How To Get Bigger Shoulders With Weights?

Shoulders are the essential part of overall toning up of body muscles. Normally people do not give due attention to work out the shoulders. You may have noticed that your focus is on abs, legs and arms and often we mix up shoulders with arms; hence ignore specific shoulder exercises.

uneven shoulders

Ignored shoulders have a very bad impact on the overall look of your body, no matter how strong you have worked on other parts of your body. So, here we are giving you the best exercises to get bigger shoulders

The Military Press

Most common and widely recommended exercise for bigger shoulders is “The Military Press”. To do this exercise you need to sit on a bench, with the straight back and upright. Arms should remain parallel to your shoulders. Hold the bar (with weights loaded), lift the bar upwards with arms remaining straight upward, above your shoulders.

This exercise works on your triceps and trapezius. If you narrow the distance between both your hands, your triceps get developed. When you widen your hands, it works on your trapezius. In both cases, shoulders are being worked on.

military press

Normally this exercise is done from the front of your face, but after gaining more experience, you may also try to do it from behind your face. This is quite difficult for beginners.

3 sets of 6 presses with 60 seconds rest in between is quite good.

The Seated Dumbbells Press

Another way of doing the above exercise (Military Press) is to do it with Dumbbells, instead of the bar. This is also known as “the Seated Dumbbells Press” and is known as the best shoulder exercises.

Sit on a bench with straight back, in an upright position. your feet should remain on the floor, flat. Hold Dumbbells in each hand. Lift the dumbbells straight upwards, above your shoulders and then return downwards. Try to control your breath; when raising, inhale the breath, when lowering the dumbbells, breath out. Make sure that your torso should not move during this exercise; it should remain static.

seated dumbbells

3 sets of 6 presses with 60 seconds rest in between is quite good.

While above two exercises are for Triceps & Trapezius, we now move on to the front, rear and side Deltoids.

Dumbbells Or Barbell Exercise For Front And Side Deltoids

Stand upright, with knees slightly bent to provide sufficient balance to your body. Hold a dumbbell or barbell in each hand. Slightly bend and lift the elbow up to the height of your shoulders. Then bring down both hands to normal. Make sure that your body should not be pushed or moved; keep it static.

dumbell or deltoids

Repeat for 10-15 times with 20 seconds interval. This is the best exercise for front and side deltoids which ultimately help you get bigger and stronger shoulders.

Dumbbells Or Barbell Exercise For Rear Deltoids

The exercise meant for Front & Side Deltoids is also useful for rear Deltoids. But for doing so, you need a bench to lie down on, with your face down. Hold barbell or dumbbells in each hand, with arms straight downwards. Raise the dumbbells up to the height of your shoulders. If you feel it difficult in the beginning, you should use less weight and gradually increase it.

Repeat for 10 times with 3 sets and a rest of 60 seconds in between. This is the best-known exercises for rear Deltoids.
rear delt

Dumbbells Front Raise For Medial & Posterior Deltoids

Considered as the best exercise to develop medial & posterior deltoids, is the Dumbbells Front Raise Exercise.

Hold a dumbbell from one of the edges, in each hand. Keep the back straight upright. Lift the dumbbells from down up to the height of your chest. Make sure your arms should not bend. Now bring down the dumbbells. Repeat the same once again.

posterior deltiods

3 sets of 10 repetitions with 60 seconds rest in between is sufficient for the development of medial and posterior deltoids, ultimately helping you to get strong and bigger shoulders

Other useful exercises for bigger shoulders include Chest or Bench Presses Exercises in your routine. This is also much helpful and useful exercise for bigger shoulders. Similarly, pushups and weight lifting (both jerk & clean) are much helpful to develop shoulders.

Take Help From Gym Instructors

Most gyms have instructors to guide you through your workouts. Never hesitate to take their help. They are professionals and can provide you best workout schedule, according to your requirements, especially in terms of your techniques, number of repetitions, rest time, diet and weights.

gym instructor

However, as a general rule, always start with fewer weights and gradually increase it.

Normally 3-4 sets of any exercise with 8-10 repetitions and 60 seconds rest in between will suffice your requirements.

Last but not the least, one more general rule, as with all exercises, consistency, proper diet and alternate day’s rest is must.

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