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AFAIK Meaning: What Does AFAIK Mean?

AFAIK is an internet slang which is used in online chatting on many social media networking sites. There are many Slang words such as DM, OFC, MHM and LMK, which are commonly used by the youngster these days during an online conversation with friends and relatives.  In this article, you will know AFAIK meaning, What does AFAIK stand for?

AFAIK Meaning

Slang words are getting popular these days, People use just acronym instead of complete phrase for an instant reply to a message. You should know some popular abbreviations for a better conversation with people. Internet slangs can be used in both upper and lower case, both have the same meaning.

AFAIK Meaning

AFAIK means “As Far As I Know“, which is used while answering a question in online chatting. Why slang words are Used in Online chatting? People use abbreviations for an instant reply to messages.

afaik meaning

AFAIK is used to indicate that you have limited knowledge or partial information about some matter which is being under discussion. People sometimes use “As far as I’m concerned” instead of “As Far As I Know“. There are other such slangs which can be replaced it such as IIRC, stands for “If I Recall Correctly“.

How To Use Slang Words In Texting

Before using the internet jargons in your message, you should know who is your audience, are they familiar with internet slangs? Did they get the conversational context? Remember that never use internet slang in Formal conversation.

what does afaik mean

You can use slang words in informal conversation, you know the person well and it is a personal or informal conversation, then definitely use internet slangs. On another side, if have a professional relationship with the person such as the other person is your boss, then it will be better to avoid it.

Use a full phrase instead of jargon in Formal contextual because it may cause a problem and using full spelling shows professionalism and courtesy. So never make it apart of a formal conversation.

Remember that never use dots between your slang letters. It will defeat the purpose of speeding up thumb typing. Some people do this, so avoid it. For example, HMU would never be spelled H.M.U and SMH would never be spelled S.M.H. 

Alternative for AFAIK

You can replace “As Far As I Know” by a few other slang words, they have the same meaning. Some people use them instead of AFAIK, so you should also know them.
example abbreviation
Few of them are listed below:
  • IMHO – “In My Humble Opinion”
  • YMMV – “Your Mileage May Vary”
  • IIRC – “If I Recall Correctly”


Some common example is given below, maybe it will clear your concept more.


Friend #1: “Where’s your boss right now?”

Friend #2: “AFAIK, he’s still in the budget meeting.”

In the above example, the first friend asks about the boss and second friend answer him using a slang word, which conveys the full meaning of its usage in this context.


Friend #1: “Does Canada sanction capital punishment?

Friend #2: “AFAIK, Canada has never executed a prisoner in the 20th or the 21st century.

Friend #1: “Sounds about right. Canadians are nice people.”


Friend #1: “How much is this table? Is still the same price as it was last year?”

Friend #2: “AFAIK it is, but I’ll have to check to make sure.”


Friend #1: “Can cats eat chocolate?

Friend #2: “AFAIK, chocolate is poisonous to cats, when eaten in large portions. Like half a chocolate bar or more.


Friend #1: “How’s the John study going?

Friend #2: “AFAIK, he is going to fail the exam again this time”

Quick Wrap-Up

AFAIK is an abbreviation of “As Far As I Know”, which is used on many social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in comments, posts and messages.

AFAIK is used when you are sure about something is true, but you are not completely sure about that information, you have partial knowledge about that matter. You can use such short terms in informal conversation, they can never be apart of a Formal conversation.

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  • LMK – “Let Me Know”
  • WBU – “What About You”
  • TFW – “That Feel When”
  • MHM – “MHH HMM”
  • OFC – “OF Course”
  • TBH – “To Be Honest”
  • WCW – “Women Crush Wednesday”
  • SMH – “Shaking My Head”
  • HMU – “Hit Me Up”
  • LMAO – “Laughing My Ass Off”
  • DM – “Direct Message”
  • YW – “You are Welcome”
  • YH – “Yeah”

You can visit the ultimate slang dictionary for words you don’t know, don’t understand, or don’t want to know. I hope you like my article about “What Does AFAIK Mean?”.

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