Best Carpet For Pets

Best carpet for pets: Your pet is not just a pet, it is part of your family and, like your family, you also want to feel comfortable in your home

Best carpet for pets

Since cats and dogs spend most of their time wandering around your house, kicking with the floor under their feet, it is important to consider their comfort when choosing a floor.

Pets can also damage certain types of floors. This article will provide you with a detailed guide on the best pet carpet. So, if you interested in knowing more about floors, read this article until the end.

The Material Of Carpet For Pet

Carpet material is an important factor when selecting the floor. Pets like to scratch on a carpet, so durability is necessary.


Wool is a naturally durable and stain-resistant fabric. Nowadays synthetic carpet fibers are trying to imitate the look and the texture of a wool carpet. However, wool carpet is in-fact a luxury good and due to its high cost it only makes up about 1% of all carpet floors in the United States.


Wool carpet is a great option for pet owners just because of its durability and natural stain-resistant. However, due to its high price and high water absorption rate, it is better to pick a different option.

Nylon carpet

Nylon carpet is another most durable and stain resistant carpet fiber available in the market. It is slightly more durable than wool and less expensive polyester carpet that makes it a great option for pet owners.

Nylon carpet

We all know that pets like to run around and scratch the floor, therefore, the durability of carpet is necessary. Nylon is very stain resistant and does not absorb moisture to the same degree as wool can.

It is much easier to clean. Overall nylon is more expensive than polyester but less expensive than wool. So it is a great combination of price and durability.

Best Carpet Pile For Pets

All carpet types are not created equally for pet owners. Many pet owners would recommend a  Berber carpet but it can be a mistake. Pets like to scratch and claw at carpet and Berber is a loop pile that could catch in their claws and tears carpet. Hence creating permanent damage, therefore, we recommend following carpet piles for pet owners.


This pile of the carpet often cut at an angle and is great at concealing marks and even stains.


Saxony is a durable carpet style as well and perfect for the pets that like to run up and down the hallway.


The pile for frieze is a little wirier looking than Saxony but it is also a tight woven carpet style which leads to its durability. Also, it hides stains and wears very well because of its front pattern.


So for selecting a carpet material and piles are important factors. You need to check the durability and stain resistivity while choosing a carpet for your pet.

I hope you like my post about the best carpet for pet. If you have any queries or want to share your suggestion then write them down in the comments section. We will be waiting to hear from you. You can also read:

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