How To Do Abdominal Exercises?

Looking slim & smart, (also known as Six-Pack Look) is perhaps the dream of every young man or woman. The first and the most important thing in achieving this goal is to get rid of extra belly fats. Belly fats can be reduced by right selection of diet to some extent but to achieve 100% results, you must include belly or abdominal exercises in your daily routine.

Getting rid of Belly-Fats

For a six-pack standout, working on all abdominal muscles, lower, upper & lateral, is a must. Here we are suggesting various steps and exercises to get this.

Get Ready

Before entering into serious workouts, adhering to the basic principles is imperative. These are, consistency, breaks, and diet. Be consistent in your workouts. Complete the set of exercises, keep consistency in repetitions and so on.

As for diet is concerned, make sure it should be a healthy diet. You are going to remove the belly fats, so it is important to select right diet, that contains correct quantity of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Do consult a nutritionist, if you are not sure what is good for you to reduce belly fats.

healthy diet

Reasonable breaks in your daily workout routine is yet another very important aspect. The preferred way of planning is a five days’ work out with two days’ rest or alternatively, one-day workout and one day rest are also good. Rest or break into your workout routine is important for your muscles.

Once you are done with your planning, now it is time to start actual workouts. Here are some most commonly used exercises to achieve a six-pack standout

Crunches – Upper Muscles Exercise

Crunch is the basic and most common abdominal exercise that is related to upper muscles of the abdominal region. Lie flat on a mat, with your face up. Slightly bend your legs and lean back on the mat, completely. Hold your neck from the backside with both of your hands. Now raise your torso with the help of your abdominal muscles then return back to original position.

Repeat for 30 times, take a rest for 20 seconds before you move on to next workout.

Scissors – Lower Abdominal Exercise

Once you are done with an initial exercise of crunches for 30 times, start scissors. This works on your lower abdominal muscles to achieve V shape (reduced size of lower abdomen).

Lie straight on the ground with face up and your legs and arms also straightened. Now slightly raise your legs while the rest of the body must be straight and static; just raise your legs, no other movement of any other part of your body.

Now move only right leg upward, keeping the left leg on the ground, remain in each position for 30 seconds. Before going to next movement rest for 20 seconds. Repeat the same with left leg raised and right leg stationed on the ground. Hold the legs.


Bicycle – Lateral Muscles Exercise

Now that you have learned exercises for upper & lower abdominal muscles, next step is to work on your lateral abdominal muscles. The exercise known as bicycle works on your side / lateral muscles. Also known as the side or oblique crunches.

To better understand what this exercise actually is, just imagine that you are riding a bicycle. In this exercise, you will move your legs just as if you are cycling but at the same time, your abdominal muscles will also come into action.

Lie on the floor with face up. Bend and raise your legs. Slowly move the legs, just as if you are paddling your bicycle. Simultaneously, bring your left elbow to the right knee, while holding the back of your head with your right hand, slightly raised above the ground and vice versa with other knee and elbow.

With this, you are done with the first phase of your abdominal exercise. With a rest of 20 seconds, now it is time to start 2nd phase of exercises

Static Exercise For Upper Abdominal Muscles

The static exercise works with upper muscles of the abdomen. Lie straight on the floor. Keep your legs stretched out in front. Now lift slowly, your legs and torso, simultaneously. Hold in this position for 30 seconds, without any movement of any part of your body. Make sure your arms must remain straight along the floor.

Leg Raises For Lower Abdominal Muscles

This is another good exercise for lower muscles. Lie on the floor, raise your legs upwards, bend the knees to come closer to your chest. Now raise the middle part of your body, upwards, with the movement of abdominal muscles. Now lower down the body and repeat again. Make sure to place arms straight on the floor, alongside the torso. Repeat 30 times in a session.

Plank – The Static Gymnastics For Lateral Abdominal Muscles

Plank or static gymnastic exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles and helps you make slim. This is useful for lateral or side muscles of the abdomen.

Lie side-wise on the floor. Place your left palm on the ground and raise your body upwards, while the side of your left leg, firmly grounded and your right hand on your hips. Head and neck should not bend and remain in line with your body. Stay in this position for 30 seconds.


It will be difficult for beginners; so, start up with 10 seconds and increase the plank time up to 30 seconds, gradually. With that, you have finished your abs exercises. If done correctly and consistently, supported with the right selection of diet, results will be visible in 6-8 weeks.

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