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The Difference Between Affected And Effected

During school, we are being taught the difference between effect and affect, in English grammar. But it is easy to forget the difference as both of them almost have same meanings. In many contexts, we have read the grammatical term effected and affected which are the past forms of the word effect and affect. Due to the confusion, we use them interchangeably which is totally wrong.

Despite the same meanings, both words have a different use in different cases. Effect is used as a noun while affect is a verb. If you are curious to know more about them then in this article, we will explore the different scenarios in which these terms are used, so read the complete article.

affect vs effect


This is the most often used word because when we can’t understand that whether we have to use the effect or affect, we prefer the word with letter “e”. In English grammar, the effect is a noun and if we talk about its meaning, it means a change that occurs if something happens. It refers to the event or case produced due to a reason. Let’s understand this by examples.

  • If you smoke, you can suffer from cancer. In this example, smoke is a cause and here it is an effect.
  • You should think about the side effects before using any medicine. In this example, the word effects is used which is indicating a change that can occur.


When we don’t have a sound knowledge of the difference between effect and affect then we use affect as a substitute for effect and that is totally wrong. In English grammar, affect is a transitive verb which means to bring influence on an object or the reaction on something to cause a response.

  • What you spend time doing in your present affects the rest of your life.

The RAVEN Formula

RAVEN formula

When you are perplexed about using both the terms then remember the RAVEN formula.

  • R remember
  • A affect
  • V verb
  • E effect
  • N noun

Remember affect is a verb and effect is a noun. Using this trick, you can easily enhance your skill.

Use Of Effected

Use Of Effected

Effected is the grammatical term in the past form of the word effect which means produced, engendered, brought about or executed, with a purpose to cause a change to take place. Although it is used as a noun, it is also used as a verb sometimes. When it is used a verb, it refers to the act of causing a change to take place. For example

  • His behavior is effected by her mother’s death.

Use Of Affected

Use Of Affected

Affected is a grammatical term in the past form of the word affect which refers to an act that makes an impact on something or someone. It is used as a verb in a sentence. For example

  • His act affected my opinion about him.

It is also used to express the emotional response, for instance;

  • My mom showed a strange affect when she hugged me.

Substitutes To The Word Affected

Substitutes To The Word Affected

We have used affect as a verb but when you get confused then another way is to use a substitute for this word. You can use the word impacted, instead of affected. There are more similar words which you can use as the substitute. But let’s understand this with the help of an example.

  • Weather affected my wedding ceremony.

In this example, it is not clear to understand that how it affected your ceremony. Whether it becomes enjoyable or it was a disaster by the weather? You can’t explain it with this word so you can use other words. For instance, “ruined” can be the substitute for the word affected. If you say;

  • Weather ruined my wedding ceremony.

In this sentence, it is cleared that you ceremony went in a bad way.

I hope using these examples, it has now become easier for you to understand the difference and if you have any query then write it down it the comments section. For more articles of your interest, you may visit Education category at TryArticles.


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