A cube is the geometrical shape which has 6 square sides and each side has the same length, width and height. One of the most used shapes in our daily life is a cube and some of the examples are ice cubes, sugar cubes, dice, carton and containers.

Sometimes it is essential to determine its volume so it becomes easier to know that how much capacity it has to store things as an example suppose we have a container and we want to know that how much it has the capacity to store oil so we have to find its volume.

There is a mistake people do when they relate the rectangular prism shape with a cube. We will also discuss the difference between cube and rectangle prism and how to calculate their volumes.

Calculating Volume of a Cube using Formula

example of cube

Let’s take an example of a cube and we know that the cube has equal length, width and height so these are also called edges of the cube and for ease, we represent it as “a”. Formula of cube is

Volume = a3

Now follow these steps to calculate volume

Step 1

Measure one edge of the cube, say it is 8 cm.

Step 2

Now put the value of edge in the formula

V = 83

Step 3

The last step is to simply take the cube of the value or multiply the value by itself 3 times.

V= 8 x 8 x 8

V=512 cm3

Calculating Volume of Cube using Surface

volume of cube using surface area

Surface area is a two- dimensional measurement of a side of cube and its formula is

A = a2

As a cube consists of 8 sides so

A = 6 a2

Assume a situation in which you are given the surface area 48 cm2 and you are asked to determine the volume. Accordingly, the formula is

V =6 *(A3/2 /36)

Now follow these steps.

Step 1

Solve for the area

A3/2 = 483/2 = 332.55

Step 2

Divide the answer by 36

332.55/36 = 9.238

Step 3

Multiply the answer with 6

9.238* 6 = 22.63 cm3

So the volume using surface is 22.63 cm3

Calculating Volume of Cuboids

cube and cuboid

One of the common mistakes we do is in recognizing the difference between cube and cuboids. Both look same but the difference is that cube has six square sides but cuboid has 6 rectangle sides. Each side in cuboid has edges equal to its opposite sides.

Formula to calculate such shape would not be same as cube

V = length x width x height


For better illustration, suppose we have a cuboid with “l” as length, “w” as width and “h” as height.

Now follow these steps

Step 1

Measure length of the cuboid suppose it is 4 cm

Step 2

Measure its height say it is 6 cm

Step 3

Measure its width assume it is 8 cm

Step 4

Now put the values in formula

V = 4 x 6 x 8

V =192 cm

So from above examples, we learned the difference between cube and cuboid and how to calculate its volume. If you liked the post or have any query you can ask it in the comments section.