What Are The Best Exercises For Shoulders?

Regular workouts are the basic requirement to achieve a certain level of fitness and healthier body. To achieve a toned and smart body comes the next. There are many types of exercises specifically designed to tone different parts of human body, such as exercises for legs, arms, abdomen, back, neck and so on.

It is therefore very important to add specific workout plans for a certain part of your body, which you want to get toned while carrying on with the general exercises for overall fitness of the body.

If you are looking for toning your arms, you may follow the specific exercises for this purpose. But you cannot get attractive arms unless you take care of your shoulders as well. Toned arms coupled with attractive and well-toned shoulders is, therefore, the dream of every youngster.

Shoulders Exercise

There are many workouts that are helpful for accumulating mass around your shoulders, through working on related muscles such as posterior and anterior deltoids. Here, we are suggesting some useful techniques and exercises to tone and strengthen your shoulders.

Dumbbells Exercises

Accumulation of mass on shoulders and strength of this region can be achieved by specific exercises with dumbbells. There are three different types of exercises that are done with the dumbbells to give strength to the shoulders. These are front lifts, lateral lifts and seated dumbbells presses.

Front lifts with dumbbells are the simplest and most effective exercise for strong and attractive shoulders. This exercise is good for middle deltoids and back. To get maximum benefits out of this exercise, selection of appropriate weights of dumbbells is very important. Neither to light nor too heavy weights can serve the purpose.

Lighter weights do not work properly in the desired region whereas too heavyweights will exhaust your energy and get you tired, so you will not be able to complete the workout plans. To do this exercise properly, stand upright with the straight body. Holding appropriate weights in each hand, lift the arms straight in front of you up to the level of your shoulders, then lower down the arms.

Repeat for 10-12 times in one set and do 3-5 sets a day. You may increase the repetitions depending on your fitness and physical capability.

Lateral Lifts, second exercise with dumbbells is also very effective and simple one. It is also a good exercise for providing strength to your shoulders. This exercise effectively works on medial and anterior deltoids. To get optimum results, it is advisable to combine both the front and lateral lifts with dumbbells.

Dumbbells Exercises

Standing upright with dumbbells of appropriate weight in each hand, lift the arms to shoulder height, but not in front but on the lateral side of your body. Now lower the arm to the original position. This can be done alternately with each arm or it can be done simultaneously with both the arms.

However, keep watch on the selection of appropriate weights to avoid any bad impact. 10-15 repetitions in one set and 3-5 sets a day is ideal.

Seated Dumbbells Press, the third exercise with dumbbells is called the seated dumbbells press, equally good for strong shoulders, as in case of first and second exercises explained above. This exercise specifically works on shoulders along with the back, biceps and deltoids.

Sitting on a bench, hold dumbbells of appropriate weight in each of your hands, with a straight back. Now lift the dumbbells to the height of your shoulders and then fully stretch the arms above the head. Holding here for a while bring down the arms to shoulder height and then repeat the same. 10-15 repetitions in one set and 3-5 sets a day will ensure strong shoulders.

Barbell Exercises

Barbell exercises are also very effective and useful for strong shoulders. There are two types of barbell exercises that can be done for this purpose, the front barbell press and rowing.

Front Barbell Press – This exercise is considered as one of best and complete exercise that works on shoulders. It works on deltoids, triceps and trapezius simultaneously. Either sitting or standing, lift the barbell (with appropriate weight) up to the level of your shoulders.

Once reached in this position, lift the barbell above your head with straight arms, in one stretch. Then lower down to shoulders and repeat the same for at least 10-15 times in one set. Do 3-5 sets a day.

Rowing to Neck – This is the second very useful barbell exercise. This exercise works in many areas around your shoulders such as shoulder blades, buttocks, forearms and abdomen: hence very effective.

Barbell Exercises

While standing or sitting keep your back straight. Hold the barbell with appropriate weights on, with a reasonable distance between your hands. Pull the barbell up to the neck. Then bring it down to your shoulders height. Repeat for 10-15 times in one set and do 3-5 sets a day.

As we always emphasize, consistency in your workouts, reasonable breaks in between and the balanced diet are the keys to your success. Never hesitate to consult a professional trainer, if at any stage you feel something going wrong.

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