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How To Do A Messy Bun In Just 7 Steps? Give Your Hair A Fluffy Stylish Look

A messy bun is the easiest way to pull off your hair for any outing. No matter where you are going a messy bun is the best hairstyle. Whether it is for shopping, for your work or you want to feel relaxed at your home.  There are many different ways of making a messy bun.

You do not need much skills or expertise to make one. It is a very simple 4-5 parts process and you can get a perfect messy bun.

how to do a messy bun

All you have to do is wash your hair so that your hair is not greasy. Your hair must be washed, cleaned and dried before you do any type of styling.

How To Do A Messy Bun?

You can make a perfect messy bun if you follow these simple steps:

Step#: 1

Brush your hair so that they are not tangled anymore. A messy bun does not mean that your hair must be left tangled. You always have to brush them for proper styling. Before you start to make a style make sure that your hair is smooth and tangle-free.

Brush your hair

Step#: 2

 After you have done brushing you will need a straightening spray. Always use a texture spray. It will give a straight hair texture to your strands. Do not get confused if you already have straight hair, that is a big plus for you. Use this spray and your hair will look managed at once.

hair straightening

Step#: 3

 Now pull all your hair back and gather them in a ponytail. Use your best skills to put your hair up in a ponytail. It is not necessary for it to be perfect. Just gather all your hair back and pull them back. There is no need to settle every bump. Leave it as it is.


Step#: 4

 Make an imperfect messy bun. Be ready now your ponytail is converting into a bun. Twist your ponytail and enclose it around the base of its own. Again, do not try to make it perfect.

messy bun

Step#: 5

 Save your bun with a hairband. Make a few loops around your bun with the help of the hairband. Do not over-do the loops. Keep them slightly loose enough to handle your bun. Making it tight will not give a good look to your hairstyle.

hair tie

Step#: 6

 Now, look for any strands that are straying around. Pin these down with bobby pins. This is totally optional if you want them like this leave them. This will not ruin your hairstyle. But if you want them to be tucked used bobby pins.

bobby pins

Step#: 7

Give a finishing look with the hair spray. Do not use too much of the spray as it will not give a messy look. It will settle your hair down and give a greasy look. But remember you do not need that. So just spray a little and then leave it as it is.

Add a Touch of Flair In Your Messy Bun

A messy bun is considered to be typical classic, but if you want to spice it up you can. Here are a few tips that you can add up for your messy bun:

Messy Bun For A Special Event

To make an instant bun you will just need a fancy hair accessory. It will give a fancy look to your hairstyle if you are going to any occasion.

Messy Bun For A Festival

If there is any festival in your area soon you can definitely try this hairstyle. Don’t hesitate if you feel the need to change the color of your hair. The best option is that you can use temporary hair color spray to make your bun look classy in the crowd.

Messy Bun for Everyday Hair Look

You do not have to have special plans to get this messy bun. You can do it at your home as well. Try to add flair to your bun by saving it with a fabric band rather than your normal hair tie. This better is simple and good looking.

You can also visit any of the best Hair Saloon near your location or visit Zia’s Salons to make your hairstyle more stylish.

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How To French Braid Your Own Hair? Step By Step Guide With Latest Style

How To French Braid Your Own Hair?: The french braid is the easiest hairdo for going anywhere, anytime. As easy as it seems to be done on someone else’s hair, it is quite a challenging task for your own hair. It is actually just like the normal three-strand braid starting from the top of your head. 

french braid

French tail is really a simple task to do. Everyone should know how to make their own french braid. It lets your hair pulled back and keeps your face safe from extended strands. It also saves your head from those pesky hair dents formed from a ponytail.

It is important for every girl to learn how to make a french braid. First, try it on your friend or sister’s hair. Once you have learned to make a perfect one then try it on your hair. It is a bit of technical task but not too difficult. But once you have learned how to make it then you’re an expert.

Step By Step Guide To Make Your Own French Braid

To french braid your own hair all you need is a comb and 2 hairbands. Then follow these steps to get a perfect french braid:

  • Comb your hair properly. Each strand should be tangled free.
  • Pull back all your hair and start from the tip of your head.
  • Starting from the top of your head, grab some hair. Part them in 3 equal strands and make its braid.
  • Then keep on grabbing and adding more hair to those 3 strands and keep making its braid.
  • Pick small chunks of hair from both sides as it will give a neat look to your braid.
  • Repeat the above two steps until you reach the end of your hair.
  • Save your braid with the help of your hairband.

how to french braaid your own hair

Don’t worry if your braid isn’t looking neat. You need some practice to get a perfect braid. Once you are comfortable with braiding your own hair you will easily make it in a few minutes. Keep in mind that you have to take small chunks of your hair. Bigger chunks will make a loose braid and it will untie your hair quickly.

Perks Of Having French Braid

There are a number of perks of having a french braid. It pulls back the front fringes from your face. Also, it gives a neat look to yourself while doing some formal tasks. You can also try this braid if you have not washed your hair for 2-3 days. It definitely covers your greasy hair.

You can try this braid if you are:

  • Traveling
  • Working out
  • Have dirty hair
  • Natural waves look

The French braid is a classic and timeless hairdo. It can be worn anywhere anytime. You can also create its own variations. You can also make double braid by parting your hair in two sections. While learning how to make a french braid you may learn a lot of different hairstyles as well.

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25 Best Short Hairstyles For Black Women 2019 [Latest Hairstyles]

You may hear the motto “Short hair, don’t care“, it is easy to manage and take care of short hair as compared to long locks. Black ladies are more fashionable and most of them love to wear short hairstyle. Short locks have more styles than you think. Here is the list of 25 best short hairstyles for black women.

black women hairstyles

Most people think, there are limited hairstyles for short locks, but they are wrong. There are many different and attractive short hairstyles such as pixie cut, bold bobs, and ultra-short crops, that suits all women’s, especially black ladies.

25 Best Short Hairstyles For Black Women 2019

Which hairstyle will suit you? This is the most difficult and time taking question. Well, there are numbers of factors on the base of which you have to decide the best short hairstyle, that will suit you. Face shape is the most important among that. Before going for any hairstyle, it will be better to consult with your hairdresser.

short haircuts for black women

Black women’s locks are little different, they have special texture. Long length locks styles will not match them. I think short hairstyle is perfect for afro ladies. Many black female celebrities opt short hairstyle and they look great.

Below is the list of 25 most popular and beautiful short hairstyles for the black women:

1- Short Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Short bob is considered one of the most classic and attractive short hairstyles for black women. It can be opted by any age of women, but it will suit more on teens.

short black hairstyles

There is two option in this hairstyle, you can opt longer bob or you can wear grown-out pixie cut. It is your choice, you can select either one. The long side bangs are a bonus with style.

2- Short Afro Hairstyles for Black Women

Short Afro is another best short hairstyle for black women. This style will glow your personality. This style is the most popular in Africa and that’s why it is called afro.

african american hairstyles

A lady that has curls hair, they can opt this style instead of fighting with it. This style will add strength to your locks due to their natural volume and texture.

3- Short Blonde Hairstyles For Black Women

The short blonde hairstyle is an amazing hairstyle for the black beauties. This lock style looks amazing with the curls at the crown. To wear this hairstyle you need to use the hair rollers or hair curler.

hairstyles for black women

One thing you should remember while going for this style, to cut the locks short and leave them in a little loose style. This style can be transformed into a mohawk with shaving the sides.

4- Faded Glory Hairstyles For Black Women

Faded glory haircut is perfect for the black ladies, who are looking for a change in their hairstyle. This style will look more amazing with arched eyebrows.

short black hair

You can make it more attractive by adding color to black hair. Faded glory haircut will add extra beauty and you will look like new ear piercing.

5- Temple Shave Pixie

Temple shave pixie is another beautiful hairstyle for short locks lover ladies. It is for the ladies who have edgy hair. They need to shave the sides of edgy locks to wear this hairstyle.

black short hairstyles

There are many options in this style, that will rock this style, but the most popular style is a forward style with smooth side-fringe.

6- Short Natural Hair with Twists

This is an amazing style for black women, you need to leave the side sleeks and twists the curls to crown. This will make a unique and impressive short locks style.

short hair styles for black women

Without going overboard, highlights are an easy way to change the short hairstyle. Golden and honey blonde color will look perfect on a darker skin woman.

7- Half-Up Dreadlocks Short Hairstyles For Black Women

Long Dreadlocks are a hairstyle that suits only on the black ladies, because of their hairs texture. Same like long Dreadlocks, short or half-up dreadlock looks amazing with the black women.

short hair styles for black women

To make you short dreadlocks more fashionable and fun, wear this half-up dreadlocks hairstyle. This style is perfect for occasional parties.

8- Tapered Scarlet Pixie with Layered Top

You can try different colors on hairs of all length, but short hairstyles for black ladies are much better for exploring with hair color.

women with short hair

A pixie cut itself looks great and sexy but colors add extra effects in it. The bold color with primary hue such as red will appear great.

9- Short Straight Hairstyle

The short straight hairstyle is another great hairstyle for black women. Most of the African American women wear this style because it is simple and easy to opt.

cute black girl

Most black ladies have naturally curly hairs, So to opt this style you need to first straight the locks. To add more fun and attraction, dye locks with your favorite color. The cold shade of blonde and gray color will look fantastic.

10- Long Tapered Pixie with Springy Curls

As most of the black women’s natural locks have a different texture and it is difficult to style such hairs. For such people long tapered pixie with springy curls is perfect.

black short haircuts

This style is safe in the sense that you do not need to heat the locks to make them little curly, so saving the hairs from damaging. This style is easy to achieve and it appears amazing.

11- Side Swept Bangs

Side swept bang is one of the most adorable and loving short hairstyles these days. This style looks more beautiful with the young girls.

black women short haircuts

You can add more taste in this style by dying the locks with your favorite colors. This hairstyle emphasizes on the face features.

12- Curly Blonde Bob

Curly blonde bob is a lovely short hairstyle as it looks fantastic with the highlights and makes the haircut effortlessly chic. This locks style appear amazing in every kind of situation.

female haircuts

Curly blonde bob is perfect for those black ladies, who are looking to brighten up their curls. You can also choose other colors too.

13- Fiery Pixie with Voluminous Angled Top

Well, all the short hairstyle look awesome with the black women, but for fun, you can try the bold with red-orange hue. You can also try the electric shades, they will also suit you.

short hair cuts for black women

Fiery pixie with the voluminous angled top short hairstyle is perfect for the lady who is looking to add more attraction in pixie haircut.

14- Extra Short Blonde Pixie Cut

There are may pixie hairstyles, all of them are fantastic. Few are mentioned above. It is another kind of pixie haircut. It is perfect for women who prefer short hair.

black women short hairstyles

You can spice the extra small locks with the blonde hue, this option is perfect for making the pixie style stand out.

15- Curly Pixie Mohawk

Curley pixie mohawk is the better haircut for short hairstyles lovers. There is another option that you can shave the sides to make it further better.

fine black women

To wear curly pixie mohawk style you need to slick the locks down in finger waves form for a retro vibe.

16- Short Maroon Tresses

black women hair

17- Long Bobs with Dark Roots

Long bobs with dark roots is a perfect short hairstyle for black women. With the locks coloring techniques, dark roots of locks can be seen further often on stylish gals.

sexy short hairstyles

To opt this style you need to leave the roots of hairs black while dying the rest of hairs with a light brown shade.

18- Bob with Bangs

Bob with bangs hairstyle is similar to the simple bob haircut, it is one of the most popular styles these days.

thick black woman

A thick and full bob looks amazing itself, but you can make it more attractive by adding the bold bangs. The bangs make the bob haircut exciting and stylish.

19- Extra Short Hairstyles For Black Women

Most of the black women hate this hairstyle but this style is opted by the famous American singer Solange and she looks beautiful with this hairstyle. Now people are wearing this style.

black people hairstyles

The famous American Singer Solange loves to opt the natural hairstyle, she always wears box braids, afro, and extra short hairstyle.

20- Asymmetrical Blonde Bob

Asymmetrical blonde bob hairstyle is amazing for black beauties who decide to opt the short hairstyles. A simple tapered pixie with curly long bangs will give you a sophisticated and gorgeous look.

short hair black women

You can refresh this hairstyle with other shades that you love.

21- Short Twist Braids

The short braids are the amazing short hairstyle for black women. I know twist braids took time for making, but it lasts for a long time as compared to other short hairstyles.

short hairstyles black women

You can try this style at home with practice. For comfort spray the mixture of olive oil and water each section before braiding, this will make it easy.

22- Grey Mohawk With Shaved Sides

Well, the simple mohawk style is explained earlier, to take that simple style to an extreme level, shave the sides locks of head and apply the gray highlight.

african american short hairstyles

Earlier the gray color was considered the aging symbol, but now it is no more. Many young black teens are wearing this grey color hairstyle.

23- Long & Straight Pink Bob

These days dying locks with various colors become more popular. A bright pink highlight will work better with the darker skin.

pink bob girl

The transformation of dark brown color into the light pink will looks cool. This hairstyle is best for those who do not want to cut the locks too short.

24- Short Blowout Hairstyle For Black Women

Short blowout hairstyle is an amazing and easiest hairstyle to opt. In this hairstyle, you need to wash and brush your hair, you are ready.

Blowout CURLY

The best thing about this style is you do not need any high maintenance. The layers of locks in this style create volume, that makes it more stylish and fashionable.

25- Sleek Ash Blonde Pixie Bob

There are hundreds of hairstyles for black women, few go with the blonde while few try reddish brown. The problem is to find the perfect hue that suits you.

Sleek Ash Blonde Pixie Bob

Try the ash-blonde pixie bob haircut, if you are looking for something new and eye-catching. You need to highlight the locks with ash hue, this will add wow factor to your appearance.

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13 Short Beard Styles For Men That Suits Best For Your Personality

Short Beard Styles– Styling the beard is the thing which most men love to do, there are various short beard styles. But you have to choose one which matches best with the face shape. There are some factors, on the basis of which you have to opt the beard style.

beard styles

It is easy to maintain and manage short beard as compared to long beard. Maybe it’s the main reason that many people go with a short beard, especially who has short facial hair. Short beard is smart and elegant if someone knows how to grow and style it.

Why Should You Choose Short Beard Styles?

Longbeard has its own look but I think the short beard is more attractive and styling. There are various reasons for opting the short beard, the main reason is that short beard is easy to maintain and grow. Short beard styles are cleaner than the long beard.

facial hair styles

Short beard is easy to trim yourself, style and groom short facial locks, just because of less hair. It’s easy to control, not because there isn’t as much of it. You are also less likely to manage with messes in a beard like food or miscellaneous detritus.

What Should Be the Lenght of Short Beard Styles?

Actually, there is no specific length mentioned anywhere, just because of different variations in the short beard.

short beard styles

The general rule about the length of the short beard is that it should not be extended more than a 1 or 2 inches. Any beard longer than this limit will be considered as the long beard, so tend to keep your beard trim.

Which Face Shape Look Better With Short Beard Styles?

Face shape matter a lot while looking for a short beard style, you should choose a beard style which suits on your face shape. Every beard styles did not suit on everyone face, you have to check first what is your face shape.

short beard

There are various face shapes such as Round Face, Oval face, square, and rectangle face. If you are unsure about your face shape then maybe barber can help you to know it. After that, you will be able to select the most suitable beard style.

Square Face

Square Face with strong jaws looks perfect with beards which have short sides and full chins. You can also keep your beard full or shorter by letting the hair grow thicker there.

Round Face

A person with the round face should go for a diamond-shaped beard, which contains short sides and a bottom little longer.

Diamond Face

A person who has a diamond face with the narrow forehead and pointed chin can go with a short beard. A chin strap with a mustache maybe works well.

How to Maintain & Trim A Short Beard?

Short beard is easy to maintain and trim as compared to the long beard, but still, you need to take care of it. Moisturizing and combing are the two main components of a short beard. Shampoo your beard but remembered to use only chemical-free shampoo and also begin the conditioning regimen too.

beard style

Trimming and shaping the short beard is also essential in order to maintain the short beard appearance neat and clean.  You should start slow and never take off too much at the start.

Short Beard Styles

Here we have mentioned a best and top trending short beard styles:

1. French Beard Style

French beard is one of the most common short beard styles, and also it is well-liked beard style all around the world. This style is easy to opt.

beard styles for men

To opt this style, you need to grow the beard till you get the rough look. After that, you need to shave around the mouth to get the french look and also define the lines to make it better.

2. Short & Simple

As by name it is clear that this short beard style is elegant and simple. It looks close to the shaved goatee and a beard that fades into the sideburns.

short beards

This short and simple style is perfect for a person who is looking for a classy look.

3. Defined Lines

It is also the best short beard style, which is very easy to opt and maintain. This beard style has been defined to perfection.

beards styles

In this beard style, the goatee is partly shaved while leaving a small soul spot and hair below the chin. It emphasizes the manliness of the jawline and chin.

4. Thinner Goatee

Thinner Goatee beard is kind of short beard that is outlined pretty thin. In this beard style majority of the hair on the chin, are shaved off while leaving a small soul spot which extends down to the chin beard.

beard style

The neck hair has been left to grow as it naturally does, clean lines were attained along with the cheeks and sideburns.

5. Balbo

The Balbo short beard style is one of the top trending styles. This style looks suits on a person who has a narrow chin. This style makes you look smart and also it is easy to maintain.

beard styles for men

To opt this kind of a beard, you should not shave until your beard is fully grown. And also with the beard, you should grow a mustache. After that take off the hair on both sides, then shape the hair on your chin to get your Balbo style.

6. Short And Shaggy Beard

The Short and Shaggy beard is more suitable for college students. This style beard gives them a rough and carefree look. The beard is not trimmed and left to grow a little.

different beard styles

This short beard suit on a guy who has a long and oval face. You have to let your beard and mustache grow, to adopt this style. let it a little thick at the chin and thin on the cheeks.

7. Circle Beard

The circle beard suit on a person who has an oval or round-shaped face. This style is a combination of a rounded goatee and a mustache. This style of beard best option for a person who didn’t want a beard.

beard designs

For opting a circle beard, you have to grow a specific amount of hair. In my opinion, you should visit the best barber salon to trim the beard in this style. Maybe trying at home to get this style will be difficult.

8. Short Stubble Beard

The Short Stubble Beard one of the most popular styles amongst young men and it never goes out of the style. It makes you look rugged and fuzzy. But with the correct type of dressing style, it will make your appearance very formal and smart.

short beards

There is no specific method of growing this style of a beard because it grows in around 4 or 5 days and after that, you need to just keep it trim and clean.

9. Short Triangle Beard

The short triangle beard is one of the best short beard styles. It gives you an attractive appearance. To opt this style of beard, you have to grow the beard to a reasonable length, after that trim the chin and the sides.

beard styles pictures

With a trimmer or razor, clear off a patch of the beard near the chin, leaving a small triangle that is facing downwards. This makes you look highly sophisticated. You can wear this look to the office and be the center of attraction.

10. Short Boxed Beard

Short boxed beard is one of the most desired beard styles by people, who do not like to wear a full beard.  It is one of the best professional looks, so it will put you in a spotlight. This style is perfect for office going people.

cool beards

Short boxed beard suits a person who has a heart-shaped face or round-shaped face.  Such a style will not suit a person who has a square face shape.

11. Classic Goatee Beard

The goatee beard is considered as the best short beard style. It suits both adults and teenagers but mostly opted by teenagers.

Goatee beard is actually a chin beard and it is just below the bottom lip with no mustache while the neck and cheeks are cleanly shaven.

12. The Anchor Beard

The Anchor Beard is considered as an English style of beard. This style was one of the best short beard styles of 2018. This style makes you look very adventurous and gives you a perfect look.

In Anchor beard style the mustache is a pyramid style, which defines together with the chin and jawline region. The Anchor beard is very easy to grow and also easy to maintain.

13. Patchy beard

There are many people who have a not full beard, there are some patches in a beard. Just because your beard is patchy, it does not mean that you have to shave it all off.

Work with your patchiness to go with something that suits your face shape and the facial hair you have.

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13 Best & Long Hairstyles For Men in 2019

Long Hairstyles For Men– These days long hairstyle for men are becoming popular and trendy. Grooming and makeup are now no more for ladies only. Time has proved that long hairstyle is trendy for men. In this article, you will find some cool hairstyle for long locks.

long hairstyles

You have unlimited options in long hairstyle for men whether you wear that style on formal occasion or at the office. You can opt for your favorite hairstyle. Long hairstyle for men is worn in various ways such as wavy layers twisted or straight and curly.
It’s true that every hairstyle does not suit every kind of face shape. You should discuss with your stylist or visit hairstyle saloon before going with any long hairstyle. Find your own unique and attractive look by opting the one which suits your features.

Long Hairstyles For Men

There are various ways to opt long hair looks. You can grow your all locks of the same length or keeping the side and back short while grow long on top. Few Long hairstyles are trending theses days such as classic slick, undercut styles, and fringe cuts, etc.

mens long hairstyles

Long hairstyles for men now not only for rock star and surfers. There are many people who are rocking with long hairs. Getting good attention in the meanwhile, the long hairstyle community is becoming larger and bigger.

Here below are the top and most trending  long hairstyles for men are briefly explained:

1- Long Blonde Hairstyle for men

Long blonde hair also appears extraordinary attractive and awesome. The blonde lock looks impressive and radiant when worn long because of its light hue and natural luster.

long hair men

You choose a surfer style, then consider opting for long blonde waves because of that fall past your shoulders. Remember that prevent too much facial hair. Of course, combining it with a beard will also make this look more attractive and radiant.

2- Long Hair for Asian Men

Long hairstyle remains apart of Asian culture for a long time, many Asian opt shorter hairstyle but some still go with lengthy locks. Long hair appears stylish on Asian guys, along with referring a rich heritage.

long long man

Generally, Asian locks are thick, fast-growing and strong which provides a perfect base for an extended length. Many Asian men have straight locks, which are ideal for accomplishing powerful fringe of hair.

3- Knot Long Hairstyle for Asian Men

Knot long hairstyle is the best style for the long lock, which is also very popular, especially in Asia. There are different creative variations on the man bun. In this style, you have to pull back hair up high and caught in two small tails.

men with long hair

The man bun is a narrow twist of hair, in between the pull-through method and a classic curled bun.

4- Long Grey Hairstyle For Men

Long hair is not only for the young gents, if you are thinking that it is only for the young people then maybe you are wrong. Long locks can suit men of any age, even people who have a grey mane. Long hairs will look stylish on older gents.

guys haircuts

You have grey locks and want to opt long hairstyle, all you need to do is to let your grey hairs grow lengthy and rock them with an attitude. A wonderful dress suffused with smart yet laid back pieces will also help to make this look more attractive.

5- Long Undercut Hairstyle For Men

You should add an undercut to your locks if you are looking for a way to give your hairs new life. For this style, you need to shave the back and sides lock while left hair on the top of your head.

long hair cuts

After that let your locks fall on sides to for cool attitude-filled appearance. You can also try this style with the ponytail, it will work perfectly. This lock style also works well with the man bun and topknot.

6- Elegantly Side Parted Hairstyle For Men

The graceful side-parted hairstyle is one of the best lock styles. The side-parted long hairstyles for men are the most common.

guys with long hair

A person with this style looks awesome and cool. To opt this hairstyle, you will require a very little amount of effort and also a few hair products.

7- Dreadlocks

You have long locks including dreadlocks affords a range of cool hairstyles. The style is not for all gents, it is a better option for those who are ready to try little out of the ordinary, whether you have twisted or braid locks. Dreadlocks will appear uniquely stylish and awesome.

men long hair

Dreadlocks make a fashionable option which can upgrade the look of your long hairs. Just be sure you are ready to commit to maintaining and creating this style as it can take work.

8- Man Bun Hairstyle For Men

Man Bun is a classic and most trending hairstyle of these days. This style is universally famous and can be changed or customized on the basis of face shape. You need to comb locks at back with fingers, then secure with a tie and allowing few tips to put out for a relaxed appeal.

men long hairstyles

How high or low you can wear a bun depends upon the length of the locks. While men with defined bone structures can wear this appearance as slick as they like, for the most part, a looser bun is most favorite.

9- Ponytail Long Hairstyle For Men

The ponytail is the best option for the man at work. As it is an easy and quick way to style long hair. You have to pull lock back with a drop of serum to make locks shine, tying the tie over 2 or 3 times for comfort.

long hairstyles men

You feel uncomfortable with this style. You can stop by leaving a few strands near the front to fall on the face or be tucked behind ears.

10- Long Textured Waves Hairstyle For Men

Long textured waves style is famous by the Harry style. This style can be wearable almost on all face shapes, but it suits more with a guy who has a natural movement and layered cut.

long hair haircuts

To copy this style, you need to apply a styling mousse to clean damp hair, scrunch liberally or leave to air dry. You can also dry with a drier moving the front part of hair backward. Once the locks are completely dry, then take the front section and slightly backcomb before setting with a soft hairspray.

11- Long Braids Hairstyle For Men

Long braids can be a good option for those who have long locks and are looking for a better style. This style is very unique. In this style, you have to create few braids which start from the scalp and working through your lengthy locks.

mens long hair

You can also combine this style with the man bun or ponytail to double the dose of style.

12- Long Curls Hairstyle For Men

A guy with long curly locks can also show it off in all its glory. As there are a natural volume and texture, long curls can have a great appearance for those who have a relaxed style. To opt this style, you need to condition your locks daily but remember that never over-wash it.

mens long hair

You also need to invest in moisture-rich hair products. Let your hair dry naturally, as blow-drier can cause damage.

13- Shaved Sides with Long Dreadlocks

You can keep your hair out of your way. Means to avoid falling locks on the face with this style, which is a combination of classic high fade and man bun.

hairstyles for men with long hair

The dreadlocks add an extra cool look to your bold appearance. The beard is undeniable when it comes to what differentiate the men from the boys.

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15 Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair Women

Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair- For most of the people, short hair can be frustrating to deal with. They think if they grow it little longer, it would look better and will be easy to opt attractive hairstyles. Which is wrong, in this article, you will find some cool and attractive hairstyles for women.

short haircuts

There are various short hairstyles for fine hair which work for fine locks. The key is opting the right hairstyle and hair cut to make your hair appear thicker and fuller.
You can also discuss with your stylists or visit best hair saloon about methods. You can add wavy texture or blunt edges for a better and gorgeous look.

Fine Hair & Thin Hair

Fine hair indicate to individual hair thickness, How to know about fine hair? If you have hair thinner than the thread, you have fine hair.

short hair styles

Thin Hair indicates to the overall thickness of your hairs. Means that fewer hair stripes are packed combined on your scalp. There are many products which are designed for the fine hair to boost its thickness.

Which Hairstyle Suits Short Fine Hair?

Remember that, you have to do straight cut, cutting thin hair, without thinning of the tips, to keep the hair density. Structured haircuts with many layers will be perfect. This also makes your hair vibrant and also easy to handle.

haircuts for women

There are many haircuts for short hair but bob, pixie and boy cut will look perfect for the fine hair. Fringe will also work well with short hair.

How to Style Short Fine Hair?

You have to dry the locks roots, using the best blow-drier, before starting any kind of styling. Check the direction of the flow of air. Using drier, dry your hair and finish off the tips with a curling iron or a straightener.

hairstyles for short hair

There are many Styling products, you can also use any product for thin hair. Most of them are light hold, remember that products with a high degree of fixation will import fine hair down.

Products For Fine Hair

Must be careful with the products you apply to your locks if you have fine hair. Because too many chemicals can damage your hairs.
One more thing which you should know that you might want to use the quantity of product that makes your locks thicker.

Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Thin or fine hair is not a curse, such locks look perfect after opting a perfect hairstyle. You can easily be feminine, stylish and extravagant with the fine hair.

short hairstyles for fine hair

Below is the list of best hairstyles for the fine locks:

1- Long Bob with Balayage

You have to cut your hair up to shoulder length, no need to cut too short. Those layers can work in order to get some volume in your locks, even if it falls on the flat side.

short hairstyles for women over 50

You are working with the balayage, then you don’t need to cut all of your tresses off, to opt a cut short hair cut. In this hairstyle, you will look great so you should go for this hottest hair cut.

2- Platinum Balayage Bob for Thin Hair

Platinum blonde can be a huge hit. For that, you need to style correctly and especially with this bob, you are going to have great success.

short hairstyles for fine hair

It is perfect hairstyle as it is easy to add some natural volume to hair. This is another awesome and cool hairstyle which look edgy and sweet, but it depends upon what you wear with it.

3- Classic Highlighted Bob

You should trim your short hair into a slick bob if your locks are growing out. After that, you need to add some highlights and let it shine.

medium haircuts for women

The best thing about this hairstyle is that it will add layers to your cuts. Never forget about those side-swept bangs.

4- Shadow Root Bob

You can show your’s fine hair in a better way by cutting it into a chin-length bob. One thing you need to remember that, this short hairstyle does not suit on all faces shapes.

haircuts for women over 50

Your cheeks are wide then they will look much wider after opting this style but oval face shape will be highlighted. Additional you can feather out the ends to get attention to your jawline.

5- Classic Curly Bob

The curly bob is a flexible hairstyle for short fine hair, and it will be a bonus as it looks so cute.  You should try lifting your hair at the front side instead of getting classic curly bob with bangs look.

hair cuts for women

Classic curly bob hairstyle will add height to your hairs. It will also make your’s fine hair look thicker.

6- Brown Disconnected Gradual Bob

Brown gradual bob is also a perfect short hairstyle for fine locks. You should note how the bob suddenly, instead of gradually gets longer in the front side.

short hairstyles for women over 60

The top layer at the back looks lighter, it gets darker when you reach the final layer, it also adds volume to the bob.

7- The Wedge Cut

The wedge cut is also great hair cut for fine hairs and it looks great on every face shape. As much as we say that fashion is tense these days ever before.

hairstyles for thin hair

There were uber-stylish cuts which were like the wedge around in the ‘20s. An A-line angle with a deep hairline cut can take your hair to a perfect look.

8- Headband Dutch Braid Pixie Cut

Maybe this hairstyle brings the best outlook of a pixie cut. Short hair does not mean that you can not opt for any hairstyle.  keeping bangs lengthy will allow you to style perfectly.

short haircuts for women over 60

This fashionable ponytail works so well with different hair colors. It will also look as stunning with every pastel hair colors.

9- Rocker Chic Pixie for Fine Hair

Opting a pixie cut hairstyle will surely take you from sweet to hot. You have to add manually add volume your locks while going with this hairstyle. You get the short hair as a bonus for immediately rocking nearly any color you want to try.

short haircut

There is something about this short hairstyle which you should know. It allows you for daring color choices, but you can also keep it simple with natural hair colors, it will look stunning.

10- Silver Pixie Cut

The silver pixie cut is like the classic pixie cut but in a daring blue silver color. This hairstyle is perfect for women who have fine hair and also who have short hair in the back.

short hairstyles for fine hair

The shortness of locks in this hairstyle allows some natural volume. And also the unique, metallic color which will make your style cooler. The color works also with the formal and edgy short hairstyles as well.

11- Sleek Blonde Pixie Cut

The sleek pixie cut is similar to the Chic hairstyle. This style is easy to opt and also easy to manage, so this short hairstyle is going viral this year.

cute short hairstyles

Thin hair generally tries to flip flop among the frizzing and falling flat, when it gets hot. So you will need some extra products to ensure that your locks will stay for the whole day.

12- Mussy Silver Pixie Cut

Maybe dull short hairs cut which have strand styled looks in a somewhat rebellious way. This hairstyle adds few extra characters to the classic short haircut. Which makes it more attractive and beautiful.

medium hairstyles for women

The Mussy silver pixie cut looks amazing just due to its perfect silver-blonde shade and which is laid over a beautiful brown. This hairstyle will be perfect short hairstyles for fine hair.

13- Shoulder-Length Silver Short Hair

Shoulder-Length Silver is simple and easy, it also does not require vast styling beyond an easy flatiron job. Because it already has a natural beauty when it falls down above the shoulder.

cute short haircuts

Shoulder-Length Silver is a casual hairstyle. It can be easily glamorous for any formal event. Throwing it back in a ponytail would be an easy way to dress this short hairstyle up for any occasion such as wedding etc.

14- Puffed Up Pixie Haircut

Puffed Up Pixie is a fun hairstyle which only takes some irritating and knows how to get into the proper place. In this hairstyle, you need to manually add some volume into a pixie cut.

short hairstyles for fine hair

Puffed Up Pixie hair cut looks perfect on every kind of face shape, this is a fierce yet glamorous possibility for a side-shaved pixie cut. I think this hairstyle will be perfect short hairstyles for fine hair.

15- Crisp Blonde Bob

The Crisp Blonde Bob hair cut is also a great choice for women who have short hair. The tips of this bob are straight, clean and match the pure blonde color of this short hairstyle.

short hairstyles for fine hair

The dark brown acts almost as an edge for the blonde hair. The small ponytail above the forehead is a cute style touch that frames the face while adding some charm to the look.

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How to Cut Bangs in Different Styles? On a Wig, Curly Hair & Side Bangs

How To Cut Bangs?: If you wish to get your bangs without going to the salon, it is 100% possible. All you need is a good advisor who can guide you about the perfect way to cut your bangs. You can do it yourself at home. Though everyone will recommend you to go to the professional to get your best bangs.

how to cut bangs

It is very easy to get bangs at home. If you cannot do it yourself your sister or mother could help you. In this article, we will tell you about how to cut your layered bangs at home. Here are extremely easy steps which you can follow to get perfect bangs.

1. Dampen your hair: You must cut your hair when they are damp. So you must cut your bangs after you have towel-dried your hair. You can also just mist your hair with a spray bottle to get then dampen.

how to cut bangs

2. Part your hair: Take a comb and part your hair from side to side, creating a triangle shape. The center of your bangs is exactly the middle of your eyebrow.

3. Twist your hair: To keep the layers from looking too sharp, twisting your hair is imperative. you need to twist your hair so that when you cut them it has a layering effect. Also, you can cut it in a way that each strand is snipped at different lengths. The difference will be very slightly visible but enough to soften the bangs and give a stunning look.

cutting your own bangs

4. Decide where to cut: When it comes to where you should place your scissors, it depends on how long you want your bangs to be and what is your hair type. If you have straight hair cut from your mouth if you have wavy hair cut it right below your mouth and if you have curly hair, cut it near your chin.

Scissors matter a lot. Do not just use the easily available pair of scissors. Use the smallest scissors you have. The smaller the scissors, the more control you’ll have over the cut. Yes, that means you can use manicure scissors. Or you can order a pair of professional hair-cutting scissors.

5. Shake and dry: After you snip, shake your new bangs out, comb them through with a round brush and blast them with a blow dryer. Turn your brush inward toward your face and roll the hair through. Also, point the blower dryer downward for smooth hair that falls lightly around your face and creates those face-framing layers.

hair style

It’s like having a brand-new haircut that doesn’t cost a penny and takes less than 10 minutes to do. Always cut your bangs longer than your desired length especially when you are doing this for the first time, always cut your hair longer than normal. Then you can touch them up if you think the length is still long.

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15 Best Dark Brown Hair Color Ideas With Top Models 2019

Dark Brown Hair: Styles recurs like clockwork. For instance, let’s talk about hair color. Every season, dapper focus on brightening and lightening their hair. Either its’ ombré, balayage, blonde or a peachy pastel hue, darker brunettes are included once in a while in the talk and that’s unbiased.

People might like the bold and blunt shades? Perhaps if you’re naturally raven-haired and seasonal bleaching isn’t workable? The point is to say that dark brown hair deserves more glory in summer.

Dark Brown Hair

Contrasting Instagrammable gray, rose gold and the extent of rainbow hair colors. We’ve observed on red carpets and social media, dark brown is one hair shade that will merely never go out of style. Long hair is back in fashion if you are looking to freshen up your long hair then you will find different styles of bangs for lengthy locks.

Dark Brown Hair

Moreover, it’s easily one of the most mutual hair colors, so it only makes sense. Although it’s everywhere doesn’t mean dark brown has to be dull.

Whether you’re already a chestnut looking to spice things up, or you’ve been a blonde your entire life and want a major change. It’s an admirable option to choose dark brown hair since there are countless different shades and undertones.dark brown hair color 2019

A rich, warm mahogany shade might suit some, whereas a cool-toned coffee or cedar-brown will be better for others. So, if you’ve been thinking about coming to the dark side, your best stake is to have a talk with your hairdresser to determine the desired outcome you want.

You can change your hair color with an ongoing trend. We have made it easier for you by compiling some of the prettiest dark brown hair colors we could find for each skin tone.

This will make it convenient for you by imagining which shade will suit you, what will be the consequences of choosing a hair color. Go in for the creativeness ahead to find your desired new look. You should take care of your hair and protect your hair from chlorine water.

Dark Brown Hair Color Trend among Celebrities

That’s all good and well, but we can’t claim something without support. For you, we stalked thoroughly social media accounts of celebrities and fashion experts to find our favorites.

Either you prefer subtle or soft highlights or beachy and bright ones. These are surely going to encourage you to reserve a hairdresser’s appointment.

Kylie Jenner Dark Brown Hair

Kylie Jenner is well known for her makeup line, socialite and American media personality. Apart from a few color changes in the past couple of years has always set aside a base of silky black hair (like her siblings Kendall, Kourtney, and Kim).kylie Dark Brown Hair

Recently she posted to her Instagram account; it’s flawless to see the soft chocolate-colored highlights. We are obsessed with her shades from mid to ends.

Leomie Anderson Dark Brown Hair

Leomie Anderson is a victoria secret model.LEOMIE Dark Hair

She has a gold skin tone, it’s highlighted by her super cool-toned hair.

Yara Shahidi Dark Burnette Hair

Yara Shahidi recognized for a starring role in Black-ish and Grown-ish flaunts her dark brunette color in our desired way. Along with her healthy, hydrating voluminous curls.yara shahidi Dark brunette hair

She has a natural ombré effect, with layers of her curls are subtly light from the genuine black shade of base.

Emmy Rossum Golden Brown Hair

Emmy Rossum American actress, director, song-writer have some warm tones of deep golden brown.

emmy rosum Dark Brown Hair

This suits her pinkish undertone. This dark brown hair color is mild enough it doesn’t make hair look red.

Priyanka Chopra Mahogany Shade

Priyanka Chopra well known Indian actress. The mahogany shade compliments her medium tan complexion.priyanka chopra Dark Brown Hair

It highlights her dark base. This level dark brown hair is also good for her because it’s not darker than her eyebrows, so it gives her a natural subtle look. If you are facing hair growth problem then you should try Coconut Oil.

Lucy Hale Burnette Hair

Lucy Hale from pretty little liars has different shades of Burnette including gold, and caramel.

lucy hale Dark Brown Hair

Fair skin like her have cool tones, coffee brown color is an ideal shade. She looks both classic and romantic.

Lily Collins Auburn Brown Hair

Lily Collins English-American actress, writer model.lily collins

She has deep brown shade with auburn highlights. It gives her skin a boost.

Ruby Rose Dark Cocoa Hair

Ruby Rose Australian model, TV star and actress wow in any hair color.rubyy rose

Her glossy dark cocoa shade provides a strong look with a classic appearance. Her light features are a bonus.

Ashley Graham Reddish-Brown Shade

Ashley Graham an American model.

ashley graham

Her light peachy complexion works great with her dark brown hair. The soft reddish-brown undertones balance her skin tone perfectly.

Selena Gomez Chocolate Honey Shade

Selena Gomez a well-known singer.

selena gomez

Her light honey complexion is finely tuned in the prettiest way with this dark chocolate shade. The subtle golden tones framing her face make this shade stand out.

Emily Ratajkowski Brown Shade

Emily Ratajkowski American model and actress looks stunning in any hair color.


Her signature dark brown hair is a perfect shade. Her hair has no highlights its just one dark brown shade.

Meghan Markle Chocolate Brown Hair

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, and former actress.meghan markle

She has both warm and cool tones in her skin in a simple word she is neutral. So she can dye her hair warm and cool tones. Her recent cooler-toned, chocolatey highlights really suit her complexion.

Lea Michele Bronze Hair

Lea Michele is an American singer, author, and actress.lea michele

Girls having the honey gold complexion you can follow her up for brown hair color trends. Her bronze hair not only emphasizes her skin tone but also brightens up her eyes.

Yvonne Orji Ombre Hair

Yvonne Orji Nigerian actress is known for her role in HBO series insecure.Yvonne Orji Dark Brown Hair

She experimented with some ombré to highlight her dark brown shade. A level of warm and cool tones also works best for such skins.

Tiffany Haddish Soft Brown Hair

Tiffany Haddish is a versatile American actor, singer, comedian, author, and haddish Dark Brown Hair

She has soft brown highlights in the front, it adds up some shine and looks healthy. Her Burnette shade is rich and gives a glow to her complexion too.

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25 Best 2019 Neck Tattoos For Men & Women

The neck is the most prominent part of your body no matter whatever you are wearing 99% chances are that your neck is naked. The neck is also the most beautiful part of your body to wear tattoos to look sexy. You can get a sleek and simple tattoo on your neck.

neck tattoos for men & women

Men and women both like to get tattoos on their necks to look beautiful and attractive at the same time. Women love to have sleek and light designs on their necks while men like to have strong tattoos like tribal shape designs etc. Sleeve Tattoos is also popular, they are quite popular due to many reasons such as due to the awesome and cool designs.

Tattoos For Women

Here are some tattoos for women which they can get on their necks:

1. Geometric tattoo on women’s neck.

neck tattoos

2. Barcode tattoo on woman’s neck.

neck tattoos for women

3. Rose Flower tattoo on women’s neck.


4. Flower tattoo.

neck tattoo for women

5. Chinese tattoo.

Chinese tattoos

6. Another tattoo on women’s neck.

flower tattoo

7. Tattoos for women.

tattoo for women

8. Heart tattoo on women’s neck.

heart tattoo

9. Back neck tattoo for women.

back neck tattoo

10. Signs tattoo.

sign tattoo

11. Tattoo on women’s back.

women tattoo

12. Symbols tattoo on women’s neck.

symbols tattoo

13. Rose Tattoo.

Rose tattoo

14. Clock tattoo.

clock tattoo

15. Alphabet Tattoo.

Alphabet tattoo

16. Tattoo on women’s back.

tattoo for women

17. Digits tattoo.

digits tattoo

18. Love tattoo for women.

love tattoo

19. Infinity Tattoo.


20. Cross tattoo on women’s neck.

cross tattoo

21. Feather tattoo.

feather tattoo

22. Arrow tattoo.

arrow tattoos

23. Cross Fight tattoo.

cross faight tattoos

24. Anchor tattoo.

anchor tattoos

25. Cat tattoo for women.


Neck Tattoos For Men

Here are some tattoos for men which they can get on their necks:

1. Barcode for men’s neck.

barcode for men's neck

2. Star Tattoo for men’s neck.

star tattoos

3. Best neck tattoo for men.

best tattoo

4. Anchor tattoo.

anchor tattoo

5. Holy neck tattoo.

holy neck tattoo

6. Hand tattoos on neck.

hand tattoos

7. Tribal neck tattoo for men.


8. LA neck tattoo.

LA neck tattoo

9. Neck tribal tattoo.

neck tribal tattoo

10. Dope tattoos.

dope tattoos

11. Stars tattoos on men’s neck.

star tattoos

12. Keep calm tattoo.

keep calm tattoo

13. Diamond Tattoo.

diamond tattoo

14. Feather Tattoo.

feather tattoos

15. Cross Tattoo.

cross tattoo

16. Neck spider tattoo.


17. Lucky Tattoos.

lucky tattoos

18. Best tattoos.

best tattoos

19. Small neck tattoos.


20. Crown Tattoos.

crown tattoo

21. A Tattoo.

A Tattoos

22. Dog Paws tattoos.

Dog paw

23. Rose Flower tattoos on men’s neck.


24. Crown tattoos.

crown tattoo

25. Tiny anchor tattoo on men’s neck.


You can visit one of the best US Tattoo parlors for best designs and Black Heart Tattoo is among them. If you like my article about ‘Neck Tattoos’. You can also visit:

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15 Most Popular & Trending Hairstyles with Bangs in 2019

Long Hair With Bangs – Long hair is back in fashion, Everyone wants a flattering hairstyle, which is trendy and convenient. So if you are looking to freshen up your lengthy hair, why not to add bangs? There are many styles if fringes, some of them are mentioned below.

In this article, you will find different styles of bangs for lengthy locks and How To Pick The Best Bangs For Your Long Hair? Eyebrows also have a great impact for a stunning look, so read Simple & Easy Steps To Get Your Best Eyebrows for a perfect look.

long hair

Long Layered hairstyles with bangs are in demand these days. Everyone is looking for cool and gorgeous hairstyles for long hair. If you wish to show off your charming long hairs then try a layered haircut. Layers make long hairs more manageable and remove the annoying factor of lengthy hair falling into your face again and again.

Most Popular & Trending Hairstyles with Bangs

All layered hairstyles are not similar, there are various styles. You should try different textures and types of bangs for various and also in order to find which flattering option will suits you more.

hairstyles with bangs

Following are some of the most trending and beautiful ideas for wavy, straight shaggy and ombre long hairstyles with layered and bangs.

Long layers are the best way to frame your face, The shortest pieces must end past your jaw, which is best for adding length to short or round faces. If Chewing gum stick with your hair then do not cut your hair as there are many methods to remove the bubble gum.

long hair with bangs

Put a sleek blow-dry for the ultimate stylish finish which crisp and structured. Straight brows and lot of black eyeliner and mascara will look more perfect with a blunt fringe because of this combination will draw attention to your eyes.

2- Long Hair with Side Bangs

Long hair with side bangs is classic and girl next door style, which is a low maintenance style for long hair. Such style suits on especially round and square faces.

curtain bangs

Side Bangs is also the best option if you have thin hair but love the look of a fringe, as it gives the illusion of more volume.

3- Long Hair with Parted Bangs

Long hair with parted bangs are low maintenance hairstyle with a chilled out and festival feel. Blow-dry is not necessary, just splash through some sea salt spray and go.

long hairstyles with bangs

Parted bangs suit great on a rounder face, as they don’t visually shorten it as blunt fringes do. Longer, chin-length pieces will frame your face and add length, while choppy layers draw the eye down and keep this cut fresh.

4- Short Bangs Long Hair

Short Bangs long hair is a bold hairstyle which commands attention. Ending bangs in the center of your forehead draw attention to your eyes and eyebrows, SO if eyes and brows are your best features, then this the best look to try out.

hair bangs

This style was popular in the 20s and late 50s, but you can make it more stylish by putting a modern spin on it and combine it with long, fringe hairs and unusual colors such as blue and gray.

5- Long Choppy Bangs for Long Hair

Just leave your’s choppy bangs longer and recede them at the sides, this will help to add them in with your hair if it is lengthy. This style suits well on the rectangle face shapes as it balances out the length and also it covers a more forehead.

short bangs

Long choppy bangs are the best hairstyle if you want to get attention to the center of your face, especially to your nose and lips. As choppy cuts are meant to look a little bit messy and undone so keep some texture throughout your style.

6- Short Choppy Bangs for Long Hair

Choppy bangs are all about attitude, cutting the hair to various lengths gives it lots of styles. The edgy and shaggy look will add beauty to your fringe and make it more focus, particularly if you choose the short or baby bangs.

long black hair

Make sure that you keep the messy, rock and roll vibe going when you style it, use a sea salt spray and a work it through with fingers for a grunge finish. You can also increase your beauty by adopting different hairstyles according to your hair cut.

7- Thick Choppy Bangs for Long Hair

You will need to have medium to thick hair so that the fringe does not look stringy. These fringes are a fresher take on the full fringe, but it is not as like as ultra-short choppy fringes.

types of bangs

By cutting a rough edge on your bangs draws attention to forehead, so keep your eyebrows looking clean and groomed. This type of fringe also easy to maintain as you don’t need to keep it all one length with regular trims. Keep the rest of your hair long for a feminine finish.

8- Long Curly Hair with Bangs

The natural bounce in curly hair makes it more perfect for the fringes. For curly hair, you will need an expert stylist to get the length and shape perfectly. If you cut them shorter, then you could risk them growing straight instead of down.

Long Curly Hair with Bangs

Long curly hair with bangs is a tricky haircut but worth it if you get it right. This look has a cute and playful finish with an 80s vibes.

9- Long Curly Hair with Side Bangs

The other way to style long curly hair is to go with the side bangs. Before going with this hairstyle make sure that you work with your face shape and side part your hair as naturally as possible.

It is recommended to cut the dry curly hair as the length can seem a lot longer while hairs are wet and especially when getting bangs. After ending with the perfect length, ask your stylist to cut your bangs longer than your desired length, then refine them down to the final length.

10- Long Red Hair with Bangs

Red hair makes a bold statement especially when you have long hair. Add bangs for a cool and sexy look. A centered-parted fringe that ends just below the cheekbone make a rectangle face shape.

Check your skin’s undertone to match with the best shade of red,  golden undertones look perfect with a true red while cherry hair flatters the green undertone in olive skin.

11- Long Blonde Hair with Bangs

If you are blonde, try Long blonde hair with bangs, it will make your normal look more attractive.  This will create the illusion of thicker hair. This multi-tonal look will give you a natural effect and make growing your color easier.

Long bleached hair needs more care to keep them healthy, which is a post-color treatment like Olaplex comes in handy. Regular trims are advised to eliminate dry ends, so get an extra snip when you go to the salon to have your layered hair maintained.

12- Long Black Hair with Bangs

The hair color we frequently see on longer hair with bangs is black. Adopting to the intense color and bohemian hairstyle, it will result in a romantic and mysterious look. Don’t be afraid if you are a natural brunette while having this haircut.

Go for a smooth finish and have a full fringe cut to just below your eyebrows because it will draw attention to your cheekbones.

13- Long Brown Hair 

Long brown hair with bangs will help you to look younger, as long hair softens out an angular face, while fringe keep forehead wrinkles out of sight. French models and street-style stars love this look for its natural elegance.

The Best thing is that brown hair has the broadest, most flattering shade range for every skin tone and complexion, whether you’re fair, deep, cool, warm, or neutral.

14- Long Fine Hair 

Maybe it is challenging to cut fringe into fine hair as there is not enough to create a full thick fringe. Choose a subtle and temple-length fringe instead, also make sure there is no harsh line where your bangs end.

 As a bonus, add to the illusion of a fuller head of hair by styling your hairs with the waves. This will also soften out a strong jawline and looks gorgeous with subtle highlights.

15- Long Thick Hair 

Get some of the weight out of thick hair by cutting them in layers which will give your hairs a lighter and less dense finish. While adopting this styling, add movement and volume with bouncy waves which will ensure your hair doesn’t look like one big mass.

Long Thick Hair with Bangs

Long Thick Hair with fringe is a gorgeous, feminine style with plenty of lift, without looking messy. For a modern style, curl your long lightly, center-parted fringe outwards so that they blend in with the rest of your hair.

If you are unable to decide which look will suit you? visit a salon for perfect and cool hairstyle, Great Clips salon is among one of the top and best salon in the USA. If you are trying to make the hairstyles with bangs at home, then definitely you will need hair styler, get the best hair styler from here.

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