The percentage is a proportion or ratio of a large quantity. In our daily life, we listen or use the word percentage referring to discounts, share, profit or loss etc. So fundamentally percentage is one of the basics of mathematics which is essential to learn for every individual.

Being a mathematics student it is quite easy to remember the formulas and procedure to calculate the percentage. But for others, it can be knotty as it is easy to forget the formula when you haven’t read this for years.

So if you find it difficult or you have forgotten about calculating percentage then this article will definitely be advantageous to you, so read until the end.

Case 1

If you are a student or a businessman and wants to calculate your marks or profit or loss, for example, we suppose that a student obtained 136 marks out of 150 and we want to calculate its percentage then follow these steps.

Step 1

First of all, you will need a calculator. You can also use calculator application on your mobile or computer. Simply turn on the calculator or open the application.


Step 2

Enter the obtained marks.

calculating percentage step 2

Step 3

Next step is to divide the obtained marks to the total marks.

  • Click on the “÷” for division
  • Enter total marks
  • Press “=”. It will give the answer to a division.

answer to division

Step 4

Next step is to multiply with the previous result by 100.

  • Press “x” sign.
  • Enter 100 to multiply the previous answer with it.
  • Press “=”. This will give you the percentage.

calculating percentage step 4

answer of percentage

Case 2

If you want to calculate a portion from a large quantity say you are at a mall for shopping and there is a discount offer of 30% off on a luxurious Sofa which was of 400$ before, then how much dollars you will save.

Step 1

On a calculator enter the amount 400.

percentage step 1

Step 2

Now we have to multiply it by the quantity of discount.

  • Press the sign “x” to multiply.
  • Enter 30.

percentage step2

Step 3

At the end calculate the percentage

  • Enter “%” sign.
  • Enter “=” to get the result.

percentage step 3


From the cases given above you can calculate the percentage using a calculator and if you want to give suggestions or have any query then hit it down in the comments section.