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BRB Meaning: What Does BRB Mean in Texting?

BRB is an internet slang which is used on many social media networking sites such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram, people also use such abbreviations in private messages. There are many slang words which are commonly used such as LMK, OFC, ILY, TFW and AFAIK, etc. In this article, you will find BRB meaning, What does it stand for?

These days social media is full of many acronyms, such shorthand terms are used by people during conversation, especially used by the youngster. Every day we face new word, it is difficult to remember all of them, but you should know a few famous slang words.

BRB Meaning

BRB is an abbreviation of “Be Right Back“, which is used in online text communication. It is used when someone has to leave for a moment but he will be back after a short time, So in such a situation, people use BRB slang.

what does brb meanBRB is used when someone has to leave his or her keyboard for a short time during an online conversation with someone. It is often used as a way of kindness or politeness so that the other person does not wonder why a person is replying for a while.

BRB is a more polite way to tell the other person that you will be back to a conversation with after a short break. Another most popular internet slang is ILY which mean I love You and It is used to express your feeling or genuine love for someone.

How To Use BRB

BRB is an internet slang that is used when the user expects to be away from the keyboard for a while but will be back shortly. It is used mostly in a real-time online conversation.

brb meansThere are thousands of internet slangs which are used mostly in casual conversation or on social media posts or comments. Such slang words are used for instant reply. People use such shorthand terms instead of typing full sentence or words.

Acronyms are rarely used in emails or in any Formal conversation, they are used in Informal conversation. BRB is used in real time conversation, this term is used for politeness in a case the other person in a conversation does not wonder why he is not getting the response or reply during a conversation.

be right back sign

There are many online private messaging applications such as Messenger and Whatsapp, where you didn’t need to use BRB slang because in such applications there is an option of status such as “Away” or “Online“, through which the other person get to know that user is away and cannot be expected to respond immediately to messages.

Similar Abbreviations To BRB

There is another short term which can replace the BRB, some people use AFK, which stands for “Away from Keyboard“. It has the same meaning as “Be Right Back” has.

what is brbAFK can be used in the same way as we use “Be Right Back” in online real-time conversation. So never confuse with it, both have the same meaning and can be interchangeable.

CUIAB is another short term which can be used instead of “Be Right Back” or “Away from keyboard”. CUIB stands for “See You in Bit“. It has the same meaning and can be used in the same way as we use “Be Right Back” or “Away from keyboard” in casual conversation.

CUL can be used instead of the “Be Right Back”, CUL stands for “See you later“. It has the same meaning and can be used in the same way we use “Be Right Back” in communication.

BRB Stands For Else

Slang words have various meaning in different fields, so you should be careful while using such abbreviations and you should use these acronyms according to the context in conversation. Else it will cause confusion in conversation.

BRB also have different meanings in various fields, some of them are listed below:

Science & Medicine

  • Biometric Research Branch
  • Bright Red Blood
  • Benzodiazepine Receptor Binding

Information Technology

  • Bug Review Board

Military & Government

  • Barbados (ISO Country code)
  • Benefits Review Board (US Department of Labor)
  • Bond Review Board (Texas)

Slang, Chat & Pop

  • Be Right Back (chat/slang)
  • Bathroom Break (chat)

Quick Wrap-Up

BRB is an internet slang which is mostly used in real time casual conversation. It stands for “Be Right Back”. It is used to inform the fellow on chat that you will be back after a short while.

BRB is used as a way of kindness or politeness so that the other person does not wonder why a person is replying for a while. It is used when someone has to leave for a moment but he will be back after a short time.

You can also use AFK, CUIAB, and CUL instead of “Be Right Back”. They all have the same meaning and can be used in the same way as BRB is used. So never confuse with them, you may face these terms instead of “Be Right Back”.

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  • YH – “Yeah”

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