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What is The Best Time to Take Probiotics?

Often people ask their consultants about the best time to take probiotics – morning, afternoon, before or after food, evening. Taking probiotics at any time is much better than not at all taking them. But you must take probiotics at the right time to get good results.

 Best Time to Take Probiotics

Taking probiotics on a regular basis can result in some serious difficulties in some people, as tough routine can make it hard to do anything at the same time each day. Other people take so many medications that they simply add probiotics to the handful of pills they already take.

Apple cider vinegar is also beneficial for human as it has the ability to maintain normal blood sugar in the body.

Stomach Acid And Best Time To Take Probiotics

Most foods such as yogurt and sauerkraut contain probiotics. Supplements also contain live beneficial bacteria. Before probiotics gained from food or supplements can get to work, however, the beneficial bacteria must establish a presence in your gut.

Your stomach definitely has bacteria in it, but the majority of probiotic bacteria are active and effective in the lower portion of the Gastrointestinal tract. To get to the lower part of your GI tract, the bacteria must survive the corrosive environment of the stomach.

how to take probiotics

We must know that our stomach is designed in a way that does not only begin the digestive system but also destroys and repels the bacteria taken with the food, so it is important to protect bacteria as it passes through the stomach.

Role Of Stomach Acid

Experts describe stomach acid as gastric pH and 7 is neutral and lesser numbers are more acidic. When you are in a fasting state and your stomach is empty, it is very acidic at that specific time.

when to take probiotics

Fasting gastric pH typically ranges from 1.7 to 2. Gastric pH rises and stomach juices become less acidic after food intake, however, the introduction of food to the stomach also elicits the digestive process and digestive enzymes that may damage the probiotics. The orange is palatable citrus rich in vitamin C and essential oils, among different properties and also fix stomach acidity.

Why You Can’t Take Probiotics With A Heavy Meal?

Taking probiotics along with the light meal can help reduce the exposure to the acidic stomach and help their passage into the large and small intestines. Some doctors suggest not to take probiotics with heavy meals as they are hard to digest.

The acidic environment of the stomach can result in killing the probiotics gained from food, which can lessen the number of good bacteria available to inhabit the intestinal region and small paths of bacteria produce comparatively weak health benefits as compared to robust and large colonies.

Unluckily, there is very little research that compares the benefits of taking probiotics without or with meals and at the same or different times of the day. The shortage of studies could be because people have consumed probiotics during meals through yogurt and kefir.

Best Time To Take Probiotics

So what do you think is the best time to take probiotics? It hugely depends on the reason you started taking the supplement in the first place. If you take probiotics to address digestive issues such as diarrhea or bloating, you will gain the benefit from bacteria by taking supplements.

The best time for insomniacs to taking the probiotics is at bedtime, just before they are getting to their bed they should take these probiotics. There is a strong link between the liver and the gut and quieting the liver seems to help with sleep.

best time to take probiotics

Research shows that people with cirrhosis and other liver issues suffer from insomnia more than those without. It is also dependable on your personal sleep-wake cycle. People who wake up early may get the benefit by taking probiotics in the morning, while those who sleep late at night can take in the evening for better results.

The Power Of Natren Probiotics

People who use Natren probiotic gain some extra freedom in a time when they take their Healthy Trinity. Natren’s Healthy Trinity uses a preventive oil-matrix delivery system that results in 100% survivability of the three probiotic bacteria contained in the probiotic.

Natren’s single-strain probiotics like Bifido, Digesta-lac, and Megadophilus utilize the power of the Supernatant to give them additional protection through hard digestive juices.

All those using probiotics within two hours of taking herbs, drugs or garlic have are believed to have anti-bacterial properties as certain medications and foods can damage probiotics. Just wait for two then you can take it.

There are lots of Probiotic companies and among best are Attune Foods, Bifodan, and BioGaia. So visit any of them and get their services.

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