How to Act when Your Boyfriend Keeps Paying for Everything?

When you are in a relationship you have to respect the values of each other whether you are girl or boy. If you are a girl, you have to make sure that your boyfriend should feel care and love for you. Not by paying for everything but by showing love and sincerity to you.

Some girls do not know what to do or how to respond to a situation where the boyfriend is supporting financially. When you are at a restaurant or in some college party your boyfriend pays for everything you use or eat. Usually, girls don’t understand and feel shy discussing this issue. We will help to solve this issue to realize your boyfriend about your concern.


Assess your Feeling

  • In a relationship only, feelings matter no love or attention or conversation. You should be emotionally available to your partner and make him realize that you would be there in the hour of need. For assessing your feeling, you have to see inside of your heart how you feel when your boyfriend pays for your eating and shopping.
  • Do not hesitate in realizing whether you are feeling shy or shameless or selfish about it. you should know why this is so. Because your feeling may be the cause why you are so bothered about it. in a relationship at the end, the only thing that will count will be your feeling for your boyfriend.


Where you Stand

  • When you are in a relationship it is your duty to quickly understand your position in your relationship. Whether you are leading your relationship, or you are in the back seat. Because it will keep you informed how to act with your boyfriend.
  • It will make you realize how to show your feelings to your boyfriend when you look at your boyfriend paying your bills and shopping. You should know whether your boyfriend is just dating you or he is serious about you. Or he is just paying to impress you so that you should say yes to be his girlfriend just for the time being.


Talk About This

  • When you are in a relationship with your boyfriend you should make everything thing loud and clear, so that nothing should surprise him. Sometimes girl hides their intentions or feelings just to surprise their friend, but it does not impress their boyfriends instead it causes more trouble and issues for them.
  • So your boyfriend should be very clear about your feeling on any issue. Especially on paying your shopping or bills at the hotel. Talk with your boyfriend about it and tell him clearly whether like or dislike this attitude. Whether it is embarrassing for you or you feel proud that your boyfriend cares for you a lot.


Stop from Paying

  • When you realize that your boyfriend is continuously paying for your everything without any solid reason this should be a point of worry for you. You should talk to your friend about it and try to stop this act of him before its too late. Because later if there is a fight between you he will take you for granted just because he supports you financially and you are dependent on him.
  • This will create disrespect in his heart about you just because he will imagine that you are with him just for money. Which would not be true and make fun of you in front of others.


Say Thanks to Boyfriend

  • After you realize that your boyfriend really loves you and had a great emotional attachment to you. Then you should be really lucky and try to keep it that way. Never stop your friend from doing anything for you just to show his love.
  • He will try to make you happy by buying you gifts or taking you to a dinner or on a drive. Do not think this as an insult to you. Just see his true feelings and make your mind clear about it.


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