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Black Mouth Cur Puppies & Dogs: Everything You Need To Know

Black Mouth Cur: The dog with fastest, sharp, courageous and with heroic capabilities. The Black Mouth Cur is a great dog for hunting and a loyal protector. They are considered as an all-rounder working dog. These dogs help hunters in mountainous areas and farmers as-well in the U.S.

They have a brave, energetic and strong personality. So, they are capable of providing protection, herding livestock and tracking.

Black Mouth Cur

This article is dedicated to the popular hunting Dog. Due to prominent traits of Black Mouth Cur, the breed got its own movie character in “Old Yeller” inspired by a true story.

Black Mouth Cur

These hardy and dependable, strong yet sensitive, active family friends dogs were used by miners to herd cattle, hunt wild boar and protect.


Curs aroused in the Southeastern U.S. but also found different types everywhere in the country. These dogs are a bit rare in other parts of the world. Yet, no one exactly knows the exact ancestors of these dogs. It is believed that they are descended from ancient European Asian.

Black Mouth Cur hunting

Back in the days, curs were crossbred with other dogs as they needed. There was no record on which breeds were used, so, it contributed to unknown specifics when it comes to origin. Though, it is difficult to point the exact figure when pedigreed Black Mouth Cur first appeared

Quick Facts about Black Mouth Cur

  • The Black Mouth Cur is named for the characteristic black color that covers its lips and muzzle.
  • They belong to the working dogs’ group.
  • Curs weight from 40 to 95 pounds.
  • Height is around 16 to 25 inches.
  • Their life span is around 12 to 18 years.
  • There are several breeders of Black Mouth Curs who may produce variations in size, coat, and personality traits.


The features of Black Mouth Curs can change depending on breeding, and even breed of the same puppies can look very distinctive. Their coats are short and coarse or fine. They can be red, yellow, black, brown, or brindle.

Most have some black fur on their muzzle. A few may have the look of a mask around their face and eyes. White patches can emerge on the face, chest, legs, or tail.

Their eyes are either green, yellow, or brown. They shed their coat slightly throughout the year and more heavily before winter and summer.

They don’t need much care, they can go their lives without having their coats groomed professionally. But they do need cleaning otherwise they can get bacteria, parasites or debris.

Black Mouth Curs’ Health

Curs are considered to be a healthy breed with fewer genetic problems. Owners should check throughout the dog’s lives. Some infections that might affect Curs include ear Infections, mange, hip dysplasia, cataracts, and epilepsy. They have the potential to gain weight.

 cur dog

There are several different breeders of Black Mouth Cur who may produce differences in size, coat, and personality traits.


This breed is sensitive. Tolerates being alone and does tolerate Cold and Hot weather. Black mouth curs are easy to be handled by an inexperienced owner. They can live in an apartment. These are well-known to be very gentle and friendly with people.

Curs become more protective and mild around children. They are outgoing, and loving with family members. Additionally, they are curious and smart domestic animals.

Trainability of Curs

Curs are intelligent dogs thus they are easy to train. They have the potential to communicate. Curs have a tendency to cry and bark. They like to travel. It is necessary to start training early to make sure Curs act and remain non-aggressive.

They have high energy levels. Hence, they are more likely to be playful. These dogs do need exercise regularly to function properly and remain healthy and active throughout the day.

Black Mouth Curs need a trainer that is able to maintain a steady hand. These dogs are highly sensitive and do not respond to severe punishments. Training sessions should be precise and productive,  short enough to keep the dog’s attention.

This breed is not the best choice for inexperienced trainees.

black mouth cur dog

These dogs are known for their loyalty. Although they are quite sensitive and are highly spontaneous about their owner’s feelings.

Besides, it is a pedigreed dog and was bred to be an all-around working dog and able to protect its owner. The United Kennel Club identifies the Black Mouth Cur as a registered scenthound.

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