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How To Trim a Beard In The Right Way: Step By Step Guide & Tips

How To Trim A Beard– Growing beard is not simple as its look, it requires huge care. Maybe these days its become simple as compared to the old days.
Nowadays you can easily get equipment for trimming a beard from various places such as Amazon E-commerce store. In this article, you will find easy steps about “How to trim a beard“. 

beard trimming

A beard is a thing of beauty, from the clipped goatee to the full neck warmer. Beard without any shape is just growing facial hair. If you follow the proper way to trim a beard, you will be designing an even length all over, a proper beard with the neckline, lipline, and cheek line. To get a lengthy beard check “How to grow a beard“.

How To Trim A Beard

You might suffer through some awkward steps or stages while growing a beard, to get proper and desired beard look. Especially if your beard is not thick. Once it covers your face then starts growing bulky. Then might be you need to trim the edges a little bit to get a more perfect beard shape.

growing a beard

Here are few steps which you should follow to trim your beard according to your desired shape and length.

Step-1: Keep It Clean and Soft

A dry and dirty beard is not good for trimming, so make sure you have cleaned your beard first. You need to wash your beard with shampoo, as your facial skin is different from the scalp. It’s better to have something purpose-built for the occasion.

long beard

After that, apply condition in order to make it soften and make the next step much easier. To make your beard more soft and tidy, read this “Tips To Soften Your Beard“.

Step-2: Brush It Out

Once your beard dries, then take a brush and run it against the grain, so that the hairs stand up and out. This will not only make it easier to trim, but it will also highlight any difference in length.

how to trim beard

Step-3: The All-Over Beard Trim

Now the best way to trim to your beard is to start with the longest length hair and make it equally with all length.  Then set your trimmer to its largest setting and trim your beard all over. In order to remove the excess bulk, go against the hair growth direction.

Repeat this step with a shorter Setting of the trimmer, until you got the desired length beard.

Step-4: Define Your Neckline

After trimming beard to your desired length, the next step must be for the perfect beard neckline. For that, put finger horizontally above Adam’s Apple and start trimming a vertical strip below the line. Work outwards just under the jawline to one side, then back to the center and do on the other side.

Neckline matters, if you are trimming the full beard. The neckline doesn’t matter while you are opting stubble. 

Step-5: Follow Your Trim Beard Through With a Shave

Now you need to shave off the trimmed hairs located below your beard neckline. You have to shave those hairs to get a better look. There is no other way.

how to groom a beard

Step-6: Choose Your Cheek Line

Now next step you need to fix the Cheek line, if you are happy with a natural beard cheek line, then leave it. If it has crisper look and edgier then you need to make it straight or rounded line to the bottom of sideburns.

The lowers your cheek line, the more length you will give to your face.

Step-7: Shape Up Your Mustache

After designing a proper length beard, now you can trim your mustache to the same length as your beard. You can also leave it slightly longer to make it stand out more. To get better and clean lip line, you need to close your mouth and smile.

Keep your mustache clean and trim the bottom to create a 1 mm clear line above your lips.

Step-8: Finish with Oil

Just like head hair, facial hair also needs moisture to stay healthy. Do the last step and finish the process with a good beard oil which will moisturize, which will help your beard looking perfect. After that run a comb through beard to distribute the oil.

If you want to look better then visit and get your required cutting from licensed Barbers. I hope you like my article about “How To Trim A Beard” You can also visit some other interesting posts like:

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15 Beard Styles That Gives Your Personality A Tremendous Look

Beard Styles- Beard is back in style these days, now every man is looking for a cool beard style. There are many factors which should be considered while deciding the beard style.

You are the guy who is looking for the best beard styles, then you are in the right place, here you will find some modern and stunning beard styles.


A person with the beard can get into trendy men’s fashion with full, long, medium, and a short beard. Various styles of beard depend upon the cuts and shapes of your face.

You are planning to keep the beard but your beard growth rate is slow then read “How to grow a beard faster” article, it will help you.

Which Beard Styles Will Suits You

The most important question which may cause confusion after going for a beard is “which style will suit your face”? There are different beard styles which depend upon your face cuts and shape.

facial hair styles

We make this question simple and easy for you. The following points which you should know before going for any beard style. These things help you in choosing the best beard styles.

The Shape of Your Face

All beard styles didn’t suit on every face, you have to check first what is your face shape. There are many face shapes such as Round Face, Oval face, square, and rectangle face. If you are unsure about your face shape then maybe barber can help you to determine it. After that, you will be able to select the most suitable beard style.

Facial Features

Facial features are also important. They should be considered before adopting any beard style. Your jaw, cheekbones and the length of your face play an important role in perfect beard style, which will suit you.

Skin Type

Once you grow a beard, maintenance is not a big deal. It’s easy but if you have sensitive skin then you need to pay attention. In such a condition, you may face discomfort while you are trimming your beard.

Most Trending & Famous Beard Styles

You are thinking about taking your beard to the next level in 2019, then it is a good time to check out some cool beard styles and designs. While the best beards are usually trimmed neatly to create sharp cuts and a classy look.

types of beards

1- Muslim Beard Style

When we think about Muslims, then a man with a large beard comes in mind. Many people believe that Muslims are forced to grow a beard by their religion, which is not true. Quran doesn’t order people to grow a beard.

how to shape a beard

In Islam Beard is a ‘Sunnah’ that is following a tradition done by all the prophets including last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). If the length of the beard is over a fist, it’s recommended to trim it.

2- Full or Long Beard Style

Longbeard style has been trending and famous in recent years. But a long beard requires much more grooming and care. A quality beard grooming oil or shampoo will help to condition and moisturize your skin and also hair.

Long Beard

There are so many different ways to wear a long beard. The best long beards must be full, thick, and must be without any patchy parts.

3- Short Beard Styles

Short beard style is considered a sexy beard but it is all about shape rather than its length. You can opt a perfect beard hairstyle with a good beard trimmer according to the facial features and style.


Short beard style is easy to grow out and also simple to trim or maintain. Short beards range from stubble to full facial hair.

4- Goatee Beard Style

Maybe you face problem in growing much facial hair, then simple Goatee style maybe do that trick. Goatee beard style has different variations. You can decide to shave your mustache for this style.

goatee styles

As mention above, there are many types of goatees, so you can choose the best and stunning which will suit you.

5- Van Dyke Beard

A Van Dyke is a style of beard which is named after the 17th-century Flemish painter called Anthony van Dyck. This style specifically has both a mustache and goatee with all hair on the cheeks shaven.

facial hair

The Van Dyke is a kind of goatee with a chin beard and curved mustache. This beard style takes a rugged, confident man to pull off.

6- Sharp Beard Style

Men and boys, who are in search of latest beard styles, they can adopt this style. This style is not too short or long and also didn’t require regular trimming.

beard types

Sharp beard style suit on a round face, stubble or diamond-shaped beard also suit on round face shape. Sharp lines which are around the cheeks are the best way to shape the stubble.

7- Circle Beard Styles

Circle beard style is also called a French beard. Circle beard style is most preferable for those people who are fond of new styles. It is very convenient to grow.

long beard styles

Circle beard style is simple and elegant. But it is very attractive towards the opposite sex, compared to all different beard style.

8- Bold Beard Styles

Bold beard style is also called a full beard that has an executive look. But it is no longer as the long beard is. In this style, the chin is covered and accompanies with the mustache.

types of facial hair

Bold beard style has been the favorite of most of the fashion lovers who prefer to have a chin curtain style beard. It is one of the unique styles opted by those who have a square jawline.

9- Manly Beard Styles

Manly beard style is the foremost style of beards for men. It comes under the category of a short full beard.

full beard styles

It can be maintained either by trimming or just making it grow randomly for some specific time. This style is easy to maintain. This style gives a bold manly look.

10- Thick Beard Styles

Thick beard style falls in the full beard category. This style is a little longer than all other styles which lie in this category.

chin beard

Thick beard style is mostly adopted by the men of matured ages and it is not chosen by the youngster. This style helps in delivering a daring personality look and its suits attire of very bold look.

11- Moustache Beard Style

Mustache beard style comes in the full beard category. This style requires a full beard and also long mustache. It is considered as the extended version of the Goatee style.

beard styles for men

This style of the beard is usually opted by a person who has a reserved kind of attitude. This style comes with the mustache that makes it look more attractive and complete.

12- Natural Pomp Beard Style

Natural Pomp Beard Style falls in the full beard category. It requires great attention during grooming and proficient with slicked pomp hairstyles.

trimmed beard

In this style, the beard is grown along with a mustache. It also needs proper care and attention in maintaining such styles and it can not be grown without the help of professionals.

13- Anchor Beard Style

Anchor beard style comes under the Short bear styles. It is a kind of  Balbo style beard but this is too short. It is almost similar to the Pencil style beard

men's beard styles

This style also requires great care and attention. In it, both the mustache and the beard are not attached. It gives that effortless look with the ease of both, growing it and also grooming.

 14- Urban Style Beard

Urban beard style is related to Goatee type full beard. This style is mostly adopted by people who have elongated face cuts.

thin beard

You can get a new beard style, in spite of the facial structure, you can opt this beard to change your appearance. Nothing can stop a person to have a chance of making or growing such kind of full beard.

15- Medium Beard Style

This style can be opted by the men of middle ages. Such a beard can be grown with grey hair, which adds more maturity and attitudes in personality.

beard shaping

This style of beard is very easy to maintain just because the cuts on the face are not sharp and also do not have the pointing edges.

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How To Fix a Patchy Beard: 7 Ways To Opt & 7 Mistakes To Avoid

Patchy Beard- Many people considered full beard as achievement and celebration of manhood. I think all beard is perfect and no one needs any kind of fixing. But maybe you have a patchy beard and you want a full and luscious beard, So in such situation, there are many tactics through which you can fix the patchy beard.

In this article, we will explore all those tactics and also we will discuss its causes.

how to groom a beard

Most people cut or trim their facial hair when they start noticing that at few spots the beard is coming thicker or not growing at some spot of the face. I don’t think so that it is a better idea, patchy beard growth is normal at early days of facial hair growing. Your beard is not patchy. It’s just growing. You may also like “how to grow a beard“.

Why Do You Have A Patchy Beard?

Firstly, if you have the patchy beard, it is not a big matter. You don’t have to worry because it’s natural.

thin beard

There are various reasons for the patchy beard. Few of them are briefly explained below:

Hormone Imbalance

Hormone shortcoming can also lead to the patchy beard. A less amount of hormone which impacts many male characteristics is the potential cause of the patchy beard, testosterone is one the hormone among them.


Maybe due to genetic, you have the patchy beard. It’s simple of your father and his father could grow a full beard, then the chances are that you can also too. But maybe it is not that way in every case.

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata may be the factor of your patchy beard. An only a small ratio of the population suffer from this disease. It is also called “spot baldness“, this disease causes a round spot on a hair-covered portion of body and beard is also included. There is a treatment of this disease, you can find further information about this disease from the “American Academy of Dermatology“.

7 Common Mistakes Made by Men With Patchy Beards

There is nothing wrong with patchy beards. Just because of few patches in your beard does not mean you can not experience the awesomeness that comes with being a beardsman.

how to grow a full beard

Below are 7 common mistakes that every man with patchy beards make:

  1. Not letting your beard To Grow-out.
  2. You are not giving enough time to your patchy beard
  3. Never compare yourself (patchy beard)  with someone with a full beard.
  4. Never use any fake product or oil for facial hair.
  5. You are not following the proper diet, which is required for facial hair growth.
  6. Lack of Exercise also leads to patchy beard or slow growth rate of beard hair.
  7. You are not avoiding stress and it is also one of the main reason of patchy beard.

How To Fix a Patchy Beard

The beard has long been associated as a symbol of manhood and maturity. It is now becoming common to see perfectly manscaped beards and these days it’s taking center stage as an extension of a modern man’s style.

There are many ways to fix a patchy beard, few of them are described below:

1- Let It Grow

The first thing you have to do to convert your patchy beard into the full beard, you need to wait for at least a month before trimming, so you can see the direction of the hair growth and also find where the patchy spots came out.

After a month, trim your jawline and cheek line to keeps the things tidy and then continue letting the hair grow. The longer your beard, the more likely patches will disappear underneath the rest of the beard bush.

2- Clean up the Lines

A patchy beard guy generally looks a little more fisherman. So, clean lines will help to make your patchy beard look better and professional. Keep your sideburns neat and trimmed, so that they blend smoothly into your facial hair.

Keep the border of your beard neat and tidy, especially near your cheekbones, jawline, nose, and lips.  You should maintain clean lines through regular trimming your beard and styling it daily with beard oil and a comb.

3- Take Good Care of Your Facial Hair

You should promote new hair growth and keep follicles healthy, at the start stage of facial hair growth. Brittle, wiry beard hair only provoke a patchy beard.

To keep your beard in better shape, you should know the following things:

4- Use Heavier Stylers & Conditioners

Dry and Poorly looked after facial hair can also lead to patchy beard, so you need to use the right product and tool for the health of the hair. A good beard oil or beard balm will keep your beard healthy and will also clean all the way down to the follicles.

You should use an exfoliant in order to remove the dead skin cells and also prevent dry skin. This will also help if you suffer from an itchy beard disease while stimulating the skin underneath. This promotes blood flow, in return hair grow, and resulting in a fuller and thicker beard.

5- Eat Well

A healthy diet is the most important and key factor, which you need to follow in order to improve anything. What you eat is especially important thing which is considered when it comes to hair growth. You should drink plenty of water as well as upping your vitamin B and C intake. Zinc, iron, and omega-three also all help to nourish hair and promote growth.

Try to take a multivitamin or add more avocado, eggs, almonds, cauliflower, bananas, and milk to your diet.

6- Choose a Beard Style

There are many beards styles, among which you can select a perfect one, which suits on your face. If you go with the wrong beard style, then it could highlight your patches, whereas the right style will hide the patches. So if you are not sure which type of beard is best for you, you can get help from your barber.

7- Exercise

The beard growth depends upon the hormones such as testosterone, So increasing the hormones will increase the beard growth. Increasing your workouts by spending more time in the gym have an effect indirectly on beard growth.

One case study stated that testosterone level increases just after 15 mins exercise, which means physical exercise is important for faster beard growth. Sometimes maybe it took one hour, but there will be an impact.

Below some best exercises are mentioned which can help in beard growth.

  • Bench Presses
  • Deadlifts
  • Squats
  • Rows
  • Aerobic
  • Running
  • Weight lifting
  • Jump Ropes

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13 BEST & Stylish Goatee Styles For Men’s Fashion in 2019

Goatee Styles- What is goatee, let’s start the discussion with this question. It is a beard style which is the most trending facial hairstyle these days. You might be seen many people opting this beard style, this style is common in business professionals and college students. Here we have listed the top 15 goatee styles among them. 


The Goatee beard styles are not quite a beard or neither a mustache, this style actually combines the elements of both a beard and mustache while leaving the cheeks shaven. A goatee name is derived from the fur under the chin of a goat. And the goatee beard styles have been around for a long, long time.

Goatee Styles

There are various styles of a goatee, maybe you have seen a lot of people with this style instead of full beard or short beard. The reason is, its easy to grow, no matter which style you choose. A goatee is ideal for all men in the early 20’s, and maybe for all others which can’t grow a full beard, but they want to have facial hair.

goatee beard

The goatee is one of the trending beard styles these days. It is perfect for a person who wants to change his look from shaved to shabby bearded look. In this beard style combine chin hair and mustache, just like a goat and that’s the reason for its name “Goatee”.

Generally, almost all Goatee styles are similar, the difference among all styles are shape, design, and length. Top 15 Goatee Styles are briefly discussed below:

1- Van Dyke

Van Dyke style was most popular in the 1960s and 1970s, now its again in the trend especially in the young generation. This style especially refers to chin hair and mustache while rest of face shaved clean.

chin beard

This style will suit more on a person with a longer face and pointed chin because it would make the chin appear more rounded. This style is named after the 17th-century Flemish painter Anthony van Dyck, whose self-portraits helped to popularize this look.

2- Classic Goatee

Classic Goatee is very easy for adopting as in it you have to grow chin beard under your lips, while cheeks and mustache hair should be shaven clearly. This style will suit a person who has a round face.

circle beard

Academy Award-winning actor Benicio del Toro has worn this classic goatee style and he has worn it well.

3- Rap Industry Standard

This style is named after the rappers, maybe you have seen many popular rappers with this beard style. This style consists of a thin ring around the mouth and also following the jawline along the chin. The main key is that it is thin.


This style will suit a person who has a round face because this style will narrow the face at sides and will make it seems slightly longer.

4- Full Goatee

Most people think about the Goatee styles and they usually go with Full goatee. In this style, you need to grow mustache around the mouth to combine with the unshaven beard while cheeks hairs have to be shaved neatly.

mustache and goatee

Full Goatee will suit a person who has a diamond-shaped face. You can check the actor named Will Smith who wear this style.

5- Balbo

The Babo Goatee Style is referred to as a beard with two or three parts, in this Goatee style, the mustache is combined with the chin hair and also including a soul patch. This style will be perfect a person who has a square or diamond-shaped face.

how to trim a goatee

Balbo goatee style is named after the Italo Balbo, a Mussolini goon during World War-II and these days you can check a famous actor Robert Downey Jr who opted this style.

6- Goatee and Mustache

The name of this Goatee style described well its shape, in it a mustache is connected to a goatee. It can be changed into various other styles. But it’s a reality that its a classic look.

extended goatee

Such a style will be perfect for a person who has a square face and who may not want to wear a full beard. There are many famous actors who worn this style such as Tom Selleck and Jeff Bridges.

7- Soul Patch

Soul patch is a small patch of hair under the bottom lip, the main thing about is popularity is, it can be combined with many other beard styles.

beard names

It will suit a person who has a round face shape. Maybe you have seen actor Kevin Costner who opted soul patch style.

8- Anchor

Anchor Goatee style is named as Anchor because of its shape, as it looks like the nautical ship equipment of old. In this style, you need to combine a chinstrap beard with the groomed and well-shaped thin mustache and soul patch which extends to the chin.

men's beard styles

Anchor Goatee style will suit a person who has a round face or it also looks great on a triangle faces.

9- Goatee with Chin Strap

Chin Strap requires discipline, it should be kept clean or clearly enclosed to the jawline and combining with the classic goatee. Such a style will suit a person who has long or oblong face shape.

how to grow a goatee

10- Extended Goatee

The extended goatee style is a mustache extending into a beard but without sideburns. This style is very similar to the Hollywoodian beard style. This style will be perfect for a person who has a long or oblong face shape.

goatee types

11- Goat Patch

Goat Patch style has probably the least hairs among all the goatee styles. Its look vertical rectangle just below the bottom lip up to the chin. It is perfect for those who are struggling with growing facial hair.

what is a goatee

Goat Patch style work with almost all face shapes but it looks perfect with a person who has s diamond-shaped face or triangular-shaped face.

12- Chin Puff

Many goatee styles have what is called a chin puff,  but the real chin puff has no mustache. The hair on the chin must be left high up to the lips on both sides. Some people claim the top of this goatee style looks, as the Batarang.

Chin Puff goatee

13- Handlebar and Goatee

In this style of Goatee, a handlebar mustache is combined with a goatee. Neither are connected. Such a style will look perfectly on a person who has a long face and also provides a better foundation for the goatee and handlebar.

Handlebar and Goatee

14- Norse Skipper

The Norse Skipper is a lengthy chin puff which goes no broader than the corners of the mouth. It suits perfectly with a person who has a round face, as though it focuses attention on the chin.  Its also look good with some other facial shapes.

Norse Skipper

15- Petite Goatee

Pettie Goatee style starts just below the lips and extends just ahead the chin to combine an upside-down teardrop. This style will suit a person who has a squared-face shape.

goatee style beard

There are many actors which opt this facial hairstyle such as James Hetfield.

Probably you will need the best quality trimer for shaving in order to opt neat and clean Goatee styles or you can visit the Barbershop and Saloon for men for proper trimming a beard for better goatee style.

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How Long Does a Spray Tan Last? Tips for Long Lasting Spray Tan

Spray tanning is a type of self-tanning where you spray a fine mist on your body to get a fake tan, especially in summers. This mist contains an ingredient known as Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which interacts with your skin to turn it bronze or tan.

Just like Spray Tan celebrities and models love to Tattoo their body. Here’s a list of  50 Best Sleeve Tattoos For Men & Women.

how long does a spray tan last

It is basically a temporary effect that lasts from 3-7 days and is totally safe for your skin. The results that you will get from spray tans are actually very good. Mostly celebrities and models use a tanning spray to just get the desired color they want.

If you have dyed your hairs with a burgundy color and you are afraid of getting fade away after a couple of washes. You can maintain your Burgundy Hair Color by following some precautions.

Does It Vary By Shade?

Basically, the average spray tan lasts for 10 days. It really depends on how dark does you wish to go.

For example:

  • Lighter shades may last up to five days.
  • Medium shades last for seven to eight days.
  • Darker shades do last for 10 days.

spray tan

The variations are tied to the tanning solution’s active ingredient, dihydroxyacetone (DHA). Darker solutions contain more DHA. The more DHA, the longer the color will hold. The important part is how you care about your skin before and after the tanning spray.

What To Do Before Spray Tan?

The best spray tan starts long before you walk into the tanning or spa salon. Here is the guide to prepare for your appointment.

Line Tattoos are very famous nowadays and each line tattoos have proper meaning. Let’s Find some best line tattoos with there meanings.

Schedule Your Appointment Around Your Period

It might seem weird but it is actually true that tanning sprays one week before your period may not result as good as tanning after one week of your period. There is no specific reason for that but the experts have sworn by this tip.

Exfoliate Every Day For Three Days Before

Physical exfoliating techniques like loofahs, dry brushing, scrubs that remove dead skin cells that cause flaking and streaking. If you don’t have these options then a washcloth will also work best.

tan to go

Don’t Use Chemical Exfoliants Or Oil-Based Products

Chemical exfoliants use elements like glycolic acid and retinol to uplift exfoliation. Stop using these products 24 hours before spray tanning to get exfoliant from taking off your spray tan also. Oil-based products are a big no for someone is who is spray tanning.

No Waxing Within 24-Hours Of Your Appointment

While smooth skin is perfect for this tanning but waxing before 24 hours is risky as it can leave you with uneven tint on your skin. The reason behind is that waxing temporarily opens your pores and leave them larger than before.

Shower At Least Eight Hours Before Your Appointment

When it comes to getting spray tan you must know that eight hours is a limit, you need to take a bath before eight hours of your appointment. In this way, your skin has time to resume its pH balance while you enjoy the advantages of exfoliation.


Wear Loose-Fitting Clothes And Shoes To Your Appointment

Spray tan means no tan lines unless you are wearing a strappy shirt, tight bra or another fitting garment immediately after your session. Plan for a loose-fitting shirtdress and slip-on shoes to prevent friction from creating unwanted tan lines.

Remove Your Makeup And Deodorant After Your Reach

If you do not want to go without makeup bring a pack of unscented, oil-free wipes along with you at the appointment. Remove any makeup from your skin and deodorant and allow the skin to dry before you get your spray on the skin.

What To Do After Spray Tan?

Your spray technician will tell you about the results for the next 24-hours. This includes what clothes you should wear when to get showered and what products are suitable for you to use. Here are some general guidelines for that:

Beware Of VLPs While You Go For Spray Tan

Many tanning salons give their clients paper panties to wear for the rest of the day. If your salon doesn’t give you one you can buy it for yourself. They are not fashionable but they prevent your tanning and also your VLPs.

Apply Baby Powder To Prevent Streaking

Unluckily, deodorant is still something that you can not use after your appointment. Sprays and sticks contain ingredients that can interact with your tanning solution and result in unpleasant patchiness.

spray tan shades

Sweating can also cause spots and streaks, so what must a newly tanned person be supposed to do? Apply baby powder. Shake a big amount onto all the sweat-prone areas, such as:

  • inner elbows
  • under your butt
  • underarms
  • back of your knees

Wear Loose-Fitting Clothes And Shoes For The First 24-Hours Of Spray Tan

If possible then try to wear loose clothing for 24 hours after the appointment. This also includes sleepwear. Friction from tight clothes can cause streaks and leave an indentation on your skin.

Don’t Wash The Solution Off For At Least Six Hours

You must wait for six hours after the appointment to take a shower. This gives your skin enough time to ensure an even shade and absorb the solution. There are some new products in the market that let you shower soon with some mind-blowing results.

When It’s Spray Tan Time, Take The Proper Shower Precautions

You don’t have to spend much time in the water. Doing so can result in fading color before making it public. Use mild-warm water and not hot water, avoid using any soaps or scrubs. Just allow the water to run over your skin. To wash your hair make sure your skin remains intact.

Mix the oil-based products and fragrances

Avoid using oily products until your tan has faded. They not only prevent your skin from absorbing the tan solution but also they prevent your skin from retaining the product. Oily products may result in the bad result and your tan may not last for long.

tanned skin

Lightly Exfoliate Every Two To Three Days

Each exfoliation scrubs away from your freshly-tanned skin, so keep it less until after the tan fades away. You may also use an exfoliator which contains round beads every day to help keep your skin fresh and smooth. If you have to shave, then shave gently.

Use Self-Tanner To Top Off Your Spray Tan

You can extend the life of your tan by using a self-tanner or any other gradual tanning product. Although these will not give the same results and depth as that of your actual spray they may add a few days to the lifespan while keeping your skin soft.

Apply Highlighter To Enhance Your Spray Tan

Highlighters have glowy components that can literally set off your tan. Apply some shimmer wherever you wish to pop your color of the spray for instance cheekbones or your collarbones as they are the most prominent parts of your body.

It doesn’t matter what is your age, shape, or size all you need to look and feel best. At Vacay Beauty you will receive Philadelphia-based mobile airbrush tanning service. For best Best Spray Tanning Salons you can click here.

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Simple & Complete Makeup Tutorial For Hooded Eyes Makeup

Every eye shape is awesome, be it almond, upturned, downturned or round eyes each shape has its own importance. When you have hooded eyes they can result in more hard situations to do the eye makeup.

hooded eyes

What you actually want is a perfect makeup tutorial for you hooded eyes that can complement your eye of the unique shape. Below are some steps which can guide you on how to apply the eye shadows and eyeliners to your hooded eyes.

What Are Hooded Eyes?

Hooded eyes are those which have less visible lid space. When you have hooded eyes, it means that your crease is hidden in your eyelid. When this is the case, makeup crease is also hardly visible.

eyeliner for hooded eyes

In this scenario, your eyelids also look smaller than normal eyed people. While eye makeup looks are not as easy to make, there are some that can literally flatter hooded eyes and can bring the attention of many people.

How Can You Tell If You Have Hooded Eyes?

Take a mirror and examine the shape of your eye to figure out whether it is hooded or not. Focus if you have a well-defined crease. Does your skin droop from the brow to the point of your crease? If yes then you have hooded eyes.

How Do You Apply Makeup To Such Eyes?

Differentiated by the lids that become crease-free, hooded eyes need the use of a few important makeup ideas to bring a signature look to your eye. You should also make your eyebrows stylish and healthy as in the different event it will also increase your beauty.

Luckily, there are few makeup tips that you can learn to fake the appearance of the larger eyes.

Step 1: Let’s face the reality. If your eyes are hooded, then you have a better idea that how annoying it is when you get the perfect cat eye look, only to smudge onto your upper lid. To help prevent this, you must first apply eye primer on your eyelids as this will keep the eye makeup from transferring.

Step 2: You can opt for matte makeup. If you don’t want to draw more attention to your hooded eye, you can use matte eye shadow on the upper lids, reserving shimmery hues for the lower section directly above your eyeball.

Buy your favorite matte shades for eyes, you can mix them all together or blend the different shades of it. Pair these shades together for an all-over matte look or you can also add a bit of highlighter to the center of your lid on your upper lash line.

Step 3: Apply the mixture of highlighters on the corner. Use a super light or slightly shimmery highlighter to brighten the inner corner of your eyes and the area right beneath the arch of your brow.

Step 4: Apply makeup with your eyes open widely. Since much of your eyelid is not visible when your eyes are open, apply makeup when your eyes are fully open is the best idea. This way, you will not be surprised by what you can see.

eyeshadow for hooded eyes

Step 5: Use waterproof eye makeup formulas. makeup on such kind of eyes has a tendency to streak mainly when it comes to mascara and eyeliner. You can choose a streak-free, waterproof can stop makeup from transferring to the unwanted areas.

Step 6: Wing your eyeliner. Hooded eyes may sometimes look a bit turned down. To flatter their shape further you will need to snap the eyeliner little bit up at the outward corners of your eyes.

Step 7: Try to keep your eyeliner thin. As you do not have much space on your lids to work when you have hooded eyes, draw the eyeliner on the wider side so that you have plenty of the room for pretty eye shades.

Castor Oil is extracted from the bean of Castor Tree and is Best Natural Remedy For Eyelashes and Eyebrows growth. Eyelashes have the ability to impress anyone as they completely transform your face so you can use Castor Oil for their growth.

How Can You Draw A Cat Eye?

When your eyes are hooded and your crease is not well-defined, few eye makeup looks like cat-eye may be impossible for you. Luckily, the cut crease can fix this issue. You can get the look of cat eyes by following this tutorial.

Step 1: Apply the primer to your lids. To make sure that eye makeup lasts longer, use the eye primer to create an ultra-smooth canvas for the rest of the application of makeup.

Step 2: You can also fake a crease. Use a pencil eyeliner to make a fake crease on your lid. Draw a line from the outer edge of your eye towards the inner corner. Make sure that you wield a heavy hand outward and slowly get lighter at inward. Arch your perfect crease.

Step 3: Now blend your crease to form a perfect blushed look. Before your crease dries, use a blending brush to soften the line in the upward motion down toward your brow bone and the outward corner of your eye. Keep the lower end sharp and crisp as this will define the characteristics of the crease.

Step 4: Trace over your line. By using the eyeliner cut the crease as your base, now blend a non-shimmery eyeshade over the line of the cut for the hottest eye makeup look. This will give a mind-blowing look to your eyes. But make sure that you are using waterproof products because doing an eye makeup can literally bring water in your eyes.

makeup for eyes

Step 5: You can make it smokey as well. Again you will blend your eyeshade softly and firmly. That will give a nice effect that will just look like a smokey eye.

Step 6: Add color to lower lid. Cover your lid with a shimmery hue that complements your smokey cut crease. Basically, the metallic eye shadow is available in Gilded gold, Crushed Stone, and Diamond Dust.

Step 7: Apply highlighter. After you complete your smokey eye, add your final eye shadow elements with the help of a slightly shimmery eye shadow to highlight your brow bone and the innermost corner of your eye.

Step 8: Create a cat-eye. Eye makeup that looks like a cat eye can be a little challenging to do on hooded eyes. To make it simple, create a line that comes from the lower lash line. Join it diagonally from the inner corner of your eye to the tip. Then, look straight with your eyes open and fill the blank space with eyeliner.

Step 9: Give love to your lashes. Just like any other eye shape, the best way to really get a perfect eye makeup look comes with a mascara. Get a waterproof formula which can resist any water droplets without spreading all over.

Step 10: Steal the deal. After all that you have done, use a makeup setting spray to keep this look into the place. In this way, you can have just applied makeup all day long.

You can take Coty services as it is a World-leading beauty company that makes cosmetics, skincare, hair color, and fragrances. You can also shop from Estee Lauder as it also has risen to immense prominence in the global beauty market.

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How To Grow a Beard: Easy Steps To Grow Thick Beard

How to grow a beard? Well, there are many factors on which this question depends such as testosterone level and genetics. There are few things you can try to probably speed up the progress a bit. How Long Does it Take to Grow a Beard? How to maintain a beard? You will find a few things this article which may help in growing a beard.

how to trim a beard

Growing beard requires some patience, it will take some time, there are some factors on which your beard growth speed depends. But still, you can try many things, which will help you in growing. If you have a patchy beard and you want a full and luscious beard then you need to apply some tactics through which you can fix the patchy beard.

How To Grow A Beard

Already stated that time and patience are two important things on every men’s beard journey. And that’s the reason why the teenager struggle when it comes to beard growth.

how to grow a beard

Your beard will start growing more when you are between 16 and 20 years old, but this limit is not common in everybody. Beard growth rate is different for every man and there is no specific time or age.

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Beard

When we are discussing How long does it take to grow a beard then let me clear you that “facial hair also grows with the same speed ad the hairs grow on your scalp”, which is wrong. Actually, your beard grows faster than your hairs, which is a positive thing.

how long does it take to grow a beard

Once you eventually hit Puberty, your hormones will become active and your facial hair will start growing. However, few men won’t be able to have a beard or maybe full beard. Hormones which are responsible for beard are Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone(DHT). Testosterone hormone will control your beard thickness while other (DHT) will affect its density.

If you’re suffering to make your beard grow quickly, the following are some scientific explanation might help you to understand the pattern of your beard growth:

  • Testosterone and DHT travel from the bloodstream to the androgen receptors and up to your facial hair follicles.
  • The body produces keratin by using some micro and macronutrients, such as proteins, fat, vitamins, carbs, and minerals.
  • During beard growth, your facial hair will pass through three growth phases anagen, catagen, telogen, same as the rest of the hairs on your body.

Exercising regularly and a proper diet is definitely the best ways to help your beard grow faster.

How To Take Care Of Your Face And Beard

Reducing stress and getting proper sleeping will increase the level of the hormones, due to which your body will grow a beard faster.

growing a beard

Growing a beard is as easy as ABC, it’s keeping beard well maintained where the hard part is. Taking care of your face and beard is a necessary part of your beard growth, some of the following are things you need to do if you want a faster beard growth:

Be Patient 

Your genetic profile is the key factor in how quickly your beard grows, while you can take measures to support the process then you should also accept that the beard will grow with its own pace and way.

long beard

Some people believe that trimming a beard regularly will help in faster growth, but there is no proof to support this. It is possible that frequent trimming before you start growing a beard may encourage to grow quickly, but the evidence is limited at best. So once you have decided to grow a beard, let it grow with its own way.

Wash Your Face Twice Per Day

Wash your face twice per day to unblock hair follicles, wash your face with the warm water. Massage your face gently, if you haven’t started a beard yet. If the hair is coming out, you can use shampoo on just the facial hair.

how to trim beard

Washing face regularly will help to remove the dust and oil particle from your hair follicles, this will make easier for a beard to grow faster. Apply a small amount of cleanser to your chin and leave it for 10 minutes, to test if the cleanser is good enough for your skin. If there is no sign of any reaction then you can use it.

Massage Your Face

how to grow facial hair

Massage your face twice a day to encourage the follicles. Apply firm but not hard pressure on your face with the fingers, then massage the beard-growing area. Regular facial massage help in growing the beard more faster.

Use Beard Oil

how to groom a beard

Making your beard hair soft and hydrated will also help in faster growth. Avoid the use of beard oil if your skin has an allergy, it might cause some problem. keeps your beard hair moisturized and smelling great.

Beard Comb

best beards

Use beard comb, it will undo tangles on your beard before leaving home.

Beard-Friendly Diet And Lifestyle

Relationship between body health and beard health are close enough. If you have well maintained, proper and healthy diet, it will not only affect the body health but also it will help your beard to groom much better.

long beards

If you are serious about your beard then you need to have an eye on the below food and tips:

Eat Food With Vitamins B3, B5, B7, And B9

beard Diet

Few of the B vitamins promote healthy hair, so taking this may help your beard grow a bit faster. Nuts are a great source of biotin vitamin-B7. You will get Vitamins B3 and b5 chicken, beef, and fish. You will find Vitamin B9 from cereals, nuts, and leafy greens.

Increase Your Intake Of Vitamins A, C, And E.

beard vitamins

Increase Vitamins A, C, and E, in your meal, they will help in beard growth. You will find Vitamin A in carrots, broccoli, and leafy greens. Eat green peppers, tomatoes, and citrus for Vitamin C. For Vitamin E get beans, nuts, and leafy greens.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes

Potatoes contain beta-carotene which helps in the cell growth in your beard. beta-carotene later converted into vitamins A and this will help to grow more cell growth inside the hairs on the beard.



Eggs are rich in proteins and they are a natural source of bitcoin which strengthen hair and also well-known supplement for beard growth. Eggs also contain some other minerals such as iron, calcium, and zinc.


Oysters are one of the best sources of zinc, it is a key mineral which helps the cells which are designed for building hairs. Oysters are also a great source of protein.



Cinnamon helps the flow of oxygen to hair follicles. You don’t need to consume too much, you can just add it to food to give it a little flavor.

Drink More Water

drink more water

Water with some minerals, food, and vitamins rich in proteins is important for your beard growth. When you drink less water, the amount of blood which flows or circulates on your face will be reduced and your beard growth will be affected.

Quit Smoking

Smoking itself a bad thing, its damage your lungs, so you should stop smoking even you are not concerned with the beard growth.

quit smoking

Science has not yet uncovered the effects of smoking on beard growth, but there is few conclusion so far. It is discovered that smoking affects the beard with aging. Smoking disables the proper blood circulation to the hairs root, this way facial hairs cells didn’t get require blood for healthy growth, which results in slow growth.

Avoiding Stress

Maybe you are familiar about it that high-stress level affects the testosterone level and low testosterone level affects the beard growth on your face. So avoid stress level in order to increase the beard growth level.

It is difficult to avoid stress or sometimes it seems impossible, but there are some techniques through which you can overcome the stress. Yoga and meditation are helpful to avoid stress.

Maybe coffee makes you irritated and tense, So less caffeine and more water is always a good recipe to avoid or overcome stress.

How Physical Exercise Effects The Beard Growth

As explained earlier that beard growth depends upon the hormones such as testosterone, So increasing the hormones will increase the beard growth.

Increasing your workouts by spending more time in the gym will have a direct impact on beard growth.

One case study stated that testosterone level increases just after 15 mins exercise, which means physical exercise is important for faster beard growth. Sometimes maybe it took one hour, but there will be an impact.

Below some best exercises are mentioned which can help in beard growth.

  • Bench Presses
  • Deadlifts
  • Squats
  • Rows
  • Aerobic
  • Running
  • Weight lifting
  • Jump Ropes

Aerobic is one of the best and most effective exercises, which increase testosterone level, although it is short exercise, it works best.

How To Choose Your Beard Shape

A good beard shape will help to make your face more attractive, which in return will make you appear better looking.

beard without mustache

In Order to do that, your face shape matter a lot. If your face is on the square side then longer beard will suit on you, If you have a narrow face, then bushy beard will suit you. But you should also concern your barber for once maybe they can give you a piece of better advice.

How To Maintain Your Beard

Once you grow your beard, you will need proper care of your beard to look healthy and manageable. You need to follow some steps in order to have an awesome looking beard for life. Whether its facial hair or hair on your head, softness is a priority so, learn the tips to soften your beard.

how to shape a beard

Few of those steps are given below:

  • Wash Your Beard With Shampoo.
  • Keep Your Beard Hydrated and Conditioned.
  • Trimming Your Beard.
  • Trimming Your Neckline.

Quick Wrap-up

How to grow a beard? It is difficult to answer this question because the beard growth depends upon hormones in your body especially Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone. These two hormones are the key factor in beard growth speed.

The low level of these hormones in your body will affect your beard growth, so if your body has a low level of these hormones then you need to increase that level.

There are many ways through which you can increase the level of hormones, a proper diet can help you in beard growth by taking some vitamins daily in your meal such as Nuts, Beef, Chicken, fish, carrots, broccoli, leafy greens, eggs, and potatoes.

You can increase your hormones level by a few exercises such as Bench Presses, Deadlifts, Squats, Rows, Aerobic, Running, Weight lifting, and Jump Ropes.

Once you become a beardsman then you need to maintain it in order to adopt an awesome look, you need to adopt some steps to maintain the beard such as Wash Your Beard With Shampoo, Keep Your Beard Hydrated and Conditioned, Trimming Your Beard, Trimming Your Neckline. Visit one of the best NewYork Barber Shop ” Pall Mall Barber Shop” and get their services from Beard Styling to Hair Styling.

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Simple & Easy Steps To Get Your Best Eyebrows

How To Do Eyebrows: Styling and grooming your eyebrows do not need to be so much complicated. Once you know how to correctly shape and fill your eyebrows, you can easily keep them looking stylish and healthy.

How To Do Eyebrows

Do not even get us started on whatever shape they are actually meant to be. Are arches are completely 2019? or are straight brows are in fashion but so not flattering?

If you have hooded eyes then you must know the specific method to do the eye makeup. Mention below are some very easy steps which you can follow to do perfect brows:

How to Do Eyebrows

Some easy and simple steps are given which everyone can follow:

Wash Your Face

In order to get perfect eyebrows, you must wash and clean them as a part of your regular face cleansing routine.

Wash your face

So, before you try to pluck or do anything with your brows, just wash your face as you regularly do. After that damp a hand towel in Luke warm water and then rub it gently on your brows. Avoid rubbing hard or you will pull out some eyebrow hair.

Find Your Perfect Brow

Furthermore, the inner edge of your eyebrows should be in a straight line with sides of your nose. Moreover, you can also use a long makeup brush or a long pencil or some other object to measure it.

  • Line up the straight corner against the inside of your eye and outside of your nostril. Where the straight edge is your brow should start. Mark this area with your brow pencil. Now do this step for both eyebrows.
  • Moreover, look straight ahead and line up the straight edge with the outer side of your nostrils and your pupil to determine where your arch should be. You must mark that spot.
  • Now line up the straight edge with an outer side of your nostrils and the outer edge of your eye to determine where your eyebrow should end, now mark this spot.

Select Eyebrow Shape According to your Face

Some females prefer to pick a shape based on the shape of their face, rather than trying to measure for a maths ideal. It all depends on the shape and size of your face, you might try any of the designs given below:

Eyebrow shape

  • Heart: Rounded eyebrow shape
  • Oval: Soft angled eyebrow shape
  • Round: High arched eyebrow shape
  • Diamond: Rounded or Curved eyebrow shape
  • Long: Flat eyebrow shape
  • Square: curved or Angled eyebrow shape

Use Tweezers to Pluck Unwanted Hair

Remove any unwanted hair which you find outside your ideal eyebrow line. You must find the roots of the hair with prongs of the plucker and then pull it in the opposite direction of the hair growth to get rid of all the hair completely. You can also hide under eye bags through makeup.

How to do brows

  • Although, always pluck your brow hair from the bottom of your brow because if you pluck them from the top then that will set you up for a lifetime of the stray forehead hair.
  • So, be very careful to avoid over-plucking your hair. Though you can always pluck some extra hair, if you take it too far you will look awful.

Define your arches

You can pluck some of the hair on the bottom and/or on the top as you wanted, to fulfill your desired shape.


Then brush your eyebrows and pluck all unwanted hair beneath your brow line. Pluck hair by keeping the mirror in front of you to avoid any bad shapes.

Maintain your Eyebrows by plucking regularly

It is very easy to maintain your eyebrows if you do plucking on a regular basis, instead of all at once.

How to eyebrows

Now pluck the unwanted hair that might grow back and regularly trim your brows to keep them in good shape, then brush your hair along their natural grain so they fall comfortably.

Besides this, regular brushing your brows outwards and upwards may help them grow in that direction. If you want to make a Smokey Eye then with a little bit of practice, you can get this amazing look even better than ever before.

Try waxing your eyebrows periodically

Moreover,  apply some facial or fruit wax below your eyebrows, just apply on the unwanted hair which looks awkward. Leave the wax for a few seconds to make it go a bit tacky so it would not smudge into other brow hair you want to keep.

Wax your eyebrows

  • Now carefully apply wax strip over your eye and then leave it for 30 seconds to it sit, pull the strip in the opposite direction of the growth of hair to get rid of them. Repeat this step on another eyebrow also.
  • Use Luke warm water to remove any leftover wax from your eye, after that apply cold water and moisturizer to soothe your skin.

Try to do threading

You need a thread for threading, so take a long thread and tie the ends together. After that wrap is around the middle and index finger, revolve your hands three-four time so you now have two circles. Now change the string using these 2 fingers and your thumb.


  • Furthermore, hold the thread up to your brow, as you make one circle larger and the other smaller, the middle area that is wound will grab the hair that is passed and gently remove them You should be very careful while threading your brows.
  • It is easy to slide the thread quickly and then remove a lot of hair and do so in the wrong direction. Use the thread to keep brushing the eyebrows, just swiping in an up-and-out direction. Finally, use a soothing lotion so you will not feel any pain.

Mistakes We Usually do with our Eyebrows

Common mistakes we usually do and simple tricks to avoid them are given below:

Too short Brows

Moreover, if your brows are too short then follow this step to avoid any mistake:

Mistake we do

This is more because of your age rather than a mistake of your own, a makeup artist Lisa Says “As we get older, we incline to lose the tail of the eyebrow. Men’s brows never stop growing & our brows get thinner.”

short brows

How to get your eyebrows right

The easiest and simplest option is to fill your brows using fiber gel. This gel sticks to your skin and the brow hair and it gives you a volumized and very natural finish. Lisa explains.

“To measure where your brow should end, take a makeup brush, hold it against the edge of your nose and at the angle of the end of your eye, that is the exact place where your eyebrow should end, so put gel to reach that length.”

If you do this, it will help your face to look balance and this also lifts the appearance of your cheekbones.

Too long Brows

Moreover, if your brows are too long then follow this step to avoid any mistake:

Mistake we do

Tonya, a microblogging expert says “This is the place where the tail of your eyebrow extends too far into the temple region of your face and can lead to a drooping effect”.

Long Brows

How to get it right

When you fill in your eyebrows, line your pencil from the point where your nose meets the bridge of your nostrils to the outer side of your eye, where these two intersects with your eyebrow is where it should end, so use proper light, feathery strokes to cheat the appearance of your real hair.

You can visit Makeup Artistry by Jessica Hillery as she is a professional makeup artist and licensed cosmetologist or for any event, you can take SallyR services.

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6 Best Tricks You Can Use To Fix Your Broken Nails

How to Fix a Broken Nail: One of the very common reasons that your nails break is that there is some external component which weakens them, such as repeated drying and wetting of nail. Broken nails are so common especially in winter seasons when humidity is very low and the weather is mostly dry.

How to Fix a Broken Nail

Another reason for broken nails is the usage of detergents, Harsh chemicals, nail polish remover or cleaning fluids. If you spend a lot of time scrubbing and cleaning your house without any gloves, then, in this case, your nails are more likely to crack. If you want to remove nail polish then you can remove it with the help of toothpaste.

How to Fix Broken Nail

Moreover, according to the Osteopathic College of Dermatology, it is very uncommon that brittle, splitting and dry nails are caused by an internal component, for instance, some internal disease or deficiency of Vitamin.

Now you can determine this by examining your toenails. If your toenails are healthy and strong, and your fingernails are breaking, splitting and cracking then it is surely because of an external component like the one described above.

Trauma to the nail can also damage such as cracking, breaking and peeling. Applying acrylic or false nails, or peeling or picking nail polish can also cause damage to your nails.

Using Tea Bags

  • Firstly, you must start with polish-free and clean nails.
  • Now, cut the tea bag to the width and length to cover the break or crack in your nail.
  • After that, cover the break or crack with one drop of nail glue.

fixing broken nails using teabags

  • Place the tea bag over the crack very carefully, you can use tweezers to perform this step correctly.
  • Then allow your nail to dry completely.
  • Now using filer, gently smooth out the surface of your broken nail.
  • Finally, apply a thin layer of base coat or nail polish whatever you like.

Fix Broken Nail Using Silk Wraps

  • Firstly, you must start with polish-free and clean nails.
  • Then Clean the broken or cracked nail using alcohol.
  • After cleaning, lay the silk piece over your nail starting from the nail bed.
  • Now, gently apply nail glue over the top of the silk strip, completely covering your nail.
  • Then dip your nail in the nail powder given in the kit.

how to repair a broken nail using silk wrap

  • Gently brush away the excess nail powder from your nail.
  • Now cut any excess silk strip that hangs off of the end of your affected nail.
  • File your nail to the required shape.
  • After that, gently buff away any bumps from the surface of your nail.
  • Now you can apply nail color as you usually do.

Fix Broken Nail Using Lightless Gel

  • Firstly, you must start with polish-free and clean nails.
  • Now brush the gel evenly, covering your complete nail surface.
  • Now spray, the activating cure spray over your entire nail, evenly and completely. You might want to spray the underside of your nail as well.

fix broken nail using lightless gel

  • Moreover, the cure spray will dry out very hard.
  • Now apply a second layer of the gel along with the cure spray.
  • You can also apply a 3rd coat if needed.
  • After that, file and buff your nail for require shape.
  • Finally, manicure or apply polish to your nails as you normally do.

Fake Nails

  • Firstly, you must start with polish-free and clean nails.
  • Now apply a thin layer of nail glue on the entire surface of your nail.

Applying fake nails

  • After that, press the acrylic nails over your nails, covering a whole surface of your nail.
  • Allow that nail to dry.
  • Finally, manicure or apply polish to your nails as you normally do.

Clear Nail Polish

  • Take out your strongest and best topcoat. Similarly, a clear nail hardener also works the same.

best top coat for nails

  • Now apply the topcoat on your nail with even strokes. Pay special attention to the breaks or cracks while applying a topcoat.
  • Allow your nail to get dry.
  • Reapply few more times to add strength to your nail.

Fixing a Chipped Nail

  • Firstly, you must file away the chip: If the chip is tiny and on the corner of the nail then the simplest repair might be to only file it down a little bit. It is also recommended that you can dab the chip with acetone-based nail color remover prior to filing.

nail repair

  • Now reapply a top coat after the step given above. Using a glass filer instead of cardboard or metal filer will help you to minimize the risk of further cracking your nail.
  • Furthermore, if you own a correct nail color, then you can camouflage a chip by lobbying on some more nail color and then allowing it to dry completely and then again applying a smooth coat of nail color.
  • Again apply a thin layer of topcoat. Moreover, you might need to reapply topcoat on your other nails also to assure that they all look even.

How to Prevent Nails from Breaking

Firstly, be very gentle with your nails, while shaping and filing your nails, use a fine-grained nail file. Avoid shaping them into points, as this act can weaken the nail ends.

Buff your nails gently in the direction that the nail is growing. We recommend you to use rubber gloves while cleaning your home or washing dishes, to keep the harsh chemicals and detergents away from your nails and hands. While applying moisturizer make sure to massage it onto your cuticles as well.

According to the Research of American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, if your nails are constantly weak and brittle, then consider adding biotin into your vitamin routine. Additionally, biotin is a vitamin tablet that aids in the strength and growth of your hair, skin and especially nail.

Moreover, at last, apply nail hardener to your nails might help keep them hard and strong. You might also want to consider applying the fiber resin or silk wraps underneath your manicures to prolong the manicure.

You should visit Glam Nails & Beauty for Professional Nail and Beauty Care. They provide beauty treatments like Sculptured Nails, Refills, 3 Week Polish, Individual Eyelashes, Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting, Threading, Spray Tanning, Waxing, etc.

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How to Get Gum Out of Your Hair Without Cutting Your Hair?

How to Get Gum Out of Hair: Bubble gum has many advantages. Research has linked chewing gum to reduced stress, improved memory, and weight loss. But the worst part, chewing gum can be very sticky in the wrong circumstances.

Chewing gum is made from synthetic resins and rubber to make its sticky and chewy texture. If you pull on bubble gum, you might notice that it stretches. Furthermore, there are some chemical bonds between the molecules in the gum that makes it tough to remove from things, especially hair.How to Get Gum Out of Your Hair

Additionally, many advertisements gums are hydrophobic which means that they are not soluble in water. Chewing gums easily stick to oily surfaces than water surfaces.

All these properties of the bubble make it very tough to remove it from your clothes, hair, and shoes. Rather than resorting to scissors, try to use these household products to get rid of bubble gum from your hair.

How to Get Gum Out of Hair

Moreover, if you face any bad situation related to gum, then do not worry, you just have to follow all these remedies to get the gum out of your hair.

Ice cubes

If using oil is too greasy, you can use ice to freeze the bubble gum off. Moreover, freezing chewing gum can decrease its stickiness, and allow you to easily get rid of from your hair.Use ice-cubes to get gum out of hair

Apply an ice pack to the bubble for 5 to 15 minutes or until the chewing gum hardens. You can also wrap your hair in a towel or some cloth with some ice cubes for an extra boost. Although, this method is very effective if only a small amount of bubble gum is stuck in the hair.

Cold Cream or Moisturizing Cream

For getting rid of chewing gum from your hair, you can also use a moisturizing cream, cold creams or lotions from your dressing table.

Use Cold cream

You can apply a cream on chewing gum and then wash your hair with mouthwash. This method will remove chewing gum from your hair very easily.

Use Cooking oils to get Gum Out of Hair

All the Cooking oils are hydrophobic. For instance, if you combine water and oil in a small jar, you will see that they easily separate from each other. Matter in your cooking oil breaks down the stickiness of your bubble gum without causing any harm to your hair.

Use oil to get gum out of your hair

Some oils that may include:

  • Olive Oil
  • Canola Oil
  • Coconut Oil

You just have to apply some oil to the affected area with bubble, then rub it gently with your fingers or using a comb to get rid of bubble gum from your hair.


Similarly, Mayonnaise has the same effect as oil on the chewing gum. Whereas mayonnaise has a high amount of fat, that’s why it is very oily and greasy in nature.


You just have to take a small amount of mayonnaise on your fingers and then apply in on the edges of the bubble. Now slowly pull the bubble gum out and then wash the hair to remove all the residue as well.

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Using Vinegar is also a very effective home remedy to get rid of the bubble from your hair. Moreover, it is a solvent that has a tendency to break down all the bonds between the gum and your hair. As we all know vinegar has a very strong odor, but if you will wash your hair after this remedy then all the smell will also be gone.

To completely remove the bubble, dip that part of the hair in vinegar if the affected area cannot be dipped in the vinegar then in this case you can just soak that part of hair using cloth.


Longer you will soak your hair in vinegar, the easier will be the process of removing gum. If you want to boost the process then you can slightly heat the vinegar before applying it.

This method may take time but it all depends upon how much chewing gum is stick to your hair. After the gums start to leave your hair use a wide-tooth comb to comb your hair.

Peanut Butter

It is surprising for many of us but peanut butter is also very useful to remove bubblegum from hair. So, if you have some peanut butter at your home, then you can easily remove all the gum from your or your child’s hair.

For this, you just have to take a little amount of peanut butter and then cover the affected part of your hair with it. All the gum should be covered with peanut butter.

Peanut butter

Now let peanut butter sit for 4-5 minutes and then check the gum using your fingers that if the chewing gum has started to leave your hair or not.

So if it starts to leave your hair then gently comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb. After combing your hair all the bubble will be completely removed from your hair. Finally, you can wash your hair thoroughly to remove all the residue.

Baking Soda

This fact is not very known but baking soda can be very effective to get rid of chewing gum from your hair. For this method, you just have to take a spoonful of baking soda in a small container and then add a few drops of water to make a thick paste of it.

Baking soda for removing gum from hair

Now apply this paste on the affected area of your hair, let the paste dry. After drying, remove the paste from your hair and it will remove all the bubble from your hair.

Use Toothpaste to Get Gum out from Hair

Toothpaste is easily available in every home and it can be used in many home remedies. We can also use it to remove the bubble from hair.Use toothpaste to get gum out of hair

For this method, you just have to apply a small amount of paste directly from the tube to the affected part of your hair. Then let it dry. After drying remove the gum using your fingers and you will see the best results.

Hair Mousse

Hair spray or hair mousse can be very effective to remove bubble from hair. For this, you just have to either directly spray it on the affected area or spray it on your hand and then apply it to the affected part of your hair.Hair Mousse

Then use toothbrush or comb to remove all the gum from your hair, these products make it very easy to slide the gum out of your hair.


Apply coin size amount of conditioner on the affected area of your hair using your fingers.

Conditioner for removing gum

Conditioner will make a slick surface between the bubble and your hair. After applying, gently comb your hair to get all the gum out of your hair quickly.

What to do after Removing Gum out of Your Hair

After removing the bubble from your hair, just shampoo, shampoo, shampoo your hair. Whatever product you will use to get the gum out of your hair you just have to properly shampoo your hair, and then rinse them with plenty of water. You can rinse hair with warm water to remove all the grease and oil from your hair.

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