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How To Clean Acid-Stained Floors?

How To Clean Acid-Stained Floors?: Its a fact that one always love to have perfect and beautiful floors at his or her home and that floor become stained it seems painful to bear the situation. If you have found any acid stain on the floor of any part of your home and become upset with this scary situation, then don’t worry at all.

We are here to guide you on how to remove those stains and get rid of this scary situation. You will get very easy and useful tricks and ideas here to maintain your home things and problems.

acid stained floorsThings To Have For Cleaning The Acid Stained Floors

There are some important things which you must have with you and these all are home-based things which are used at home in daily routine. You can get these all in your home kitchen or storeroom.

These Are:

  • Caustic Soda
  • Baking Soda
  • Gloves
  • Googles
  • Floor Polisher
  • Colored Liquid Wax

Methods To Clean Acid Stained Floors

Usage Of Ready Made Products Available In The Market

First of all, if you want a clear and quick cleaning of the acid floor then you can go for the readymade cleaners which are easily available in the market. These cleaners are made for all types of stains and working well as per the need of the user. You just need to get the idea of your floor so that you can choose the best and appropriate product available in the market. This act will help you in getting the right product and cleaning will also make you happy and relax because acid stains are a little difficult to clean.

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Using Bicarbonate (Baking) Soda For Cleaning Stains

This is a home remedy and very useful in removing stains from the floor. This remedy is not only working for cleaning but it is also helpful in neutralizing the damaged floor which is caused by acid. Acid is very harmful and definitely damage the place where it may drop and the floors are an important part of the looks of the house. So don’t ignore it to maintain the beauty of your floor even after cleaning it in the best way.

Gloves And Googles Are The Necessary Things During Cleaning

Now you can start cleaning and for this, you need to prepare yourself because it can be painful and harmful to your any body part. Wear think gloves and perfect googles so that your hands and eyes can be cured of any issue created.

This is not enough, you should be ensured that you are secured from the reaction of product using for cleaning the floor. You should wear working trousers and also ventilate the room in which you are going to start working. Ventilation is very important so that you can avoid breathing in that toxic atmosphere.

Now just sprinkle baking soda on the required place and leave it for a few moments and when it worked, remove it with the clean cloth and warm water.

Caustic Soda Used For Removing Acid Stains

There is another product you will have in your home which is called caustic soda and this is also the best product for cleaning of the acid-stained floor. When you will start using this product you have to be careful and follow all the cures instructed by using baking soda.

Method of using is also almost same that spread caustic soda on the affected area of the floor and leave it for some time. Then you have to clean the area and if you feel it needs more cleaning then you can reapply the same remedy until you get the expected results.

Colored Liquid Wax For The Floor

It is a fact that even after removing acid stains from the floor it left damaged and fainted color. So, it is very important to get the solution of managing its color back and match it with the color of the remaining floor.

For this act, you need to use colored liquid wax which is used to make a perfect look at the marking floor. You just need to cover the area with the colored wax until it works properly and give you the best results. If you have marble or concrete floors, you can do this with an addition of floor polisher. The polisher will help your floor to become shiny and clear even after those scary stains on it.

At the end of the discussion I want to say, there is no home problem here which cant be solved by using the home products. So keep on trying the tricks and ideas given by TryArticles so that you can do these things without any tension.

If you like the remedies in the above article “How to Clean Acid-Stained Floors” and want to share your opinion about it you can do it in the comment box and get more informative articles on Try Articles.


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