How To Be A Good Feminist?

Feminism is the ideology which advocates the women’s right on the base of equality of all the genders. There is not a single way to be a feminist, in fact, being a feminist can take on a variety of the forms.

Be A Good Feminist

Generally, a feminist is a person who believes in the equality between all the sexes. To be a good feminist you have to favor equality and gender rights.

You should believe that men and women should have equal opportunities and the ability to do whatever they want with their lives. In this article, we will describe, how to be a good feminist, so to know more read the article till the end.

Love Yourself

Love Yourself

It may sound crazy but self-care and self-love empower you. A good feminist is that who take care of herself without the discrimination of gender. When you are practicing self-care you are reminding yourself “humanity is everything”.

With this, you are also fighting against the media’s stereotype of perfection. Feminists fight against this misconception that only an attractive female has the particular set of traits.

This does not mean that you should not spend time making yourself pretty. You can wear makeup and be a feminist but do not fake your identity. Take care of yourself and accept your natural beauty.

Incorporate Feminism In Daily Life

Incorporate Feminism In Daily Life

In heterosexual relationships and the marriages, it can be common for the member to slip into traditional gender roles. You can still be a good feminist if you want to stay at home with your children while your husband goes to work at an office.

However, you and your husband should make decisions about the household responsibilities such as if you are most of the times cooking then your husband can wash the dishes after the dinner.

If you are making decisions about households responsibilities based on your choice and personal preferences and also not on the gender stereotypes you are incorporating feminism into your lifestyle.

Maintain Positive Equality In The Workplace

Maintain Positive Equality In The Workplace

An Ideal workplace would be that where there is equality in gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and certain life choices. In reality, it is not always possible to maintain or achieve such case.

To be a good feminist you must maintain professionalism in the workplace and always perform your best and if you feel that you are being discriminated against, for example, you are paid less or you are passed over for a promotion for the similar work due to your gender. Speak out about the inequality and do not fear. And if you are at a managerial post, ensure to promote equity, fairness in hiring, and promotion policies.

Raise Your Children To Believe In Gender Equality

Raise Your Children To Believe In Gender Equality

This is the best start to raise the concept of feminism. You can start by encouraging your children to embrace their individual passions and interests regardless of their gender.

It is not necessary that you have children, if you are not married you can ask kids in your family that why girl’s items are invariably purple and pink but boy’s items are never pink. You can help them make their goal which does not hinge upon their gender.

Note: It is also important to ask your partner to cooperate with you while teaching or spending time with your children so that it will not give a message that mother is for parent and father is for work.

Recognize Systemic Inequalities

Recognize Systemic Inequalities

To be an informed feminist it is important to cultivate an awareness of systemic prejudices against the women around the world. You cannot stop each individual from having bad or particular opinion about the women but you can at least expose the inequalities in the system. In this regard:

  • You can support NGOs that provides educational opportunities to the suppressed women.
  • You can also take part as a volunteer in the organizations who helps the women that are the victims of domestic violence.
  • You can support the trend such as the discrepancy between the percentage of politicians or world leaders who are female, versus the female population of the world.

Explore Common Misconceptions About Feminism

Explore Common Misconceptions About Feminism

A good feminist is that who not only looks upon the positive aspects of the feminism but also explores the common misconceptions about the feminism.

There are a lot of misapprehensions such as some people hear the word feminist and imagine a woman who hates men, wears short hairs and acts aggressively all the time. People must know that a feminist can also be a woman who stays all the time at home, raises her kids and spends her day cooking and cleaning.

Support The Rights Of Women And Men

The Rights Of Women And Men

Being a good feminist you must support the rights of all the genders. The right of doing whatever they want to do in the life and career even if it means breaking the traditional gender stereotypes.

For instance, it means that believing a mom or a dad can stay at home to raise the children and also that a man or a woman can become the CEO of the company or the politician.

Understand Feminism

Understand Feminism

Explore the concept of feminism. A good feminist believes that the men and women should have equal rights and opportunities and they should share and spend time cultivating this belief. To be a good feminist you need to study it first and know it better that what it wants to promote and what is its purpose.

Note: Feminism is not about rejecting the women-hood or considering women superior to men. It is about challenging stereotype about genders like why always the pilots are male and the president of a country is male. Or why flight attendants are only females.

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