How To Be Honest Without Hurting Another Person?

It is normal that people often have conflicts views about a topic. Sometimes, while speaking up your mind, you know that it will hurt the feelings of others or they will mind it. Or often, it becomes necessary for you to give your opinion even if you know others will disagree with it.

Honest Without Hurting Another Person

So what a person should in this situation? Most of the people are not master in the technique of being honest without hurting others so they do this common mistake. In this article, we will describe different tips which you can adopt while speaking honestly, so read the article till the end.

Use General Rules Of Being Honest

It is important to know other person’s perspective before you are going to give your own perspective. In this regard have a genuine conversation with them as this will give you a chance to know their opinion and at the end, they will request to hear an opinion from your perspective.

If you want to know how other will react, after hearing you then practice imagining. In this regard, imagine how you will react if someone says that thing to you? Would you be upset? How would they receive your opinion? This thing will help you to prepare yourself for all the reactions you will receive.

Use General Rules Of Being Hones

Before telling something, keep in mind that you have to be honest with your words. You have to avoid disapproving behavior or making fun of others. Instead of letting your feeling and emotions shown in your tune, try to speak in a neutral tone.

When you know that your opinion can be hurting for others try to speak with kindness. This means to show respect and make them feel, they are valued.

If they are open minded your fact will change their mind and if they are not, they might take it as personal attacks. Let them accept the truth in their own way, you do not have to force your perspective on them.

Try To Analyze The Situation

Sometimes you have to be silent so that the other person knows that you are just being honest. Remaining silent is an expression of being honest. To express their strong perspective, people feel to have a long debate. They do this to provoke or change other person’s mind but usually lead to a dispute or an attempt to hurt the feelings.

Try To Analyze The Situation

After hearing your whole story they may want to not discuss this anymore. You must pay attention to their reaction and respect their feelings. If they decide to not discuss this then stay silent. Try asking again if they want to discuss on this and if they still do not want to, stay silent.

Besides, you must use words which show that you still value them. If you know that you have hurt the feelings of other then apologize. It is a sign to show that you have a great respect towards that person and apologizing early can help you move on easily.

Saying sorry gives an expression that you are just being honest and your motive was not to hurt them. Always end your conversation on a positive note and comment that you understand them and hope they will understand you too.

Turning Down An Invitation

If other person wants to have a quick meeting with you after the day you have given your opinion, avoid responding immediately. A simple way is to say that I am busy but I will inform you when I’ll get time. This will help you create a response in your mind and to decide what next you have to do.

Turning Down An Invitation

Do not say that you are always there when they want to meet. If they ask about your schedule before meeting or making a request then you have a chance to make a little excuse to say no to them without being mean. Or if someone continuously asks for your schedule you can say I don’t know but why you are asking and remain kind and polite.

Practicing this is good even you are agreed to go with him. Avoiding a quick meeting is necessary because in this time, other person is able to think of what you have said and what he has to do further. Giving him time will make him polite if you think he will be aggressive.

Withhold Your Statement

At first wait for the right time and right place, then decide for another meeting with them. And make sure you are standing by your statement. If you are asked you should say that you are still with your decision and whatever you have said you still think you have done this just to be honest with them.

Listen to their opinion too and after hearing if you think that they are making a wrong judgment and you are unhappy with this refuse to tell them what is right. You must avoid telling them that they are making a wrong decision and instead you must focus on your concerns.

Withhold Your Statement

You must say things which show that you are concerned about them and whatever what they are saying is not good for them too. You must make them realize that whatever you have said is just for the sake of their goodness and you want them not to make a wrong decision.

But it does not mean you forcefully make them agree with you. If you feel that other person will not agree with your opinion, you can say that you respect their opinion but you still withhold your decision.

Note: Just because your opinion will hurt other does not mean you should never tell them. You must put your opinion in front of other in such a way that does not hurt them too much and your way of talking shows them that you value and respect their opinion too.

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