Smartphones have changed the concept of life at a wide level. It is good news for students, teachers, and parents that there is a verity of educational guides and apps out there as blessings for them that it seems impossible to find the best one.

Best Free Apps For Students For IOS And Android

There is a range of apps which you can find compatible with your device and which are also not expensive. Today we have numerous free learning apps. In this article, we will discuss some of the best learning apps, so to know more about them, read the article till the end.

Best Spelling, Reading, And Writing Apps

Given below are some of the best apps for spelling, reading, and writing.

Best Spelling, Reading, And Writing Apps

Vocabulary Spelling City

This helps the child to learn the spellings through games. This app works by connecting through different devices and teacher can connect by making an account and he can also make the progress report of the child.

Scholastic Parent & Child’s KidQ

A fun quiz to spend a quality time and having a conversation with your child. Every day, it offers a set of questions as fun facts.

Best Maths And Science Apps

Some of the best science and maths apps are as followings:

Best Maths And Science Apps


This app seems like an enjoyable click-and-drag game, but in reality, it is an introduction to programming.

Project Noah

The best help for the curious and venturesome child. He can record the wildlife he encounters and gets patches.


Comprises images, news, and stories about space. Capture the child’s fantasy.

Educational Apps For Elementary School Students

Given below are best helping apps for students.

Educational Apps For Elementary School Students

Music Tutor

 Help the child learn music practicing note reading, taking quizzes and pitch recognization.

BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week

 In this app, different animated videos are used to discover new things.

Best Time Management Apps For Students

Time management is the biggest issue in the student’s life. These apps may help.

Best Time Management Apps For Students

My Study Life

A simple and practical cross-platform planner which manages timetables, deadlines, and tasks from different apps.

Microsoft Office Mobile

With this mobile version of Microsoft Office, you can edit your project anywhere, anytime, you want. It is a good choice to skip the note-taking process.


It is really exhausting to look for scholarships and prepare for the applications at the same time. This free app collects scholarship opportunities and tips for essays to make the procedure easier for you.

Best Apps To Perform Better In School

Best Apps To Do Better In School


This app comprises book summaries and themes to analyze as many books as it can in your required reading list.


 It helps as a step by step guide to all kinds of mathematical problems in basic calculations to algebra.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

You will not need a calculator anymore. This even does equations.


In this app, you can study using games and quizzes as this is perfect for stress release.


It is a different kind of calculator which works by taking a picture of the problem and explain the procedure to get a solution.


It creates flashcards from your account of EverNote, as well as reminders.


Here you can manage your notes by re-arranging, tagging, and sharing them with your friends.


For visual learners, it provides the mind mapping.

Best Apps To Learn Beyond School

Best Apps To Learn Beyond School


You can learn an extensive range of languages easily, with an enjoyable and engaging system here. It also offers, perfect to support language courses, but also to learn on your own.

Smithsonian Channel

It offers an extensive library of videos and short documentaries from the prestigious museum in virtually any subject.

Khan Academy

The best thing about this app is that is available offline. It also offers lesson and courses through videos.

Best Apps For College And Postgraduate School

Most of the high school learning apps are also useful for the college students so there is no need to restore the device. Given below are some useful apps which will help you is higher education.

Best Apps For College And Postgraduate School

This is a practical to-do list application. It helps you to learn about time management.


Actually, this is not a free application. It is for 10 dollars per month membership. However, its online library allows you to access numerous documents, books, and journals, and you can share and organize them as you want.


Do not take it a common calendar. You can add class locations, deadlines, and professors’ names, and much more so if your schedule changes, you won’t get lost.

MyScript Smart Note

It administers your notes, recognizes your handwriting and lets you add multimedia content edit, and doodle.

Best Apps For Teachers And Parents

We have described many apps for the students, but there must be apps where teachers and parents can meet their responsibilities. Given below are discussed some useful app which can help teachers and the parents to fulfill the requirements regarding the child.

Best Apps For Teachers And Parents


This app assesses the students by quizzes and games and records their progress on the charts. There is a separate app for the children to play, and the parents and the teachers can manage them.


It is a useful learning journal for parents and the teacher. It maps the learning process of the students and the content of the classes so that everybody is well organized.


It is a kind of lesson planner and a social media which connects parents and teachers to discuss the progress of students, organize the events and to remind the deadlines.

Note: If you know any other best app for learning, you can share with us in the comment section.

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