How To Apply Eye Cream Correctly?

It is upsetting to know that the first place to show signs of aging on our face is our eyes and it is also the first thing a person notices. The eyes give away a lot! From your age to your health, to your sleep routine and much more. In this Try Articles article, we will be focusing on TLC for our eyes. The correct and effective way of taking care of this area.

UV rays have done enough damage to our skins generally, but the eye area is the thinnest, hence more prone to damage  and needs to be taken care of. It is wise to start using anti-aging creams when we hit 25, of which eye creams are more famous than any other.

Applying Eye Cream Correctly

To ensure a well-moisturized eye area, we have discussed a few steps to achieve maximum benefits of applying an eye cream correctly.


This is actually the most important part of the whole routine. We need to have a squeaky clean start! We must ensure that the cleansing product we are using is not too drying for our skin. For if it is, it will affect our eye area the quickest due to the skin being delicate and thin. Thin skin stretches and gets lines easier.

Cleansing The Skin

Use a skin friendly, pH balanced, non-drying cleanser. Steer away from foam cleansers if your skin is dry and do not use overly exfoliating cleansers either. Just make sure you use nothing hard to break the acid mantle of your skin. You may also consider oil cleansing, the safest, least harsh option with added moisture power.


Patting The Skin Dry

This step is crucial, most of us dry our skins very harshly with a towel, rubbing it against our skin causing unwanted friction. Our best option is to “pat” our skin dry using a paper towel. This gives you 2 main benefits:

  • Germ-free – A towel stays wet and can collect microbial germs over time. A tissue will be trashed after use.
  • Disposable – A towel needs to go in the wash every now and then. A tissue will be replaced with new ones easily.

Now, pat your face dry, not pressing too hard around the eye area.


Toning The Skin

Toning is another very important step. This helps to bring back the pH level. Using an alcohol-free toner, your safest bet. The aim is to be as caring to our skin as possible without exposing it to too many chemicals. A homemade toner will do perfectly well. You can either spray the toner on as a mist or swipe it across your entire face using a cotton pad. Making sure to go over the eye area using a light hand.


Moisturising The Skin

Probably the favorite step of the masses! We all love a well-moisturized skin and in all honesty, it does pay off. This is the last step for setting up a base for our eye cream application. Choose a good moisturizer, the less chemical laden, the better.

What we apply on our skins enters our bloodstream and no one likes to have nasties in their system. Massage this in circular motions, orbiting your fingers gently in the contours of your eyes. Once the moisturizer sets in, you’re good to go for the next step.

Eye Cream

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for!

This is the best part of your daily TLC! Our aim is to keep this delicate area nourished and well hydrated. Apart from chugging in a few liters of water, it is okay to rely on eye creams to do their magic too. Choose the eye cream that translates your issue best.

The list for eye creams like any cream for other places is very diversified. For example, if your concern is brightening the eye area, there is an eye cream for that. If your concern is eye bags or puffy eyes etc, there are separate eye creams available to answer your specific need. Choose the one you need.

Applying Eye Cream Correctly

Now comes the application part. It’s time to bring focus to the eye area. Take a dime sized or even smaller amount of eye cream on your ring finger. Why the ring finger? That’s because the ringer finger is the weakest, it applies just the right amount of pressure for this thin-skinned area.

Now dot it around the contours of your eye areas. Next, simply massage it into the skin with the same finger. Go in circular motions, inwards and outwards. Make sure the area is covered well. Let all of this settle in over-night and you’ll be surprised to see how fresh you look in the morning.

Follow these steps and see the difference they make for yourself. A proper sequence of steps plus the application and a good gentle massage makes a whole lot of difference. Happy creaming! If you enjoyed this article, and are interested to read more related articles, browse through our Beauty Tab to find more magic!

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