Do you ever experience back pain at night while sleeping? many people even experience pain in the morning. This lower back pain is really severe and people feel discomfort and wanted to get rid of this pain.

This severe lower back pain which normally people experience while sleeping at night. Everyone having this pain wanted to get rid of this and here in this post, we will not only provide a solution but also will discuss causes and exercises.

lower back pain at night

You can also consult with your doctor but we will recommend you to read and follow this article we are pretty sure that you will be fine after exercises.

We will discuss the solution and some exercises but before that, you must know what are the causes of back pain especially why people feel this while sleeping.

What causes lower back ache?

Generally, people don’t feel such pain throughout the whole day, this lower back pain could be localized or generalized. People experience this at night while sleeping.

However, some people have this pain even throughout the day so whatever the symptoms are one should know its causes. These lower back pain causes are:

  • Your mattress on which you are sleeping
  • A pillow that you are using
  • Your Position
  • Getting out of bed
  • Less exercising of body
  • Due to Pregnancy
  • Kidney Stones

Ask yourself that “Why does my back hurt while sleeping or wake up?” and then consider above-mentioned reasons. In order to rule out any serious health issues, we will recommend you to consult with your doctor. Follow the advise your doctor suggested for you and find the most appropriate solution to treat your case.

Now we will discuss every above-mentioned cause of lower back pain that people experience.

Mattress causes back pain

Often, the number one offender of back pain at night is your mattress or you can say bad mattress. If you are using a poor quality mattress or you are using a mattress that does not support your body properly, it can affect your sleeping.

So Mattress selection is very important, you should buy a mattress suitable for your shape of the body and should not too soft or hard. If Mattress is too soft it can cause muscle strain and even Mattress is too hard it will also cause strain in the muscle so you should avoid this.

If you think that a bad mattress is a reason then buy a new mattress according to your body structure. Selection of new mattress is important as it should support your spinal alignment so that your muscles could not feel stress.

Pillow problems

If you are facing lower pain and your mattress is not the reason than second most common reason is a bad pillow. As if the mattress is not of good quality or is too soft or hard causes back pain at night while sleeping. Similar case with a bad pillow, it can also disturb you and can cause back pain in bed.

If your pillow is the culprit then you will suffer more from upper spinal pain, trapezius discomfort, or shoulder. You have to consider below-mentioned steps and after that asked from yourself why you are facing back pain.

  • You will face a problem if your pillow is not holding your neck and head properly
  • If your pillow is not filling the gap between your shoulders, neck, and head, then you can also face this issue
  • Make sure that your pillow should not be too thick or too hard
  • The dense pillow could also form uneven cervical positioning
  • The thin or Soft pillow also cannot give your neck sufficient support

So we will recommend you to select a suitable pillow for yourself like Pillows which are made of adaptable materials such as latex or viscoelastic.

Bad sleeping position

If you are satisfied with your mattress and pillow but still having this problem then check your sleeping position. A bad sleeping position or bad sleeping posture is also another common cause for back pain at night while sleeping.

The worst sleeping position for your back observed by specialists is sleeping on your stomach without pillow support. Sleeping while lying flat on your stomach in such a way that your head is lifted by the pillow can cause back pain.

In this position, your lumbar will be too arched which will force your neck to remain turned for a longer amount of time and thus muscles will get strained.

Best Sleeping position for back pain at night

  • Sleeping on the side having a pillow between the knees
  • Sleeping on the back having knee support
  • With a pillow under the stomach
  • Sleeping in the fetal position
  • Sleeping on the back in a stretch out position
  • Best position is sleeping at your back with your arms at your side
  • If you want to sleep by face down, place a cushion under your belly, this will correct the forced curve

Be careful when you get up!

Many people experience this pain only when they get up. This might be they are getting out of bed incorrectly and jerking their body. So the solution is simple and that is to get up slowly and gently.

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More back pain at night causes

There are a couple more causes due to which you can suffer from back pain. This might be you are getting out of bed incorrectly and jerking their body.

lower back pain

To decrease back pain, we also suggest you consult with your doctor. Some reasons might be from mentioned below:

  • Kidney Stones: Consult with your doctor as Kidney stones can cause severe pain
  • Pregnancy: When you are pregnant many things inevitably change in your body which causes pain while sleeping
  • Endometriosis: It is a disease that targets the uterus and causes pain in the abdomen, lower back or pelvic area