Best Time Travel Books: Time travel stories such as robots, cryosleep, and aliens, makes the sci-fi genre so much fun. Especially because every author is able to add his own rules to the mindblowing phenomenon.

best time travel books

With this amazing feature, reading a new time-travel book is like finding a whole new dimension. If you are also a fan of the time travel genre then in this article we will provide you a list of best time travel books you must read. So if you are interested to read some sci-fi fiction then keep reading this article till the end.

Best Time Travel Books – The Book Of Kells

Author:  R. A. MacAvoy

This is an enchanting adventure through Celtic mythology. The Book of Kells depicts character development and fantastical imagery.

Best Time Travel Books - The Book Of Kells

MacAvoy’s hero is meekly mannered John Thornburn, and the heroine is the strong-willed Derval. They travel back to 10th-century Ireland to avenge a Viking attack.

Half fantasy, half fiction and completely captivating, this book will make you feel as though you have been traveled back 11 centuries, too.

A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court

Author: Mark Twain

Mark Twain’s time travel is just worth deserving of your attention. Especially if you are a sci-fi fan. This novel sends a supervisor Hank Morgan at a Connecticut firearms factory, back to the year 528.

A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court

There he must have to deal with churlish knights, fears of science, and the little issue of having been sentenced to burn at the stake.

The Sterkarm Handshake

Author: Susan Price

This is a sort of time-traveling romantic tale. Susan Price’s Sterkarm Handshake introduces you to protagonist Andrea Mitchell who is a young anthropologist, has been sent from 21st-century Great Britain to 16th-century Scotland in order to deal with the Sterkarms.

The Sterkarm Handshake

Sterkarms is a primitive tribe standing in the way of her corporation’s access to Scotland’s unlimited and untouched natural resources. Love, loss, liberty, and much more to experience in this book.

Best Time Travel Books – Shadow Of Ashland

Author: Terence M. Green

It is a small-town Kentucky mystery that will keep you guessing and thrilled until the final chapter. Shadow of Ashland is Terence M. Green’s time-travel novel that is a must-read book.

Best Time Travel Books - Shadow Of Ashland

It all begins with the dying mother of Leo Nolan, asking him to find her brother who went missing 50 years before. Luckily, his uncle has just sent him a letter. His thrilling journey begins which captivates the reader a lot.

Everyone Says That At The End Of The World

Author: Owen Egerton

This humorous and unique science fiction starts about four days before the end of this world. Apparently, the world is a refuge for the people but it is about to be shut down.

Everyone Says That At The End Of The World

Milton and Rica, a couple who are expecting their first child, decide to attempt survival and went on a cross-country trip that involves ghosts, angels, inter-dimensional time travelers and a whole lot more.

Best Time Travel Books – The Shadow Hunter

Author: Pat Murphy

Pat Murphy is a Nebula Award-winning author who unlocks the mysteries of time with a wildlife sci-fi novel called The Shadow Hunter.

The Shadow Hunter

It features a Neanderthal boy who has transported from the ancient past into a futuristic dimension beyond his understanding. The Shadow Hunter plays with cultural conflicts and clashes to deliver a survival tale that contains enthralling and spiritual elements at once.

Best Time Travel Books – Time Loves A Hero

Author: Allen Steele

Allen Steele is a two-time Hugo Award winner.

Time Loves A Hero

Brilliant yet consumable hard sci-fi, Time Loves a Hero a.k.a. Chronospace depicts historical fact with UFO fiction in order to create a book you will happily be sucked into.

The Dancer From Atlantis

Author: Poul Anderson

This is a historical, romance, and time-travel novel. It comprises a malfunctioning future time machine which sends four people from four different timelines to the year 4000 BCE, on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt.

The Dancer From Atlantis

An American architect Duncan Reid is also among them, who came all the way from the 20th century. Erissa is a priestess from Atlantis who has only traveled a few decades through time.

She is their best chance of getting back to their respective timelines. But for this, they must put themselves in grave danger.

These were some of the must-read books if you are a fan of sci-fi fiction. These books will make you feel traveling another dimension with their captivating story and narrating style.

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