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What Is Artificial Intelligence Used for?

Mankind, on this globe, has been through different levels of evolution. Discovery & invention has provided the stimulus for the development in this world. The curiosity in human beings has caused many inventions & discoveries that couldn’t be imagined in old days. It is said the first breakthrough invention in the history is “Wheel”. And if we want to know what is the latest trendsetter invention; we can name, without any hesitation, the “Artificial Intelligence”.

Artificial Intelligence


From “the wheel” to “Artificial Intelligence” mankind has experienced hundreds of thousands of new inventions that have totally changed the appearance of this world. Breakthrough in the Science & Technology, in the recent past, is said to be the advancement in Information Technology, commonly known as “IT”. Artificial Intelligence can be termed as the extension of IT or perhaps the ultimate result of IT.

Artificial Intelligence is commonly known as “AI”. Some scientists prefer to name it as “Machine Intelligence” or “MI”. This has been a popular subject of Science Fiction Novels & Movies of the 60s & 70s. But now it has become a reality. Intelligent machines & computers are now a normal thing that doesn’t surprise us anymore.


While the first-ever calculating machine is said to be invented in 1623 by Wilhelm Schickard, the first known research in Artificial Intelligence is reported to have been visualized in a workshop in 1956 in Dartmouth College. By the mid-60s this became a popular research topic in many Universities and laboratories in the USA and other Countries.

Passing through a series of success and agonies, by the mid-90s, AI was frequently used in data mining, medical diagnosis, and many other fields. On 11th May 1997, a computer-based Chess Playing System, named “Blue Sea” beat the then reigning Chess Champion Garry Kasparov. By 2015, Artificial Intelligence was being used in thousands of Projects.


What is Artificial Intelligence?

Scientific and technical definition of AI is available in the books but for a common man, these definitions may be complicated and difficult to understand. Let us try to understand it in common man’s way. If a human, while walking through a street, observes a big stone lying ahead, he changes his course of walking to avoid this hurdle.

This is called natural intelligence, which is of course, only available in human or animals. But if a machine or computer can react in a similar manner, this is called the “Artificial Intelligence”.  A machine, capable of reacting to its environment is called an intelligent machine. The ultimate goal of scientists in this field is to create a machine that possesses the abilities of a human brain and nervous system.

Uses of Artificial Intelligence

As of today, AI is being used in thousands of tasks ranging from Healthcare, Transport, games, art creation (like poetry etc.), mathematical theorems, search engines (like Google etc.) and so on.


If we name one area which has utilized AI to maximum, it is the medical science. Ranging from Diagnosis to precision surgeries, AI is being used so frequently. It can even suggest the right set of medicines to cure a disease. Recently IBM has developed an intelligent computer named “IBM Watson” It is capable of diagnosing Leukemia disease.


AI is being successfully used in development and advancement of Self Driving Cars and Drones. These cars are capable of self-driving, applying brakes (where needed) to avoid accidents and many more functions with the help of “speech recognition software” and “eye recognition software”. AI is also used in Air Traffic Control system and other aviation fields.

AI in Transport


Another successful use of AI is in the field of Games & Video Games. With the use of AI in video games, the Non-Playing Characters (NPCs) have a very high level of intelligence which ultimately makes the game much interesting and challenging for the players. Most recent advancement in video games is in Virtual Reality System (VRs) which has brought these games even closer to the reality thus providing more fun and enthusiasm for the players.

Influence of AI in Day to day life

AI is so commonly used in almost all walks of life. These are so common and frequent in our life that at times we are not even aware of the fact that we are using artificial intelligence.

One glaring example is of SIRI (a virtual assistant system), commonly used in Apple devices. You just put a question to SIRI, it will respond instantly and accurately. We are very much accustomed to use Google Search in our day to day routine matters; this is yet another use of AI in our daily life.


Intelligent Cell Phone

We are familiar with the Smart Phones these days. Have you ever heard of “intelligent Phone”? Huawei is said to be releasing its first ever Cell Phone which will not be a smartphone; rather it will be an intelligent cell Phone.

Artificial Intelligence is no more a surprise or wonder. It is very much part of our life and intelligent use of it in Science & Technology are taking our lives to new horizons.

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