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How To Bleach White Shoes?

Bleaching white shoes is very important to make them clean and new. As we all know white shoes get dirty very easily. Few particles of dust and dirt on them look very bad. Bleaching white shoes is very easy but you need to follow some precautionary measures, so you will not harm yourself and will not damage the shoe as well. Mostly white shoes are used by boys; they wear it for playing different sports like football, cricket, and many others. So it means they get dirty very easily.

Bleaching white shoes

White color shoes are also very popular nowadays because it goes with every color. If you are wearing light or bright color clothes, white color shoe always go with your clothes. So white color shoes need proper care and maintenance for keeping their original color and condition. You should know the correct use of everything for cleaning your white shoes. There are many steps which effectively help you to bleach white shoes.

So, here on, we are providing you some easy and effective steps on How to bleach white shoes without damaging and fading them.

Things required for bleaching white shoes

  • Bleach
  • Water
  • Small bucket
  • Rubber gloves
  • Face mask
  • Soft cotton cloth
  • Shoe brush
  • Ammonia

Steps to follow for bleaching white shoes

  • Before starts bleaching your white shoes you should remove all the dust and dirt from them using a soft bristle shoe brush. Remove all the dust from the shoes, and make sure your white shoes are now free of dust and dirt. If the rubber part of the white shoe is dirty and dusty you can also clean it using a wet wipe. After removing all the dust, now you can start bleaching your white shoes.

White shoes get dirty easily

  • Now prepare a mixture of bleach and water. Put one part bleach in five parts of water in a small bucket. Now take a soft cotton cloth, dip it in a prepared solution of bleach and water, wring it well and now starts rubbing the shoe. We will recommend you to use this bleach solution first on the hidden part of the shoe to see if it damages the shoe or not. If not then starts cleaning the shoe with this solution.

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  • After cleaning the shoe with soft cotton cloth, leave the solution of bleach and water on the shoe for few minutes and then immediately take dry cotton cloth dip it in plain water and then wipe the entire shoe to remove all the traces of bleach from it. You will notice that your white shoe is free of stains and dust.
  • Bleach can remove almost every stain from anything. Using bleach is very effective but it can also be dangerous for sensitive human skin. So always wear rubber gloves while using bleach, even if you are using it on clothes, on your shoes or for cleaning your home. Bleach has a very strong odor, it can also be dangerous and harmful for a person having asthma, it can cause breathing problems also so we will recommend you to use face mask also while using bleach.

Hang them to dry

  • After bleaching your white shoes hang them in open air and shady place to let them dry properly. After drying of shoes you will be able to see the proper results of cleaning. Do not put your white shoes in sunlight for drying otherwise sunlight can damage the shoe, or will turn your white shoe into a yellowish color.
  • Another method for bleaching your white shoes is to use water, liquid soap and a few drops of ammonia in it. Prepare this solution in a small bucket and then take soft cotton cloth, dip it in the prepared solution and starts rubbing the shoe with it in soft gentle motions. After rubbing, leave the solution on shoe for a few minutes to act.
  • After few minutes, take another soft cotton cloth, dip it in plain water, wring it well and starts wiping off all the traces of soap and ammonia from the shoe. Properly clean the shoe with soft cotton cloth and allow it to dry in shady place.

Use vinegar for bleaching

  • You can also bleach your white shoes using white vinegar, water, and soap. Prepare a mixture of white vinegar water and little amount of liquid detergent in a small bucket. White vinegar is a bleaching agent, it can clean almost everything. When we talk about vinegar for cleaning we always meant white vinegar because other kinds of vinegar contain color in them. When you use colored vinegar for cleaning their colors can be absorbed by the shoes or clothes. So always use white vinegar for cleaning.
  • You can also clean your white shoes with baking soda and white vinegar solution if they are very dirty and have black stains on them. Prepare a thick paste of white vinegar and baking soda in a small container. Now take soft bristle brush, apply this thick paste on a brush and starts rubbing the brush on your white shoes with gentle circular motions.
  • After rubbing the entire shoe, now take soft cotton cloth, damp it with plain water, wring it well and then wipe the whole shoe with it carefully.

Use baking soda for cleaning

  • You will notice that all the stains are removed, and you white shoe looks like a new one. Vinegar also brightens and whiten the shoes, it also gives life to your white shoes.

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  • You can also use hydrogen peroxide for bleaching your white shoes, as it has a tendency to bleach and clean your shoes. For this method prepare a mixture of warm water and little amount of hydrogen peroxide in it. Mix the two ingredients well with each other. In addition, you can also add a little amount of baking soda in it.
  • Now apply this solution on your shoes with a soft bristle brush. Finally, wipe your shoes with a damp cloth.

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