If you are planning to adopt a dog for the family which protects your family and remains loyal to you then border collie is one of the best dogs breed for you to get. This dog only requires your attention and it is important for you to know what you have to do if you are interested in adopting this breed. In this article, we will tell you keys to look after your dog.

Border Collie

Look after you border collie Follow these steps

  • The origin of border Collie goes back to English and the Scottish farm dogs which is the reason behind the guardian, protective nature and attitude of this breed. This behavior makes these breed dogs very obedient and perfect for training and tricks.
  • In the adult age Border Collie can be a very shy animal, therefore, you must train your pet to be social at the early age of your pet. If you train your pet in the early age then your pet will be active and healthy.

Border Collie is shy

  • Always remember that this breed of dogs likes to walk long distances, therefore, you must take your pet for exercise to keep them healthy and they can drain their energy too.
  • One of the most interesting and amazing features of Border Collie is its fur and therefore you must give proper attention on it, you can clean and brush your pet’s fur on the daily basis to keep its fur in good condition.
  • Border Collie is the best pet for children’s because they are always active, energetic and always ready to play but you must keep it in mind that this breed does not like rough treatment because they are very sensitive.

Border Collie is very active

  • If you treat your dog tough then your Border collie can become lazy, angry and does not follow your orders, it will be hard for you to train your pet if you roughly treat your dog.
  • You must keep your pet in the family and try to make them adopt family life, as border collie is a very sensitive animal and does not like loneliness. If you keep your pet in loneliness then they become shy.
  • You must take care of your pet’s food always give them fresh and quality food, feed nutritious food to your dog according to the physical activity it does and according to its age.

Take your pet to vet

  • As the age of this breed increase, they can develop dysplasia in hip, ocular and deafness problems which are specified with Border collie breed. Therefore it is important for you to take your pet to vet for the proper checkups.
  • You must vaccinate your pet against the rabies disease, as rabies is a fatal disease and transferable therefore you must vaccinate your pet against this disease.
  • Always give plenty of fresh water to your pet after exercise to keep them hydrated because they like to run long distances, therefore, give them plenty of water.

Clean your pet

  • You must have a large space in your house if you want to adopt this animal in-house if you have a garden in the house that would be best for your pet to walk and move around. Most importantly you must give a bath to your pet at least once in two weeks.
  • You must clean your pets area where they sleep at least once in a weak so that they do not get dirty and get diseases because most of the times it is observed animals get an infection from the area where they sleep.

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