Carpets contain so much dust and dirt when we walk on them, food spills on carpets and stuck in them and sometimes pet hair also fell on carpets and make them dirty. Carpets get dirty and dusty due to inside pollution of your houses. Old carpets get heavier due to dust and dirt on them as compared to new one. We can clean carpets by using ammonia in simple and easy ways. So, here on, we are providing you some easy tips on How to use Ammonia to clean your carpets.

How to use ammonia to clean carpets

Importance of Ammonia to clean your carpets

Carpets get dirty because of insect husk, foot dust, dust mites, hair of your pet, dead skin, food, and many other things. They should clean properly by using different cleaning methods and products because dirty carpets cause different allergies. People having asthma cannot cope with dirty and dusty carpets.

There are professionals for cleaning carpets you can call them and they will clean your carpets professionally by using different cleaning products and tools. But at the same time, they are quite expensive everyone cannot afford them. So you have to learn different methods of cleaning carpets at home using different home remedies. So one of them is by using ammonia, it helps you to get rid of dust and dirt from your carpets.

Carpets get dirty because of dust on feet

Steps to follow for cleaning carpets

You can remove stubborn stains from your carpets by using ammonia solution for this you need:-

Things required preparing ammonia to clean solution

  • Iron
  • bottle
  • Lukewarm water
  • Ammonia
  • Towels

For preparing a cleaning solution you just need to put ammonia and water in equal amounts in a spray bottle. Mix both ingredients well and then spray the solution on the carpet or on the stains. Cover the stain with the solution and then put a towel over the stain. After that iron, the towel and you will notice that all the dust, dirt and stains will transfer on the towel. If the towel becomes so dirty and dusty then use another towel. And repeat the process till the stain is gone and all the dust is removed from the carpet.

Prepare a solution of ammonia and water

Uses of ammonia

  • Ammonia is an effective product for cleaning and removing different types of stains. Ammonia can give better results if it is mixed with different cleaning products like white vinegar, sodium bicarbonate, lemon juice and liquid detergents.

Ammonia helps to remove stains

  • We can get ammonia from any nearby store and it is an affordable product. Using ammonia is a very simple and easy way to remove stains from carpets.
  • If you want to get rid of stubborn stains from carpets like wine or juice ammonia can help you with removing them. Using ammonia is an inexpensive and less time-consuming method.

using ammonia solution is easy and quickest

  • Using ammonia to clean your carpets is the quick method, you do not need to rub the stain, just put a towel on it and iron it.

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