Best ways to make sterile saline solution for wounds

The best way in which a wound can heal optimally is through sterile saline solution. It is important for removing dirt, debris and tissue from the effected area.In this post we will discuss that how you can make saline solution for wounds at home.

Before treatment, it is necessary to clean the wound so clean it as this would be easier for a clinician to examine the wound in order to start a treatment plan.

Sterile Saline Solution

Your mind should be clear that saline solution has no side effects as it contains a high concentration of dissolved salts. As salt removes moisture from the infected or wounded area, and clears away bacteria or fungi.

How to make sterile saline solution for Wounds?

Saline solution is a perfect disinfectant, and we will definitely recommend every one to keep this with them for emergency. Now we will see that how we can make sterile saline solution for wounds at home.

Simple way to make saline solution is to simply mix table salt with water but many times you need to sterilize it to prevent yourself from any further infection.

You have to decide what you want to do as if purpose is to wash your teeth then only add salt with water and if you need to wash wound then sterilize it.

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Materials For Sterile Saline Solution

  • Water:- We recommend you to use distilled or purified water instead of ordinary water from Tap.
  • Salt:- Our recommendation is to use non-iodized salt which means free from iodine.Remember never use Sea salt or Rock salt as chemicals in them can worsen your wound. Use 9 gram of salt per liter of water.

Procedure for Sterile Saline Solution

If you want to wash your mouth then warm a glass of water and dissolve a teaspoon of salt in it. If you want there there is option to add baking soda into the mixture. Baking soda balances the levels of acid and saliva, and also can aid in the disinfecting process.

Saline Solutions

And if you want to make sterile saline solution, then

  1. Dissolve 9 grams of salt into a liter of boiling water
  2. Cover it with a lid

so follow below mentioned details for sterile saline solution:-

  • First step is to wash your hands.
  • Fill one liter of distilled water.
  • Boil the water for 5 minutes.
  • Pour salt into it
  • Stir with a spoon until all the salt get dissolved.
  • Carefully pour this solution into a storage container and secure it with a lid.
  • Store the container in a dark, clean and cool place to prevent any bacterial growth

This solution can be successfully used for treating wounds or new piercings. Now let’s discuss saline solution for eyes.

Saline Solution For Eyes

As saline closely resembles to human tears and it makes a great eye wash. If you get something into your eyes and get irritating then you can use this solution. Anything can go inside your eyes like pollen, soap, or cat dander, so saline solution can help you in washing it away.

Sterile Saline Solution for eyes

There are some precautions like if you want to use it as an eye wash, then you need to place saline in a clean squirt bottle. Then you need to tilt your head back, and finally drop some insides like eye drops.

Finally, you should hold your eyelid open, and needs to dunk your eye into the solution. Now lets see that how we can make saline solution for piercings.

How to make saline solution for Piercings?

There are some easy steps that you should follow to make saline solution for piercings.

  • WASH:-  First wash your hands really well
  • SALINE:-  Saline soak for five minutes once or more per day. Then you need to seal a warm saline solution over the affected area. Rinse after salt soak as dried salt crystals could hurt your wound and your piercing.
  • SOAP:-  You need to soap only once or twice a day. While showering, lather up a dime sized drop of the soap to clean the jewelry and the piercing.
  • RINSE:- Rinse to remove all the soap from the piercing and now you you don’t have to rotate your jewelry through the piercing.
  • DRY:- Dry gently with clean, disposable paper products, cloth towels could snag on jewelry, and they might have bacteria on them.

If you want to buy buy saline solution then read below.

Where to buy saline solution?

If you don’t want to make it at your home then there is also no problem as it is available on Pharmacy. So you can also buy from any pharmacy.


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