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A Complete Step By Step Guide For Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey Eye is daring, bold and dramatic and they are awesome for everything from a date night to a specific event. Just with a little bit of practice, you can get this amazing look even better than ever before.

How to do smokey eyes

You can any color of choice to get the smokey eye look, but you will be needing three different shades of the same color. Apart from the commonly used black and gray, you can also use brown shades, purple, blue, green or any other color of your choice. If you have hooded eyes then you must know the specific method to do the eye makeup.

Creating A Classic Smokey Eye

1. Apply Eyelid Primer. It will create a smooth base for the eyeshadow. You will then dab a quite thin layer of primer on your eyelids with the help of your fingers. Do it right before starting your eye makeup.

how to smokey eye

Applying the primer before doing the makeup will not only give color easily to your eyes but the makeup will also last longer and the colors will be vibrant than before.

  • Eyelid primer can be found in the beauty products store.
  • If you do not get the eyelid primer, you can use the normal face primer instead.

2. Blend the medium tone of your eyeshadow all over your eyelid. Then select the middle shade eyeshadow and apply it over the whole eyelid. But, stop when you get the natural crease on your lid, rather than brushing it all over the eyelids including the brows.

smokey eye look

  • To apply color over your eyelids, a dome-shaped brush specially made for eyeshadow is the best.
  • Stop when the color reaches the inner corners of your eyes as that is the place where your highlighter will be applied.
  • For example, if you are having a brown palette which consists of warm honey, shimmery gold shade, and dark espresso then you must use the honey shade on your eyelids.

Stylish and groomed eyebrows will make your eyes more attractive so you can also focus on making your eyebrows more stylish.

3. Apply the lighter shade to the inside corner of your eyes and right beneath your brow. The lightest color in your palette is used as the highlighter. Using your eyeshadow brush, apply the highlighter on the inner corners of both the upper and lower eyelids.

how to do smokey eye

Blend it right under your eyeshadows as well, from the beginning to the end of your brows. Then, take a fluffy eyeshadow brush to sweep the highlighter into your middle shade.

  • A small, flat brush is best for getting eyeshadow into the inside corners of your eyes, but you can also use the same brush which you used for medium shade if you want.
  • Just be careful and wipe off any previous colors from the brush before you switch to a new shade.
  • Figuring out where to put your eyeshadow is the most tricky part of a smokey eye. Just practice and have fun.

4. Begin layering the darkest color on the outward corner of the eyes. Start at the outside of your eyes, blend the brightest color in the C shape. The dark color should go around halfway down your lash line out to the corner.

smokey eye tutorial

Whenever you want to apply a darker shadow, starting at the outward corner of the eye and blend it upwards or inwards. For the best results, work in thin layers, rather than applying a lot of product all at once.

  • A flat, small brush is good for applying color to the crease, although you might prefer a fluffier brush that is tapered at the ends.
  • Do not apply the shadow to the too far in. Depending on the shape of the eyes, the inner third or half of your eyelid shouldn’t have any dark shadow at all. This will help your eyes look open and bright.
  • In the brown palette, this would be the dark espresso color.

5. Absorb your eyeshades together so that they merge in each other perfectly. Swirl a fluffy eyeshades brush from the outside corner of your eye along the crease, then at the bottom of your eyelid and all the way up to your brow bone.

smokey eye

Blend properly until the eyeshades are faded slowly from the brightest color to the skin tone without giving any harsh line or anything obvious. It can take quite a while to get a fully blended eyeshade to look for your eyes so calm down and relax.

  • Blend the eye shadow starting from your brow bone to the outer corner and then the inner corner of your eyelid.
  • If you feel the need you can apply more color during blending your eyeshadow.
  • If you are not having different eyeshades brush then you may use a piece of cloth to wipe off all the previous colors from the eyeshadow brush.

6. Apply dark shade eyeliner with your lash line if you want to. Apply pencil or liquid eyeliner from the inside corner of the lash line to the outside corner of the eye, to give a more dashing smokey eye look.

smokey eye tutorial

Add a small upward flick of eyeliner at the outer corner of the eyes pointing towards the outer edge of the eyebrow to create a cat eye look. It also gives a dramatic look for the night event.

  • For a blurred look, draw a thick line along the top of your lash line, then blur the line with the help of your fingertip or a small eyeshadow brush.

7. To define your lashes add mascara. Apply mascara very carefully, wiggling your brush between your lashes to help define them. Add only two coats to avoid an unnatural appearance and clumps. Apply a single coat to the bottom lashes.

8. Clean all the surrounded area if there is any eyeshade or mascara. Use a large, fluffy makeup brush to wipe off all the dirt. If there is any extra mascara along your cheeks or eyelid use a q-tip brush dipped in makeup remover to blow it off. Once you are done, you are ready with your smokey eye. You can also hide under eye bags through makeup.

Prepare your smokey eye with the help of long wear eye base or light shadow. Also, you can neutralize any redness or discoloration from your eyelids. This step will let you last your eye makeup longer than ever before.

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How To Apply Highlighter & Where To Apply Highlighter | Some Mistakes To Avoid

How To Apply Highlighter: Same as choosing your outfit, before you start your makeup you have to ask yourself, “What type of look I want?” or “What type of look I am in the mood for?” Some days you don’t want to put so heavy makeup layers but only glowy skin, and other days you may be thinking to Roll me around on a makeup palette and highlighter kit.

Regardless of the glow, you want for your skin, you must know there is a method to achieve it.

How To Apply Highlighter

If you are looking forward to getting your own glow, then you have come to the perfect place. Everyone, who loves makeup should learn “How to apply Highlighter” makeup on because it is very important to achieve a radiant makeup look.

In actuality, a touch of correctly placed highlighter can instantly help you to open up the look of your face, eyes, and to create symmetry. Womens having hooded eyes should follow complete makeup tutorial for Hooded Eyes.

How To Apply Highlighter

Some important and useful steps for applying highlighter are given below:

1st Step: Select right Shade of Highlighter

Same like the character of Thandie Newton’s on West-world, a majority of highlighters have at least gold undertones or a heart of gold. That’s is because warm shades of highlighters normally look glowy on many skin tones.

Shades of Highlighters

So, if you have a darker skin tone, then a highlighter with more red in it will pop on your skin. Similarly, if you have a medium to medium-dark skin tone, then corals, tangerines and peaches will look best on your skin.

Some girls want their highlighter to be seen from Google satellite maps then you must try a shade of violet, icy purple or white.

2nd Step: Apply Highlighter in C Shape

The highlighter doesn’t go in the same area as a blush on, it should sit little up. Martin is an ambassador for Honest and Dior beauty, she says “You want to do it above the apple of your cheek“.

Apply highlighter in C shape

Smile and then put your finger right on your cheekbone, that’s an apple of your cheek. Now, place your finger about 2mm above that – that is where you have to start your highlighter.

Apply, pat and then blend highlighter starting from there and moving outwards in the shape of alphabet “C”, following a path that goes from the high point of your cheekbone to your orbital bone and the side of your eye.

Applying Highlighter

Where to stop? Martin Advises “When you get the bottom of your brow“. The main goal is to draw light to those features of your face, and direct attention from the parts that tend to be more shadowy such as dark eye circles.

3rd Step: Highlight Cupid Bow of your Lip

Most highlighter goes on cheeks, but there are other parts also which you have to highlight.

Highlight Cupid Bow of your Lip

Apply and tap the little amount of highlighter on your upper lip known as cupid bow, to make it look more full.

4th Step: Apply highlighter on your Nose

You need to calm down when it comes to highlighting your nose, no one ever says that “I need a shinier nose”, but a little bit of highlighter can enhance the bones of your nose, and make it look slightly more angular. Remember do not dip your brush back into the highlighter for this step.

Apply highlighter on your Nose

You can use any color of highlighter you have left, just slightly drag it down the bridge of your nose and then tap a little bit at the tip for the perfect look.

5th Step: Using Lip Balm to Juice it up

So, if you are using stick or powder highlighter, then you can make it look creamy by using lip balm. For this, you just have to dab your fingers into the lip balm of any type but not liquid, and repeat step one to three.

Juice it up using Lip Balm

You can also skip this step if you are already using liquid or cream highlighter.

How to Apply Powder Highlighter

For applying powder highlighter makeup, you need to follow some simple steps given below:

1st Step: Face Primer

Before applying a highlighter or anything on your face, you need to prep and prime your skin. So, start with a good primer which you normally use. Using a makeup primer before starting your makeup can play a vital part to enhance your luminous look.

How to Apply Powder Highlighter

Before picking any other product, apply primer smoothly over your full face and neck. Makeup primer helps to give a subtle radiant glow to your skin and it also allows your makeup to last until the end of your day.

2nd Step: Applying Foundation

You must select a foundation with a luminous finish, to create an amazing luminous makeup look.

Apply Powder Highlighter

Use a suitable brush or beauty blender for blending your foundation to create a professional look.

3rd Step: Set Foundation with Powder

While doing makeup, it is best to remember a simple science rule, “Like Pole Attracts”. Now, what does this mean regarding makeup? Put powders together with other powders for best results.

Set Foundation with Powder

After applying foundation, you need to prepare for your powder highlighter by dusting your skin with a radiant finish, long-wear face powder

4th Step: Apply Blush-On & Bronzer

Your skin complexion needs some color, too! So, apply bronzer in a shape of “3” around the edges of your face.

Apply Blush-On & Bronzer

Then use peach or pink blush on the apples of your cheeks for a natural-looking rosy finish. No Flat Faces here.

5th Step: Applying Powder Highlighter

Now its the time for the sparkling star of the show. Select your powder highlighter of your own choice.

Applying Powder Highlighter

Then pick out a suitable fan brush for applying highlighter. You can also use that brush to dust the high areas of your face.

How to Apply Liquid Highlighter

Do not forget that radiating liquids are also an option while using highlighter makeup. You can follow these steps while applying liquid highlighter.

1st Step:  Applying Foundation

To even out your skin tone and to hide any imperfections such as marks, blemishes you need to use a good foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone.

After selecting a suitable foundation, dot that foundation on your forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks.

How to Apply Liquid Highlighter

Then, its time to blend. Blend out towards hairline and then down using a perfect blending brush or you can also use makeup blender. Remember, we don’t apply foundation to become fair or anything, we just apply it to hide any imperfections and to even your skin tone.

2nd Step: Contouring your Face & Applying Blush-On

Preferably than skipping to set with a powder, you need to work on defining and sculpting your face with concealer and a contour Kit.

Firstly, take a beauty blender then buff contour color on your temples, down the sides of your nose and most importantly below your cheekbones. Then blend it properly to make your face looks slim.

Apply Liquid Highlighter

Now take cream blush, apply on the apples of your cheeks and starts blending the blush starting at the mid of your cheeks and back toward your ears.

3rd Step: Applying Liquid Highlighter

Now its everyone’s favorite part of makeup, it is the Glow Time! Choose any liquid or cream highlighter makeup.

Applying liquid highlighter

Then dot the shiny product above the apples of your cheeks, on the inner corners of your eyes, down the bridge of your nose, and on your upper lips, exactly on your cupid’s bow. Now blend it out by simply dabbing your fingertips for a seamless glow on your face.

4th Step: Makeup Setting Spray

To keep your makeup consistent and long-lasting, set your makeup with a makeup setting spray instead of using face powder. Always spray the makeup setting spray in “X” and “T” motions for about 4-6 times to extend the duration of your look.

Applying Makeup setting spray

Bonus Tip: If you don’t think that your look is pretty much illumination enough? Then no need to worry! Next time, try to mix a few drops of the liquid illuminator in your foundation or base for all-over radiance.

Then apply extra highlighter on your cheekbones for the most glowing look.

7 Places on your Face to Apply Highlighter

Now that you know how to apply liquid and powder highlighter on your face, let’s move to the seven main areas to highlight on your face.

Where to apply highlighter

  • Highlight your nose bridge or tip of your nose.
  • Highlight under the arch of your brows.
  • You must highlight your upper lip, your cupid’s bow
  • Highlight mid of your chin
  • Apply highlighter above the arch of your brows
  • Highlight your cheekbones
  • Highlight your forehead from the center.

Different Styles of Highlighter

Different styles of highlighters are mentioned below which you can easily follow to achieve one look:

A Dewy Finish

A famous makeup artist Wendy Rowe says, for a healthy-looking and fresh complexion moisturized and well-hydrated skin is very important. To get a dewy finish, just mix one drop of a liquid illuminator with your moisturizer before applying it.

Different Styles of Highlighter

So, if you prefer some specific parts of your face to be dewy, then you can use your fingers to tap a shimmer-free highlighting product such as a lip balm onto the parts you want to pop, for instance, your brow bones or cheekbones.

A Shimmery Glow

If you have completed your makeup and you want some extra shimmer, then you can lightly dust your face with a cream-to-powder or powder shimmery product.

A Shimmery Glow Highlighter

Dust it under your brow bones and on your cheekbones. Then you can dust matte face powder over the center of your face, meanwhile let the rest of your face to shine where it should.

A Matte Highlight

If you don’t like shine and shimmer, but you still want your feature to standout then try to highlight with concealer instead. You can either use a matte concealer which should be two shades lighter than your skin tone or a contour palette. Then start applying it on the high points of your face with a stippling brush or a beauty blender.

A Matte Highlight

A famous makeup artist Mary Phillip recommends that, placing the concealer at the right place where the light would hit, for instance, a high-point of your cheeks, a center of your forehead and under your eyes.

This type of highlighting matches nicely with little contouring to bring the light towards the mid of your face.

Pro Tip: Must Avoid Highlighting these parts of Face

Moreover, Martin also has some words of cautions about which areas of your face don’t need a highlighter.

  • Martin Says “Do not highlight under your eyes, applying highlighter on your under the eye can actually highlight your dark circles“. This sounds like a living nightmare. if you will apply highlighter under your eye, where everyone normally applies concealer, you have gone too far.
  • Your temples also don’t need to be highlighted, skip them. Applying highlighter there can fortuitously make your face looks wider.
  • Don’t Highlight your chin also. “It is just weird,” Martin Says.

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15 Tricks You Can Do To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup & Without Makeup

Not everyone is born with bright and big eyes. But girls can look more canny and friendly with bigger eyes and prominent looks. You can easily make your eyes look bigger with and without makeup.

Bigger eyes are a symbol of youth, health and wide awake. Surely, everyone is not born with bigger eyes and that is where they play makeup tricks to look good. Here are 15 steps that you can take to makes your eye look prettier as possible.

How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger?

Following are the few simple and easy tricks to make your eyes look bigger. Follow this guide to get good results:

How to make your eyes look bigger

Get A Smooth Start With Eye Pads

Puffy and wrinkled eyes do not look attractive. Adhesive eye pads are used to calm the swelling and inflammation in about ten to fifteen minutes. “What also works wonders is anything cold,” said Susie Sobel, the makeup artist.


You can try a bag of ice to cool down your eyes. You can also dab a primer that is silicone-based on crow’s feet to fill the wrinkles and soften that area of your eyes. This is a very useful trick and it shows good results.

Get Your Brows In Shape

Brushed, curved and properly made eyebrows create a favorable frame for your eyes. Anything that emphasizes your eyes will make them look bigger than ever before. People really use micro-blading these days, but using tweezer is also an easier alternative way.

Get Your Brows In Shape

Grab your extra hairs from the brows, clean the areas that are up and down of your eyebrows. Then fill in these gaps with a pencil especially used for eyebrows. Then take a spooley brush and comb them in a perfect curve or any shape that you desire. Styling and grooming your eyebrows do not need to be so much complicated. Once you know how to correctly shape and fill your eyebrows you can easily keep them looking stylish.

Even Out To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

If you have got dark circles then your eyes may look even smaller. The perfect shade of the concealer can work on the discoloration and darkness around the eyes. It can also glow the entire area around the eye and draw attraction to the darker eyelashes.

Even Out To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Select a shade that is a bit warmer and lighter than your skin tone. It will help you to brighten and give a perfect blend to any purple or blue undertones. Blend with your finger and a sponge, around the eyes as well as eyelids to get a perfect base.

Draw A Tight Line Around The Eyelashes

To increase your eyelashes and frame your eyes. Apply a finely thin layer of black liquid liner along with the base of your upper lashes. Felt-tipped choices like Intensity Me or CoverGirl Liquid Liner gives rich and inky color and also gives precision and control.

Draw A Tight Line Around The Eyebrows

Bottom Out The Eyebrows

Drawing perfect seductive almond-shaped eyes is basically a breeze with the perfect technique. Take the eyeliner pencil to apply from the center of the lash line out, make it a bit thicker than the outer corners.

Bottom Out The Eyebrows

If it is too thick from the mid, you can get the panda eyes, which are not good looking. It does not always look nice and never give wide shaped lifted eyes from the edges. After that, you will smudge away the bad lines from the lashes with a cotton swab or use the makeup wipes.

Curl Up Your Eyelashes

Although every beauty junkie has at least one lash must in her makeup bag. But no doubt it is the step that people often forget about most probably during the night rush. It only takes an extra 20 seconds to curl up your lashes very easily with the curler.

Curl Up Your Eyelashes

To curl the lashes it can quickly enhance the area around the eyes. Yes, it will let your eye surroundings look bigger and more open. “If someone’s lashes are straight, it can cast a shadow on the eye area,” Sobel told.

Define Your Crease Of The Eyebrows

“I know it has been this way forever, but if you put medium brown eye shadow in the crease it is always good,” Sobel told. To stop looking like an old age star, you must use a fluffy brush to brush the matte formula in the desired shape from all the corners to the center of the eyes.

Define Your Crease Of The Eyebrows

Consider Color Around Your Eyes

Pencil eyeliners are very effective. But if you have already worn your brown or black eye pencils to nubs then you may be in a makeup color rut. Try to ease your way out with a navy liner like for shadows, shades such as aqua, pink or silver. You can also try Castor Oil as a natural remedy for the growth of your Eyebrows.

Consider Color Around Your Eyes

These colors look best on bare lids “with a lot of mascara and a groomed brow,” Sobel said. Lavender eyeshades are all-time brightening and flattering. Blend dark colors into the outward corners for an evening look. Avoid using matte formulas.

Apply Mascara Along Your Eyelashes

Apply the lengthening formula, along with the lower and upper eyelashes to create wide eyes. Now you will brush the thickening coat on the top for a more flirty look and battable lashes. Sobel said that she likes wands fixed with rubber bristle.

Apply Mascara Along Your Eyelashes

Just like L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Feline Mascara, grab it and use it for your lashes without clumping. For extra looks focus on an additional swipe near the mid of the upper lashline to draw the eyes upward.

Lighten The Waterline To Make The Eyes Look Bigger

Fill in your waterline with dark black liner to give a more sultry look paired with diffused and smoky eye shadow. It can also result in a smaller size around half of their actual size. If you want a bigger effect, then fill the waterline with flat colors.

Lighten The Waterline To Make The Eyes Look Bigger

Bigger-is-better, which you already know is, then you must color your waterline with a white eyeshade or pencil instead of using black or any dark color to make them look smaller or brightening.

Highlight Your Eyes To Look Bigger

A pearl highlighter or eye shadow applied on the center of both eyelids, inner corners and under the brow bones to make your eyes look awake and lifted. You can also check the rosy cream warm colors if your skin has pink undertones.

Highlight Your Eyes To Look Bigger

Golden shades also give a finishing touch to your olive and yellow skin. After that blend, an extra dot of concealer on the inside corners of the eyes. Also, apply a thick layer of some cream above the arches of the brows this can make a huge difference.

Lift The Brow To Frame Your Face

A well-managed pair of brows is so important for creating balance and peace of the face but also for highlighting your eyes. Check out the guide to find the right brow shape that will suit your face shape.

Lift The Brow To Frame Your Face

Important Tip: Instead of lowering the tale of your brow from the end, you can elongate it in a way that its tip flares out towards your ears. This can help to lift the brow to get a more young look on your face.

Conceal Dark Circles Around Eyes To Make Them Look Bigger

Bright eyes not just make your eyes look bigger but also open up your eyes to look more awake. Choose the shade of concealer one shade or two lighter. If there are dark circles around your eyes then you can use a peach-toned concealer which can easily blend the purple undertones.

Conceal Dark Circles Around Eyes

Baking your dark circles can also brighten up and help to prevent your eyeliner from smudging for the whole day. You just need to apply a thick coat of translucent powder under your eyes after concealer. Let it sit for 3 minutes then dust it off using a clean brush.

Wing Your Eyeliner To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Winged eyeliner will help in creating the mirage of bigger eyes. If your eyes are smaller then its better to avoid the heavy eyeliner on the upper lid of the eye as this will make them look smaller.

Wing Your Eyeliner

You can also draw a very thin layer above your lashes, tapping the eyeliner outwards of your lashes to create a flick. Check out the guide to know how to draw the sexiest wing to suit your eye shape.

Lift The Eyelashes To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Everyone knows that mascara makes a huge difference to your eyes, so just think how to bomb the right pair of false lashes can look. With false lashes, it is very critical to find the right style to complement the shape of the eye.

Lift The Eyelashes

Depending on the choices whether you have almond, deep-set, hooded or round eyes, you need a different lash. Otherwise, you can risk making your eyes look smaller. You may check the guide to choose the right lashes for your eye.

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How To Stop Shoes From Rubbing?

The horrible feeling you get when your favorite shoe gives you bruises on your Achilles Tendon! Ouch!

But, what if we tell you that there is still a way that you can wear your beloved shoes? This is exactly what this Try Articles article is about! We’re discussing some tried and tested ways to prevent shoes from rubbing and hurting your feet.

How To Stop Shoes From Rubbing

A few checks to make before buying your shoes need to be made, let’s explore those and then hop on to prevention of shoe rubbing.

The Right Size

Right Size Of Shoes

This is a very critical point to note. A size slightly bigger shoe size will cause friction at the Achilles Tendon and that will cause a painful bruise to form. We need to make sure the shoe size is a perfect fit. Even a smaller shoe size can cause trouble to the feet. There should be enough breathable space and comfort in the shoe size you pick.

Walk In Them

Walking In Shoes

The best way to be assured about your shoe size is to wear them on both the feet and walk in them. Take a brief walk in the store. Some fast steps, some slow. This will give you an idea of how comfortable they are to wear and if they’re rubbing against any certain points of your feet. If you feel at ease, then know that you have found the correct shoe size for yourself.

If you already own a shoe and know it causes rubbing, there are still a few ways to work around it. Let’s explore, shall we?

Rub A Little Moisturizer

Rubbing Vaseline Behind Heels

Take a tiny amount of your favorite moisturizer or even vaseline works great. Rub it over the point that rubs against your shoe. This will help the area get a slip and decrease the friction. Once the friction decreases, the bruise will have a lesser chance to form and once again it’ll be fun wearing your favorite shoes.

Shoe Guards

Shoe Protector

These are usually available to the owner of the shoe store. You can always request for one. The function of the safeguard is to protect the feet from rubbing against the fabric of the shoe. It comes with one side as a stick-on and the other as a comfortable foamy fabric. The thickness of the shoe guard will not hinder your shoe size at all. Just stick the shoe guard in place and walk around in your favorites!

Freezer Tip

Shoes In The Freezer

We’re sure you haven’t heard of this one before. Let us introduce you to this bizarre tip for preventing your shoes from rubbing. What you need to do is, place your shoes in a plastic bag to prevent any damage from the ice or water. Keep them in the freezer for about two to three hours.

The shoes will be super cold, so pop some socks on and take the shoes out of the freezer. Wear them immediately. They will gradually come down to room temperature and during that entire time, they will take the most accurate shape of your feet. Walk around in them and see how much of a difference it has made to the rubbing problem.

Hair Dryer Tip

Expanding Shoes With Hair Dryer

The freezer tip was not the only bizarre tip we wanted to share! Here’s another one. Kind of a reverse of the prior mention freezer tip but holds the same concept. Wear a pair of socks, put the shoes on. Now turn on your hairdryer on a medium speed and medium heat setting.

Warm up the shoe until it can be easily deformed. The point is to help the shoe take the shape of our feet while we flex our feet in various directions to make sure all points fit well. The heat has made the shoe material soft and it’s easier for us to mold it in the shape of our feet. This should help stop hurting.


Band-Aids To Reduce Shoe Friction

You probably have heard of this one, but people use it after they’ve been bruised by shoe rubbing. We recommend you wear it beforehand. Any rubbing that happens would be against the band-aid and not your skin. You can always take the band-aid off once your feet are out of those shoes.

Duct-Tape Does It All

We all know how people use duct-tape for everything! Well, we’re here to give you one more reason! All you have to do is use the duct-tape as a shield between the shoe and your skin. Grab a piece of duct-tape and place it on the inside of your shoe. This way the duct-tape doesn’t show and the appearance of your shoe and the health of your skin stays safe.

Duct Tape On Feet

The other way could be that you stick the duct-tape on your skin that rubs against the shoes. Whichever floats your boat, go with that.

We hope this read proved beneficial to our readers. Do try out the two bizarre tips we mentioned. They work best with most people. Let us know in the comments below. As usual, your feedback at Try Articles is highly valued.

If you enjoyed my article, “How To Stop Shoes From Rubbing?” and are interested to read more related articles, browse through our Beauty Tab on our Try Articles web page to find more magic!

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What To Wear With Stripes?

Did you know that if you wear stripes lengthwise, it makes you look taller? Yes! It’s true! But, how you ask? Well, It simply creates an illusion of an elongated length and tricks it into the person being tall.

There are countless ways to style up style down stripes. Your stripes outfit can go from 0 to 100 if you style it right! This Try Articles article guides you with some lovely pairings and combinations and how you can play around with this classic print!

What Should One Wear With Stripes

Wearing Stripes Horizontally

If you are a really tall person, this style of stripes is for you. Mostly this trick works for prints you wear covering your legs, like skirts, pants, and trousers etc.

Stripes In Horizontal

Point to note is that horizontal lines tend to broaden the shoulders as well. So, if you are one with a hefty physique, it’s best to avoid stripes all in all. Or another way is to get a stripe print that starts from below the shoulders.

Wearing Stripes Vertically

Stripes In Vertical

If you are a short person and want to create an illusion of appearing tall then adorn stripes that run vertically on the fabric. Models slightly lower in height make use of these tricks to make them appear taller.

Stripes With Denim

Stripes And Denim

It’s a classic pairing from the 90’s! You can never go wrong when you marry stripes with denim! Though, your best bet is sky blue or faded shades. The other darker denim looks pretty good as well. Go with your mood.

Black And White Stripes

Black And White Stripes

The most common and admired combination in stripes is black and white, hands down!

This makes it pairing them with any other color very easy. You could pair them in contrast, according to season or even occasion. There’s practically no limit or no hard and fast rule for this heavenly print!

Any Other Color With White Stripes

Different Coloured Stripes

Apart from being just black and white, stripes come in colors of yellow and white, red and white, blue and white. These were some of the commonly striped prints and there are plenty more combinations available.

Stripes In Shirts

Stripes In Shirt Style

Striped shirts are always in fashion, and let us repeat them every time. They pair well with boyfriend jeans or plain mono-colored skirts or wide legged trousers.

Stripes In Pants

Stripes In Pants Style

These are currently on trend and look fantastic when you wear them on your escape for holidays. These pants come in different styles, fitted trousers, wide legged trousers, palazzo’s. You name it! They come in different styles catering different body types and look well at almost every age.

Stripes In Skirts

Stripes In Skirt Style

If you’ve donned a mono-colored blouse or any other style of top, pairing it with a stripe print skirt enhances the entire outfit! It brings this nice polished vibe to it.

If you’re aiming to look professional, then stick to the classic black and white stripes with a white or a black top. This couple never fails to make an impression at work!

Stripes As A Dress

This can be categorized into two famous different styles: fitted and flared.

Fitted Striped Dress

Fitted Stripes Dress

If you are willing to show off those curves, then this one is for you! Mostly, you’ll see the striped print in these dresses to be horizontal and that’s how they look best when stitched for a dress.

Flared Striped Dress

Flared Style Stripes Dress

If you are aiming for a flowy and a more casual look, then go for the flared striped dress. You can pair it up with any contrasting blazer or a cardigan to give it a bit of pop of color. Adding accessories to the dress will create some lovely vertical detail.

How To Not Look Like A Referee In Stripes!

Not you’re not in the boxing ring with a whistle in your mouth when you wear the thick black and white stripe printed shirt. That’s just in your head, but there is a way to eliminate all traces of such silly doubts. You can pair the stripes with some nice neon color.

For example, if your top is a silk shirt with a print of black and white stripes, you can totally marry nice neon blue bottoms with it. They could be trousers, pants, a skirt or palazzos. Whichever style you like. But make sure you don’t make a repetition of the print and the materials of the top and bottom match.

Referee Style Stripes

Add on some nice accessories, maybe a nice thin necklace or a long pendant. Even a chunky statement necklace would do. This helps in taking the attention away from just the stripe print. Put on some dangly earrings if you are wearing a thin necklace. Wear studs in your ears if what you wear on your neck is heavier. The basic idea is to balance out the accessories and bring a mild focus to them from the entire outfit.

This classic print is a trendsetter no matter how it’s worn, you just always win with stripes. We are hoping this article helped you pair up your striped prints and you are willing to make more fashion statements wearing this timeless print. Let us know in the comments below, which one of the pairings appealed you the most.

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What To Wear With A Grey Blazer? – Female

A grey blazer reminds us of a student’s uniform in England! But, why limit our fashion creativity? A grey blazer can look as amazing as a black, white or a nude one!

This Try Articles article helps you pair your grey blazer well with different kinds of outfits. All the fashion details without you looking boring in this subtle, dim color. Let’s get on with some out of the box fashion creativity!

What To Wear With A Grey Blazer

Grey With White

White pairs well with any color well but, it totally compliments the grey color spectrum. A white tank top, with ripped denim skinnies paired with a nice grey blazer, will create a look of true harmony. It’s a display of varying hues, dark and light. Adorning white or silver pumps is all that will be needed to give the entire look a vibe of chic yet sophisticated.

Grey Blazer With White

Grey With Tones Of Grey

Another easy way of pairing your grey blazer is with creating a nice grey palette out of your outfit. Go a few tones lighter than your grey blazer for your trousers and your top. It should create a nice blend of darker to lighter. A nice black bag would look like it was born with this outfit. Long boots would bring the perfect vibe to the hues.

Grey Blazer With Tones Of Grey

Grey With Navy Blue

Navy Blue is a nice strong color that looks absolutely great on almost all skin tones. Pairing a nice navy blue top or a dress with a darker colored grey blazer would help you get ready for a nice evening out! Accessorizing the outfit with silver jewelry would totally bring out both the combinations with true essence. Navy blue heels or even black heels would look great with this pairing. You could even opt for navy blue pants. It’s just about adding the right color variation.

Grey Blazer With Navy Blue

Grey With Red

Entering the contrast zone with this pairing now! Red and grey are total opposites and somehow strike the perfect balance between yes and no. You could possibly wear all different kinds of grey and just bring that pop of red with the handbag or clutch that you carry. The same pop of color can be induced with pants as well and pumps could play this role well too. This pairing is very retro and never fails to make an impression. Keep this option saved for your interviews!

Grey Blazer With Red

Grey With Lime Green

For this one, you must make sure you have that correct shade of lime green and grey for this pairing to be a success! The grey needs to be a medium grey, neither too dark that it looks like charcoal and neither too light that it looks like smoke. The lime needs to have a bit of a neon touch to it. A dull lime green color would not do justice to this lovely pairing.

A nice lime green top with grey trousers (or even white would do), topped with your grey blazer, married with some nice lime green pumps and you are ready to hit the show on the road!

Lime Green With Grey Blazer

Grey With Lavender

Have you ever seen a dried lavender flower? Well, that is the inspiration for this pairing. Anything inspired by nature is bound to make you look like you were naturally born with a taste of legendary fashion sense. Pairing your grey blazer with a nice neon lavender top and trousers is a match made in heaven. Be sure to have that tinge of neon in your lavender as it brings a calming and a happy energy to the outfit.

Grey Blazer With Lavender

If your dress is a lavender you could totally throw on your grey blazer and complete the outfit with some nice lavender pumps.

Extra Tip: Wear a nice pink lip color with the undertone of lavender and feel like a goddess walking on a fashion runway!

Grey With Burgundy

A very fall inspired combination. Dressing up according to the color changes in our environment gives one an edge and makes one look effortlessly put together. The sight of rainy grey skies and the color of burgundy sunsets makes on want to dress up just like this beautiful breathtaking view.

Grey Blazer With Burgundy

Grey With Pastel Pink

A very subtle combination, but yet again, we need to ensure we have the right pastel pink and a very nice pewter grey. Both of these when coupled look very stylish and give off a modern vibe.Wear a pastel pink blouse with white pants. Finalize the look with the grey blazer and white pumps.

Grey Blazer With Pastel Pink

You can accessorize with some rose gold pieces. This choice will reflect the pastel pink and grey combination and take the outfit a notch up! Pick this outfit for a memorable day. It’s very feminine and has just about the right energy of subtle sophistication and style.

We’ve gathered all these looks for you inspired by well-known fashion statements and of course natures color palette. Look around! There are so many beautiful creations to take inspiration from! Next time if you ever feel under the mood, look outside your window, to the trees and the flowers. There is sure to be a great combination to spark an idea for your outfit.

Let us know which one is your favorite pick! We love hearing back from our readers and always willing to interact!

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What To Wear With Burgundy Pants?

Burgundy isn’t only a color for your hair. Thankfully, people have been experimenting with colors lately and it’s actually really nice seeing people pair their burgundy pants with some amazing colors.

This Try Articles article is for those, who have yet to experiment with this gorgeous deep color. We discuss some do’s and don’ts when pairing up your outfit with burgundy pants.

What To Wear With Burgundy Pants


We’ll be playing around colors to marry our burgundy pants with different combinations.

You could look effortlessly fashionable with burgundy pants or a total fashion disaster. So, we’ll have to pay close attention to our color pairings with burgundy pants.

Let’s get straight into it!


Mustard With Burgundy

Mustard is a darker tone of yellow and is a great contrast with burgundy pants. You could wear a loose T-shirt or a peplum blouse with your burgundy pants and look chic in minutes. Both the colors look great in the fall season. Mustard and burgundy look like a perfect sunset.


Grey With Burgundy

Grey is not a very appealing color in general. It has a mellow vibe. But, when pairing it with the depth that the burgundy color carries, it creates a great match. Go for granite greys and pewter greys when pairing it with your burgundy pants.


White With Burgundy

Of course, white goes with every color. A nice white chiffon blouse over burgundy pants would look impeccable and bring focus to the pants. It’s a very casual and sassy combination at the same time. Hence, can be easily worn at whatever the occasion calls for.


Cream With Burgundy

A very neutral color that blends well with almost any contrasting color on the color palette. It brings the pants to the limelight and looks even better when paired with cream shoes and a nice cream colored handbag.


Denim With Burgundy

Denim, the color that never goes out of fashion. And surprisingly enough pairs absolutely well with every color that exists. Denim, in fact, compliments the burgundy color. It’s a great street-style option and a perfect fashion statement as well.

Navy Blue

Navy Blue And Burgundy

Navy blue, is a very royal color indeed and brings about that perfect oomph to your outfit. Burgundy pants with the navy blue, make a very fresh contrasting pair.


Black With Burgundy Trousers

Black, another universal color like white that pairs well with all the colors. Black and burgundy are both intense colors and bring about a bold vibe. You could pair the outfit with black heels and wear a nice burgundy lip color. You would totally look badass and that too,  just by pairing the colors right.

Nude Pink

Nude Pink With Burgundy Trousers

Nude pink is a nice pastel color that brings a harmonious vibe to the entire look when paired with burgundy pants. You could totally rock this look by wearing nude heels and a preppy nude clutch.


Brown With Burgundy Pants

Brown is one of the very pleasing earth tones. That suits well with all kinds of skin tones and works well when paired with burgundy. Burgundy pants and a sloppy blouse would look perfect for the fall and winter season. Dark brown suede’s would help rate the look with 5 stars.


Plum With Burgundy Pants

Plum is a slighter darker color than burgundy so, both of them being only a few shades apart make a perfect contrasting outfit. Just make sure the plum you chose has a noticeable shade change. Otherwise, you may end up looking like you are wearing the same top and pants. That slight bit of color variation is what we’re looking for. Accessorises with black or silver jewelry to bring attention to them.

Army Green



One of the colors you can play in hues with like dark greens, medium greens or light greens. Army green is one such example that looks beautiful when paired with burgundy pants. You could also get away with wearing an army jacket over a black top and burgundy pants.

Colors To Avoid

There are still some colors that you will have to avoid in order to not look like a total mess! Let’s list them out!

  • Bright pink.
  • Neon colors.
  • Peach.
  • Coral.
  • Light blue.
  • Red.

We’re hoping if you had hidden your burgundy pants deep in your closet, this article helped you pulled them out of hiding. You’re most definitely ready to take on styling your burgundy pants now!

Let us know in the comments below if you styled your burgundy pants following our pairings. We’re always anticipating your feedback as always.

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What To Wear With White Trousers?

When you’re sick of wearing blue denim jeans, it’s time to pull out those white trousers you have been happily ignoring the entire time. It may not be as easy to pair clothing with a white trouser as it is with denim jeans. But, we can work it out!

This Try Articles article is a quick guide for what you should wear with white trousers to bring some fun to a plain morbid white color.

What To Pair With White Trousers

White may sound like a plain and boring color, but it’s actually a fun color when it comes to pairing it with other colors.

White reflects light in the highest proportion of a color spectrum range. It will be easy to have the pairing compliment the entire outfit while donning white trousers! You possibly cannot go wrong when you wear white!

Let’s explore all our options!

White With White

White With White Trousers

Ah! The most obvious and easy combination of the lot! You could totally go all white from head to toe and look fabulous and sophisticated. Or, if your entire outfit is white, let’s say, you have a white top paired with your white trousers and want to go for a pop of color. That pop of color can easily be added via the shoes you wear, any accessories you add, like a scarf or a handbag.

Picture all white paired with pink shoes and a long pink pendant. It could be any color, let’s leave that to your mood! White with white can also look very ethereal. It basically, depends on the occasion. You could dress this combination up or down as per your situation.

White With Black

Black With White Trousers

White with black is a combination that carries a very modern vibe. It brings that effortlessly sophisticated touch. It’s a perfect combination for office and for any professional event. A nice black top with white trousers and you are good to go.

White With Red

Red With White Trousers

A rather bold combination, but such that it highlights both the colors. The red and the white. It’s a very happening pair and suits best to be worn at hangouts and does well as occasional wear.

White With Grey

Grey With White Trousers

Grey is a very versatile color and stays alive throughout the changing seasons. It’s a very laid back combination and wins everytime you wear it. You could pair it with some nice silver statement necklaces and you’re all set to go!

White With Nude

Nude With White Trousers

A very effervescent combination. Both are light reflecting colors and pair well with one other. Wear nude shoes and carry a nice enveloped nude clutch. Totally dressed perfectly for office or any professional meeting.

White With Blue

Blue With White Trousers

When you think of blue, the word royal instantly pop in your head! Doesn’t it? We’ve seen far too many royalties adorning this beautiful color and looking ravishing. A nice loose blouse over white trousers paired with some nice blue silk heels. The whole outfit has a very refreshing feel to it and pairing it with a nice blue clutch, the same shade as the heels would bring together the entire look effortlessly.

White With Pink

Pink With White Trousers

Probably the first feminine combination so far. You could pair the white trousers with any shade of pink. Dark or light! Any hue of pink would compliment the outfit! If you go towards brighter pinks, you’re most probably welcoming summers, light pinks that enter the pastel color palette suit the fall and winter season better.

So take your pick accordingly, and of course, there are no hard and fast rules to wear brighter tones only in summer and lighter ones for fall and winter. Summer just has a happy vibe to it and bright colors reflect light beautifully!

White With Burgundy

Burgundy With White Trousers

Burgundy is a color in between maroon and red. It’s quite a striking contrast and looks beautiful when paired with white. A burgundy top with white trousers and some nice white kicks. Burgundy is also one very royal color. Use this combination for semi-formal wears. A nice formal family event or office parties would be great occasions to adorn this color.

White With Stripes

Stripes With White Trousers

Stripes, another one that always stays in style. Pairing stripes with a white trouser are an absolute fashion statement. The stripes could be in any color other than black and they would still look nice. You could pair the same color shoes as the stripes and look as fashionable as a runway model!

White With Denim

Denim And White Trousers

How could we possibly forget denim? Denim and white are like a match made in heaven! You could pair the white trousers with a knotted blouse. If you get your hands on some denim heels then, bingo! Nothing better than those, but, just in case you don’t, you can easily pair some nice trainers of even white heels.

Hope you loved our combinations with white trousers and are ready to try them out! Let us know if you try out these looks and share with us your favorite pick in the comments below.

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How To Tell If Adidas Shoes Are Fake?

Fake Adidas: If you’re a sports shoe fanatic, you must have has to deal with the issue of your kicks being original or copies! In this era of fast-paced technology and advancement in every field, it’s really not hard to produce copies of well-known brands.

how to tell if adidas shoes are fake

And unfortunately, such scam companies have a lot of demand as not many can afford the real thing.

The Box For Fake Adidas Shoes

Of course, the first place to look for any monkey business is to notice what the shoes came in! We’ve categorized it further so you can bring attention to detail while you observe and look for any scam.


The box is made out of heavy and sturdy cardboard. it does not bend and take a dent easily. The lid is also sturdy like the box and sits perfectly on top. The Lid has stripes running across diagonally and joins the print on the box. The lid has the Adidas logo on one the width side and is plan lengthwise. It has a hole on the width side right beside the labeling sticker

Adidas Box


 It comes in a nice breezy blue color with white stripes.


There is a sticker that is pasted onto the box widthwise. The label reads information like the type of shoe. The size of different countries, a barcode, and a serial number.

Adidas Box Labeling

Fake Adidas Shoe

It’s showdown time! Time to inspect the real deal!

The Logo

The Adidas logo is a three petal tulip with 3 lines running across the flower horizontally. It makes a nice trefoil. The lines divide the petals leaving the middle one with the smallest and different piece. The right and left petals have the same flat triangle shape left.


Focus on the laces if they are original or not.

Adidas Laces

The laces are thinner and are crisscrossed over. The difference will be very visible as for the thinner laces to fit, the lace hole will also be smaller. Just make sure to notice carefully. The signs will all be there.
Millions of people purchase Adidas accessories online so If you also want to purchase the best Adidas shoes online then you can click here.

Shoe Tongue

The obvious place to look for anything fishy! The model number printed on the shoe tongue should match the model number printed on the box. The serial number will be different for both shoes. If you notice that the serial number is the same for both the shoes, the left, and the right, raise all red flags!

We have a fake Adidas in the house! Also, to note, the top of the tongue is a full print of the Adidas logo with the brand’s name on top.

Heel Logo Of Fake Adidas

There will always be a very prominent Adidas logo placed on the back of the heels. Carefully note the shape of the trefoil and the stitching. The stitching should be very neat and securely in place, with no threads spurting out. The finish should look polished and top class.

Adidas Logo Behind The Shoe

Heel Shape

The heel shape, the one that touches our feet from the ankle behind. It should be flat and not rounded or curly or any other shape. Fake companies cut the heel shape according to the shape of the petals in the Adidas logo. That deforms the shape and lowers the comfort level.

Shape Behind The Shoe

Real Adidas will be straight from the top part and take a dip in both sides where the log ends from both sides. The logo will be on top with the name of the brand at the bottom. There will be no registered ‘R’ sign in a circle for the real shoes. The fake ones will have it. This goes to show how much of a wrong effort is being put in an Adidas shoe to make it look real.

Bottom Sole Of Fake Adidas

Yes, one more secret place to look for the authenticity of the Adidas shoes. The soles of all types of shoes created by Adidas have a unique pattern. Carefully notice the grooves and the lines.

We are a hundred and ten percent sure that we have saved yet another shoe-fanatics day with all these important pointers! Make sure that you check all of these to not fall for a phony version of the real deal. Also, it’s always best to buy from authentic registered dealers and distributors rather than buying from random web pages online.

Bottom Sole

If you have experienced a scam while purchasing Adidas shoes, do share your experience with us in the comments below. We would love to know if we have missed out on anything that’s trending on the shoe scam market!.

5 Tips About How To Spot a Fake Adidas Shoes

We all know that it is not a difficult task to make a copy of any products these days, copy of all branded products is easily available in the market. But there are different features that can’t be copied.

Below is the list of few ways through that you can differentiate between fake and genuine Addidas shoes.

  1. Check the heel tag on the backside of Adidas shoes, fake shoes contain a small triangle type material at the meeting point of upper leather and the second layer of leather on the heel. While the original shoes of Adidas don’t have such type of faults.
  2. Remember that original Adidas shoes don’t have features for granted. Adidas brand provides extra laces that are properly rolled and packed in a plastic bag, whereas fake one provides in roughly packing.
  3.  One thing you should remember while buying the Adidas shoes, genuine products of Adidas contain a serial number tag. The tags have all the information about the shoe such as size etc. Real shoes will have the various serial numbers on both shoes. In the case of fake shoes, they have the same serial number.
  4. Real Adidas shoes will have tight and same stitching pattern. But fake shoe stitches are a loss.
  5. The last thing that you should remember is the price difference between original and fake shoes. The best thing is Adidas update the prices of its products on its official website. So cross-check the prices before going for Adidas shoes.

Adidas is one of the best shoe brands in the world, Here’s a list of Top Shoes Brands in the United States. You can purchase any branded shoes you want.

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What Shoes Go With An Electric Blue Dress?

First up, an electric blue dress is a beautiful choice! It tends to compliment any skin tone and the color itself gives off a very regal and royal look. This color can be worn on official meetings, family events or just a plain hang out with your friends. There really shouldn’t be any restriction for wearing a certain color, to begin with.

However, deciding how to pair a blue dress seems a cumbersome task. But, that’s what this Try Articles article is for. To help you couple some nice shoes with that lovely electric blue dress.

Shoes To Wear With Electric Blue Dress

Shoes mean serious business for women! If you’re a woman reading this, you would definitely agree! You know how the infamous saying goes, “good shoes take you to good places.” Well, we are aiming to take you to awesome places by pairing your blue outfit with some amazing color combinations of footwear.

Let’s explore our foot gear options, shall we?


Blue Dress With Black Shoes

You can never go wrong with black when it comes to styling. This color universally supports any outfit. A nice pair of stilettos would look great. The strong contrast between the electric blue and black comes off appealing to the eyes. This combination photographs beautifully and is sure to get the attention at any crowded event. Bonus points if the sole is a red bottom! Ha!


This option would suit best for going to a party. The silver sandals would oomph up the outfit making the entire look fancy. Silver adds that sparkle to an otherwise bland mono-color dress. Choose dull silver tones to complement the depth in the electric blue dress.


Also, silver and greys tend to overlap in their hues and there’s an array of greys and silvers to choose from. But, be wise and choose a dull one. A mercury shade would suit well. Any light gray tones with a touch of sparkle would do the trick just the same.


Ah! The king of all things beautiful! But, take heed this may not be the classiest choice when it comes to pairing it with an electric blue dress. You will have to be very careful to choose the right tone of gold. We have dull gold, yellow gold, rose gold, bronze gold and so many others in the category.

Blue Dress With Golden Shoes

It’s fashionably correct to choose a tone that does not overpower the dress. We want something very subtle, so probably the lightest gold tone is your best bet.  A pair of nice subtle dusty gold heels! If you don’t find that, avoid gold all in all. There are still other options to choose from.


Blue Dress Nude Shoes

The most comfortable color to pull off especially in shoes is, nude. Yet, again the color range is vast. there is cream nude, pink nude, brown nude. All of these, though have a dim appearance, but that’s what we’re aiming for when we wear these. We want our outfit to stand out more, so we tone down what we adorn on our feet. this keeps the focus solely on the dress.


Sounds odd? Well yes, we don’t recommend just any brown with that electric blue dress. You particularly need a cool-toned brown. Anything other than that is a no-no!

Blue Dress Brown Shoes

A cool toned brown falls towards the dirty kind of brown. As if you added a bit of grey to a usual brown color. This color combination is not a usual one, but it sure is a very strikingly appealing one. You’re sure to turn heads with this one!


Why of course matching your shoes to your outfit is the quickest way to complete your outfit and it doesn’t require much effort either. Also, when you match your shoes to your dress, you look well put together.  Short dresses with the matching approach look best. If you’re wearing a maxi dress, then you’ll need a different color to stand out. So, don’t go with blue for this one.

Blue Dress Blue Shoes

Dressing Up Or Dressing Down?

If you’re dressing up, meaning your headed somewhere fancy and want to make an impression. Then most definitely you could style your shoes in a fancy manner. Go for heels, stilettos, sandals or gladiators. Open shoes, criss-cross or peep toes. There’re plenty of options to choose from.

If you’re dressing down, meaning you are aiming for a casual or a semi-casual look. Then you could go with white vans or normal kicks. With this one, the key is to feel at ease and comfort. If there’s a lot of walking involved then do your self a favor and bring out your inner sneakerhead (everyone is one) and choose a comfortable pair.

Blue Dresses

We have our fingers crossed that this article must have gotten you out of your jeopardy and your problem for pairing the right shoes with a blue dress is solved.

Let us know in the comments below if this article was of any aid to you. We would be super delighted to hear back!

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