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Black Seed Oil Benefits, Dosage and After effects for Patients Health

Black Seed Oil is used by many people due to its hundreds of benefits, such as good for skin, health, etc. This oil is in use for thousands of years for medicine and food. In this article, you will find the black seed oil benefits, black seed oil side effects and much more.

black cumin seed oil

Black seed is a plant, people have used the seed in order to make different medicines for various diseases for over 2000 years. These days black seed is most commonly used for multiple diseased such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension, weight loss, and many other diseases.

History of Black Seed Oil Usage

Black Seed oil is considered as a medicine and it is used to cure numerous diseases such as headache, toothache, nasal congestion, asthma, and arthritis. It was even discovered in the tomb of King Tut.

black seed

The Black Seed is considered to be native to the Mediterranean region. People have used the seed to make medicines for multiple purposes for over 2000 years. The Black Seed is conscious to climate and soil situation so its production grows primarily throughout the Middle East and the Mediterranean Basin which includes Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iraq, and Iran.

What is Black Seed Oil?

Black seed oil is extracted from the Nigella Sativa seeds, a plant native to Asia which is commonly called black cumin. It is also called Black cumin seed oil or kalonji oil.

nigella sativa

Nigella Sativa is a kind of small flowering shrubs which have white-tinged or purple flowers that mostly grows in western Asia and the middle east. The shrubs produce fruits which have small black seeds, these seeds have been used in remedies for thousands of years.

The seeds have a bitter taste as compared to cumin or oregano. They are used in cooking to add taste to pickles, curries bread. You can get Black Seed Oil from any store.

Black Seed Oil Benefits

Many scientists with various specialties have researched Kalonji oil and try to find out different benefits related to health, beauty, and skin.  Another important thing, that many studies have used cells or animals as a subject, there is limited research available on the effects of Kalonji oil on humans.

black seed oil benefits

There are many advantages of using Kalonji oil, some of them are briefly explained below:

Benefits Related to the Skin & Beauty

The black seed oil has various applications and advantages for problematic skin conditions. Some of its applications for beauty and skin are given below:

benefits of black seed oil


A study in 2012 on mice recommend that the black seed oil may also have antipsoriatic benefits, so applying this oil has been shown to reduce the incidence of psoriasis plaques.


Research recommends that the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory property of Kalonji oil can improve acne. According to the Journal of Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery, using a lotion prepared with 10 percent black seed oil naturally reduced the effect of acne after two months.

Hydrating hair:

Black seed oil can also be for human hair in order to soften it and promote more shine.

Softening skin:

The black seed oil can also be added to oils and moisturizers to enhance skin moisture and hydration.

Wound healing:

One of the properties of black seed oil has been shown that it reduces inflammation and the presence of bacteria to help in wound healing.


According to study 2013, considering the therapeutic benefits of Sativa with those of prescription medications, black seed oil has the ability to the severity of hand eczema.

Benefits for Health Conditions

The black seed oil also has some benefits for a few health conditions, few of them are mentioned below:

black cumin seed


Few recent studies have shown that the thymoquinone in Kalonji oil can affect programmed cell death, or apoptosis, in various types of a cancer cell, such as brain cancer, leukemia, and breast cancer cells.

Thymoquinone is a compound which may have cancer-fighting powers. So due to this property this oil can help.


In one study, people put black seed oil drops in their noses to treat mild or severe cases of allergic rhinitis. After 6 weeks, 9 out of 10 people said their sneezing, itchy eyes, stuffy nose, and other symptoms got better or they get rid of it completely. But still, more research is required, you should ask your doctor if it is fine for your condition or not.


According to an article in the Journal of Endocrinology & Metabolism, Kalonji oil may have anti-diabetic properties which can improve blood sugar levels. But again as I described before that most of these experiments were carried or applied on animals rather than humans, so contact your doctor before using it.

Liver and kidney function

According to a study in 2013 on rats, Kalonji oil has the ability to reduce liver and kidney disease complications and can also improve the organ structures. But still, researchers didn’t know if such effects would also occur in humans.

Reducing stomach upset

Taking Kalonji oil is correlated with curing stomach pain and cramps. This oil can help to reduce gas, stomach bloating.

Reducing high blood pressure

Taking black cumin seed extract for two months has been shown to reduce high blood pressure in people whose blood pressure is mildly elevated.

Decreasing asthma symptoms

The anti-inflammatory property of Kalonji oil may extend to improving asthma symptoms. Its property of reducing inflammation in the airways can also help with bronchitis symptoms.

Heart Benefits

In some studies, those supplements which were made with kalonji oil, have shown to lower the level of cholesterol and blood fats called triglycerides. Taking a balanced supplement may boost your cholesterol when coupled with aerobic exercise.

Male Fertility

Studies on both infertile men and rats have shown that Kalonji oil can boost sperm count and help sperm swim faster. Antioxidants property in the oil likely help to protects sperm from damage.

Breast pain (mastalgia)

Recent research has shown that by applying a gel containing kalonji oil to the breasts during the menstrual cycle reduces pain.

Black Seed Oil Side Effects

There are many benefits of using kalonji oil but it does not mean that this supplement can replace medication. You should discuss to your doctor before taking this oil. The doctor can advise on possible interactions with the medication.

black cumin

A pregnant or breastfeeding women should discuss with the doctor to see if this oil is fine for her before using it.

An accessive use of Kalonji oil can cause an allergic rash in some people. So you should be careful before using it.

Make sure that keep the oil away from the eyes and other sensitive body parts. Swallowing this oil can lead to digestive problems, such as stomach upset and vomiting.

Always choose high-quality, organic Kalonji oil that is pure and USDA certified, there are many E-commerce stores or pharmacies which provide pure oil.


There is no specific dose limit is mention anywhere but some research shows the following dosage limit but again, you must discuss to doctor before its usage.

  • For asthma: 2 grams of ground black seed should be used daily for 12 weeks.
  • For diabetes: 1 gram of black seed powder should be used twice daily for up to a year.
  • For high blood pressure: 0.5-2 grams of black seed powder should be taken daily for up to 12 weeks.
  • To improve sperm function: 2.5 mL of black seed oil has been used twice daily for 2 months.
  • For breast pain: A gel must containing 30% kalonji oil and then apply to breasts every day for two menstrual cycles.

Quick Wrap-Up

Black seed oil is extracted from the Nigella Sativa seeds, which is also called Black cumin seed oil or kalonji oil. This oil is in use for thousands of years for medicine and food.

Kalonji oil is considered as a medicine and it is used to cure numerous diseases such as headache, toothache, nasal congestion, asthma, and arthritis. It was even discovered in the tomb of King Tut.

Kalonji oil is used for curing various diseases such as diabetes, allergies, reducing blood pressure and cholesterol level, etc. But Excessive or improper use of it may be lead to some serious condition. So you should contact a doctor before taking it.

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