Whether you are doing cycling as an exercise, either in the gym or in open field, or you are roaming around in the streets on your bicycle for your personal affairs, you are continuously burning calories. But how many calories are being burnt is the basic information you would like to have.

Burning of calories during a workout session depends on so many factors, such as your age, your body weight, the intensity with which you do your exercises and most importantly the time duration for which you do your exercises. When it comes to running or cycling in open fields, the terrain on which you run your bicycle also plays an important role.

Calories burnt while cycling

Here we are giving you the basic information and knowledge on how many calories you burn when you’re cycling.

Before you learn about the number of calories you are burning during a particular exercise, it is equally important for you to know that how many calories a human body needs in a day. A female would require 2000 calories in a day whereas a male requires 2500 calories in a day. The number of calories your body gaining per day reflects in your body weight, so, if you want to reduce weight, reduce intake of food that is rich in calories generation.

Time Duration

The time you spend on your workouts plays an important role in burning calories. If you are cycling or doing other aerobic exercises, you need a minimum of 20 minutes session to get best results. It is the threshold where your body starts burning calories and fats. Anything beyond that time duration will determine how many calories have been consumed.

To determine how many calories have been burnt during an exercise, experts have evolved different formulae. Factors like your age, weight, the intensity of exercises and the time duration, all are accounted for while reaching an approximate value of calories burnt during the exercise, or for that matter cycling, being our point of focus in this article.


Now, for instance, if you are doing slow cycling at the rate of 16 kilometers an hour, the formula to calculate the approximate number of calories burnt while cycling will be:

Number of Calories Burned = (body weight of the person x 2.2) x Duration of cycling x 0.049

Based on the above formula, we give here the approximate number of calorie a person burns while cycling at a low intensity.

  • If your body weight is 63 kg you will be burning 64 calories in a minute.
  • The same person will burn 128 calories if cycling for 20 minutes.
  • If the above person do cycling for 30 minutes, he will be burning 192 calories.
  • The same person will burn 256 calories in 40 minute’s cycling.
  • In one hour’s cycling, the same person will burn 384 calories.

Tip : To lose 2.2 pounds of weight in a week, you need to burn 1100 calories per day for one week.

Intensity Of Cycling

The intensity with which you paddle the cycle also plays an important role in determining the number of calories burnt during a certain period of time. Consequently, you can burn more calories at the same time, just with changing the intensity of paddling the cycle or spinning in the gym. The more the intensity, more calories you burn in the same time duration.

Intensity Of Cycling
source: www.roadcyclinguk.com

Now, for instance, if you do cycling at a higher intensity (more than 20 Kilometers an hour), the formula given below gives you the approximate number of calories burnt.

Number of Calories Burned = (body weight of the person x 2.2) x Duration of cycling x 0.071

Using the above formula one can easily calculate the number of calories burnt while cycling at a high intensity, based on the time duration and weight of the person. However, it is advisable to avoid doing very high-intensity cycling right from the beginning; increase the intensity gradually, as per your level of fitness.

Important To Know

Now that you have learned about the calculations on how many calories you can burn while cycling, it is time for you to know that cycling not only burns the calories but it has various added benefits such as:

  • Toning your bum and legs.
  • Enhances your physical strength.
  • Since keeping the balance on cycle, you strongly work on your abs muscle; it provides extra strength to this region.

In order to get optimum benefits from cycling activity, we strongly advise that you should not rely only on the physical activity but should also keep a close eye on your diet. So, prefer a hypo-caloric diet. As we always emphasize, be consistent in your workouts, take balanced diet and do not hesitate to take the assistance of a professional trainer wherever you feel any problem.

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