What Are The Benefits Of Pelvic Rotation?

The pelvis is the central part of our body, where upper and lower areas of the body are joined together. It serves as a hub for the entire body. All muscles of upper and lower areas of body terminate and attached here with each other. It is responsible to facilitate movement of our lower limbs and the upper portion of the body. Due to its unique structure, it facilitates movement in all directions, which is required by the body for its normal day to day functions.

Pelvic Rotation exercises

To keep this hub functional and maintain its natural flexibility, enabling the movement of upper and lower parts of the body, in all directions, we need to take care of it in our daily routine. Any stiffness in the pelvis may cause disorder in different areas of the body. Similarly, any accumulation of extra fat on it or on the surrounding parts of the pelvis may also result in many complications.

So, to preserve the natural flexibility of pelvis, it is very important to do specific workouts for this area. Pelvic Rotations are one of the best options to eliminate the stiffness of pelvis. Let us see what are the benefits of Pelvic Rotations?

Effect On Muscles

Pelvic Rotations are extremely helpful in eliminating the stiffness of Pelvis, by way of working on all muscles of abdominal areas, such as the lower, upper and lateral muscles. Simultaneously, it also works on the abductor muscles, glutes and deltoids. Pelvic rotations, make these muscles active by loosening the stiffness of pelvis.

Effect On Performance Of Body Muscles

Planned pelvic rotations workouts give a boost to the overall performance of body muscles. Doing pelvic rotational exercises, your oblique muscles are worked out in the most beneficial way, thus giving more power and strength in the rotational abilities of the body. It also helps improve the performance and strength of abdominal muscles, in addition to giving the boost to your back.

Effect On Performance Of Body Muscles
source: www.canadianrunningmagazine.com

Effect On The Swing

In many sports activities, such as dancing, playing golf or the sporting activities like shotput, your body needs swinging ability; the pelvic movement being the central point of the swing. Pelvic Rotations exercises help a lot in improving the swing ability of the relevant muscles.

Effect On Scoliosis

Scoliosis is the condition where natural curve of the spine is disturbed. Naturally, the spine should be like the English alphabet, “C” or “S”. Due to any medical reason, this natural curve of the spine tends to increase. If it remains within the range of 45 degrees, it is not considered a serious condition but when it goes beyond this, it is something very serious, which may require surgery for insertion of a steel rod for providing support to the spine to remain in natural condition.

Effect On Scoliosis
source: www.scoliosistreatment.com

Pelvic Rotations are considered to be a useful tool in maintaining the natural curve of the spine and avoid an increase in the angle of the curve. Experts believe the pelvic rotation exercises can bring down the curve up to 40 degrees.

Now we come to the actual exercises which are considered best in the category of Pelvic Rotations. These are as under:

Hip Rolls

This is done by moving the pelvis without any movement of the upper body. Doing so, spinal area and the abdominal areas are worked on simultaneously. It improves the performance of these areas.

For doing hip rolls, you need to lie on an exercise mat with knees bent to ninety-degree angle and arms stretched outward, with palms towards the roof. Now, put a rolled piece of foam or towel between both of your legs. Start moving your pelvis slowly sidewise, while keeping the upper body still. Then move the pelvis to other direction.

Repeat for ten times for left side and ten times for right side.

Twisting The Hips

This exercise is useful for thighs and lower part of your back. While lying straight on the exercise mat, bend your left leg and hip. Put your right ankle on the left knee. Start rolling right knee away from your body. Now roll the right foot and bring it down to the exercise mat.

Twisting The Hips

Remain in this posture for few seconds and return back to the original. Repeat the same exercise on another side as well. This exercise gives a good stretch to the lower back and thighs areas.

Hip Joint Rotation

Rotating the joints of the hips in circles is yet another very good exercise for pelvic rotations. To do this exercise, put your hands on a chair so that it gives your body good support while standing straight. Now, raise and bend your left leg, giving an angle of 90 degrees, then move the leg, clockwise. Perform 10-15 repetitions. Now do the same anticlockwise. Do 10-15 repetitions.

To begin with, the rotational circle should be kept to the minimum, which can be increased once you are comfortable doing that. Remember, the upper part of the body, especially the backbone must remain still during this exercise. Be careful in doing these exercises, because one of the most sensitive parts i.e. your spine is directly involved here. Be careful!

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