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15 Beard Styles That Gives Your Personality A Tremendous Look

Beard Styles- Beard is back in style these days, now every man is looking for a cool beard style. There are many factors which should be considered while deciding the beard style.

You are the guy who is looking for the best beard styles, then you are in the right place, here you will find some modern and stunning beard styles.


A person with the beard can get into trendy men’s fashion with full, long, medium, and a short beard. Various styles of beard depend upon the cuts and shapes of your face.

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Which Beard Styles Will Suits You

The most important question which may cause confusion after going for a beard is “which style will suit your face”? There are different beard styles which depend upon your face cuts and shape.

facial hair styles

We make this question simple and easy for you. The following points which you should know before going for any beard style. These things help you in choosing the best beard styles.

The Shape of Your Face

All beard styles didn’t suit on every face, you have to check first what is your face shape. There are many face shapes such as Round Face, Oval face, square, and rectangle face. If you are unsure about your face shape then maybe barber can help you to determine it. After that, you will be able to select the most suitable beard style.

Facial Features

Facial features are also important. They should be considered before adopting any beard style. Your jaw, cheekbones and the length of your face play an important role in perfect beard style, which will suit you.

Skin Type

Once you grow a beard, maintenance is not a big deal. It’s easy but if you have sensitive skin then you need to pay attention. In such a condition, you may face discomfort while you are trimming your beard.

Most Trending & Famous Beard Styles

You are thinking about taking your beard to the next level in 2019, then it is a good time to check out some cool beard styles and designs. While the best beards are usually trimmed neatly to create sharp cuts and a classy look.

types of beards

1- Muslim Beard Style

When we think about Muslims, then a man with a large beard comes in mind. Many people believe that Muslims are forced to grow a beard by their religion, which is not true. Quran doesn’t order people to grow a beard.

how to shape a beard

In Islam Beard is a ‘Sunnah’ that is following a tradition done by all the prophets including last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). If the length of the beard is over a fist, it’s recommended to trim it.

2- Full or Long Beard Style

Longbeard style has been trending and famous in recent years. But a long beard requires much more grooming and care. A quality beard grooming oil or shampoo will help to condition and moisturize your skin and also hair.

Long Beard

There are so many different ways to wear a long beard. The best long beards must be full, thick, and must be without any patchy parts.

3- Short Beard Styles

Short beard style is considered a sexy beard but it is all about shape rather than its length. You can opt a perfect beard hairstyle with a good beard trimmer according to the facial features and style.


Short beard style is easy to grow out and also simple to trim or maintain. Short beards range from stubble to full facial hair.

4- Goatee Beard Style

Maybe you face problem in growing much facial hair, then simple Goatee style maybe do that trick. Goatee beard style has different variations. You can decide to shave your mustache for this style.

goatee styles

As mention above, there are many types of goatees, so you can choose the best and stunning which will suit you.

5- Van Dyke Beard

A Van Dyke is a style of beard which is named after the 17th-century Flemish painter called Anthony van Dyck. This style specifically has both a mustache and goatee with all hair on the cheeks shaven.

facial hair

The Van Dyke is a kind of goatee with a chin beard and curved mustache. This beard style takes a rugged, confident man to pull off.

6- Sharp Beard Style

Men and boys, who are in search of latest beard styles, they can adopt this style. This style is not too short or long and also didn’t require regular trimming.

beard types

Sharp beard style suit on a round face, stubble or diamond-shaped beard also suit on round face shape. Sharp lines which are around the cheeks are the best way to shape the stubble.

7- Circle Beard Styles

Circle beard style is also called a French beard. Circle beard style is most preferable for those people who are fond of new styles. It is very convenient to grow.

long beard styles

Circle beard style is simple and elegant. But it is very attractive towards the opposite sex, compared to all different beard style.

8- Bold Beard Styles

Bold beard style is also called a full beard that has an executive look. But it is no longer as the long beard is. In this style, the chin is covered and accompanies with the mustache.

types of facial hair

Bold beard style has been the favorite of most of the fashion lovers who prefer to have a chin curtain style beard. It is one of the unique styles opted by those who have a square jawline.

9- Manly Beard Styles

Manly beard style is the foremost style of beards for men. It comes under the category of a short full beard.

full beard styles

It can be maintained either by trimming or just making it grow randomly for some specific time. This style is easy to maintain. This style gives a bold manly look.

10- Thick Beard Styles

Thick beard style falls in the full beard category. This style is a little longer than all other styles which lie in this category.

chin beard

Thick beard style is mostly adopted by the men of matured ages and it is not chosen by the youngster. This style helps in delivering a daring personality look and its suits attire of very bold look.

11- Moustache Beard Style

Mustache beard style comes in the full beard category. This style requires a full beard and also long mustache. It is considered as the extended version of the Goatee style.

beard styles for men

This style of the beard is usually opted by a person who has a reserved kind of attitude. This style comes with the mustache that makes it look more attractive and complete.

12- Natural Pomp Beard Style

Natural Pomp Beard Style falls in the full beard category. It requires great attention during grooming and proficient with slicked pomp hairstyles.

trimmed beard

In this style, the beard is grown along with a mustache. It also needs proper care and attention in maintaining such styles and it can not be grown without the help of professionals.

13- Anchor Beard Style

Anchor beard style comes under the Short bear styles. It is a kind of  Balbo style beard but this is too short. It is almost similar to the Pencil style beard

men's beard styles

This style also requires great care and attention. In it, both the mustache and the beard are not attached. It gives that effortless look with the ease of both, growing it and also grooming.

 14- Urban Style Beard

Urban beard style is related to Goatee type full beard. This style is mostly adopted by people who have elongated face cuts.

thin beard

You can get a new beard style, in spite of the facial structure, you can opt this beard to change your appearance. Nothing can stop a person to have a chance of making or growing such kind of full beard.

15- Medium Beard Style

This style can be opted by the men of middle ages. Such a beard can be grown with grey hair, which adds more maturity and attitudes in personality.

beard shaping

This style of beard is very easy to maintain just because the cuts on the face are not sharp and also do not have the pointing edges.

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