Best Time To Visit Japan: Typhoon season, weather changes, and rushed festivals should be considered while planning a trip to Japan. Early spring season is the best time to visit Japan as it is the time when short-lived cherry blossoms are blooming out.

best time to visit japan

If you are planning to visit Japan and wondering when you should go then in this article we will provide you a detailed guideline on the best time to visit Japan. So if you are interested to know the peak season and important festivals then read the article till the end.

Best Time To Visit Japan

One of the favorite cultural destinations for tourists is Kyoto, in Japan. The busiest time in Kyoto is spring and fall while October and November are the peak months when there are numerous visitors.

Time To Visit Japan

You can consider August for booking your trip to Kyoto as rain slack off little and crowds have not arrived yet. If you do not have any problem with winter then January and February are good months to visit Japan.


January is usually the winter-time across much of the country. However, some areas like Okinawa remain semi-tropical throughout the year. This can be a much quieter time as the rush of the New Years’ holiday will go back home.


Events to check out:

  • Seijin-no-hi: This is celebrated on the second Monday of January. This day is considered the collective birthday for all people who have turned 20. It is the country’s age of majority, in the past year.
  • Shōgatsu: It is celebrated from January 1 to 3 each year. Families gather together for meals and other celebrations.


February is generally the coldest month in Japan. But if you like to ski then it is among the best times of year to visit.

Often, plum blossoms begin blooming toward the end of the month, indicating that spring is on its way. Besides, Temperatures in Tokyo typically average around 45 degrees Fahrenheit, while in Sapporo in the north, it can be as cold as 20 degrees.


Events to check out:

  • Yuki Matsuri: Over 2 million visitors head to Sapporo. This annual snow festival features an international snow sculpture contest, ice slides, and more.
  • February 3: It is celebrated as the first day of spring on the traditional lunar calendar. Moreover, it is celebrated in Japan as a day in which one must repel evil. On this day, people often visit Buddhist temples and push off the devil, while welcoming fortunes in.

Best Time To Visit Japan – April

April gets extremely crowded in Japan, as cherry blossoms season is usually peaking. But it is worth watching at this time. The weather is sunny and clear.

Best Time To Visit Japan - April

Events to check out:

  • Spring Festival: Each year, Takayama hosts a famous spring festival in mid-April. It features floats lit with lanterns and a festive lion dance.
  • Miyako Odori: It runs throughout April in Kyoto. This festival features geiko dances and music.

Best Time To Visit Japan – October

October is a fantastic month to visit Japan as it is marked by bright, warm days, with little humidity. During this month, fall foliage peaks in the Japanese Alps.

Best Time To Visit Japan - October

Events to check out:

  • Roppongi Art Night: It is celebrated each year in mid to late October. Throughout the night, Arts venues stay open and host large-scale installations and performances throughout this exciting weekend.
  • Halloween: Japanese love celebrating Halloween, and it is worth a visit to Tokyo’s Shibuya district on October 31, if you want to see thousands of costumed revelers.


November has beautiful weather, with temperatures in Tokyo ranging from 65 degrees Fahrenheit to 45 degrees. While Sapporo is as cool as 35 degrees during the night.

nov in japan

Events to check out:

  • The Ohara Festival: It is held in the southern county of Kagoshima. This festival features a street parade of more than 20,000 dancers. Also, there is a crowd of more than 500,00 people.
  • The Momiji Festival: This festival is held in Kyoto featuring five incredible period-decorated boats that are meant to recreate the atmosphere of the Heian court of Japan. Re-enactors play traditional instruments while reciting noh and kyogen.

So January, February, April, October, and November are the best time to visit Japan. Avoid visiting Japan in December as the crowd can be really huge due to new year festivals.

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