reflection Ritual
  5. The Shoebox Telephone
  6. Midnight Game
  7. The Gambler’s Game
  8. Answer Man

Slumber Party Ideas for Teens

  • Pancakes and Pajamas
  • Unicorn Slime
  • Sleepover Tents
  • Friendship Bracelets
  • Unicorn Eye Masks
  • Fuzzy Slipper Cookies
  • Pillow Fight
  • Unicorn Popcorn


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