Life is much busy these days; we hardly have spare time in our daily affairs. With a relatively tight daily schedule, there is every likelihood that one of the most important segments, our own fitness, is overlooked or ignored. Another factor in ignoring our own fitness is sometimes, the lack of commitment.


No matter, if you don’t have enough spare time to go to the gym, you can do the major part of your fitness routine at home. But for doing that, one must be committed to his fitness. There are many of exercises that you can perform easily being at home and still, these are equally good at improving your overall fitness.

The best part of doing exercises for muscle build up at home is, you need no specialized equipment. Here, at TryArticles, we are suggesting some of very useful and popular exercises to build muscles without weight at home.

Home Exercise # 1 – All Muscle Buildup

A very useful exercise which you can practice at your home without weights, for muscles building and strength, is commonly known as Lizard Exercise. It is a plank exercise, which works on various muscles of your body, especially, the upper parts, like shoulders & arms, in addition to chest & abdomen. So, it is rated as the best exercise for strengthening the muscles.

all muscle buildup

To do this exercise, lie down on the floor, with face down. Now rest your entire body weight on your toes and palms. Raise your body slightly up, while your toes and palms on the floor, keeping your back straight, without any bend, either in legs or in back. Be sure that shoulders should also remain in line with the body and not to be raised above it. Maintain this position for some time.

Repeat 10 times in a session. Do a minimum of three sets a day. This exercise is also useful for chest muscles. Just separate your arms a little wider and then raise your body, extracting force from your chest, instead of back.

Home Exercise # 2 – Gluteal Muscles Buildup

The next home exercise without weights is meant for strengthening and buildup of gluteal muscles. This is a squats exercise, which works on all the three gluteal muscles and builds mass around your hips, in addition to working on legs and back muscles, simultaneously.

While standing straight on the floor, with feet slightly apart from each other, just in line with the entire body. Now Stretch your arms forward and raise to parallel with the floor. Keep your back straight; don’t bend it. Shoulder must remain tight enough to avoid stiffness on them.

gluteal muscles buildup

Now slightly bend your knees by lowering your hips towards the floor, just as if you are preparing to sit on bench or chair. Ensure that entire weight of your body should be equally distributed on both legs and back.

Keep this posture for a minimum of 20 seconds to start with and try to increase up to a reasonable duration of not less than 2-3 minutes. Repeat for 10-12 times in a day.

Home Exercise # 3 – Leg Muscles Buildup

This is an additional (other than squats) exercise for leg muscles, commonly known as Lunges. Standing upright on the floor, separate your feet slightly to come in line with your hips. Take a step forward with your right foot, bending both the knees, while ensuring that left knee should come closer to the floor but not touching the floor in any case.

Correct Way ForDoing Lunges

Place your arms around your waist. Maintain this position for some seconds and then return to your original position. Now repeat the same exercise with your left foot lunging forward. Repeat for at least 15 times with both the feet in one session. 2-3 sessions a day are good enough to build up your legs muscles at home without weights.

Home Exercise # 4 – Abdomen Muscles Buildup

Very common and useful exercise which can be done at home without weights, known as crunches. Works on abdomen muscles to give vigor to your body, in addition to improving overall physical health. Lie on the floor mat with you back on the mat. Bend your knees upward while so that the legs are raised while feet remain on the floor mat.

Support your neck with both of your hands around the head. Now lift up the upper portion of your body slightly above the floor, so that the abdomen should also be lifted and feel the pressure. As doing this exercise involves your sensitive area of the neck, be careful not to put stress on it, otherwise, you may injure your neck bone. 2-3 sets of 10 repetitions are sufficient for beginners, which can be increased gradually.


Home Exercise # 5 – Upper Body Muscles Buildup

Commonly known as Dips, this exercise is very much useful for working on your upper body muscles, especially the biceps/triceps area. One of the best home exercises without weights but here you need a small equipment, i.e. a simple, solid chair.


Place a chair on the ground and take your position as if you are preparing to sit on it, but don’t sit on it. Rest your hands on the chair with your back towards the seat of the chair. Stretch forward your legs, away from the chair, while heels firmly grounded. Now with all weight on your arms and upper body muscles, bring your hips in parallel with the seat of the chair. Rest here for several seconds and come back to original position.

Ensure that during Dips exercise, your back should remain straight without any bend in it. 3-5 sets with 10 repetitions are good enough for a day.

Home Exercise # 6 – Chest Muscle Buildup

Chest workouts are very popular, which are aimed at building chest muscles at home without weights. Commonly known as Pushups. Lean on the ground with hands and toes placed firmly on the floor, while the entire body remains straight and stretched. Putting entire body weight on hand and toes, start lowering the body, while remaining stretched enough, to come closer to the ground but not touching it.

Hold in this place for a while and then raise back the body to the original position. The number of pushups in a session is not restricted; it depends on your commitment and will. But never do over-exercise. As we always emphasize, be consistent, take care of your diet and above all, provide rest days to your body.


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