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Can Dogs Eat Almonds? Yes/NO! Let’s Find Out

Can Dogs Eat Almonds: Almonds are an amazing snack for human beings. But, the question is can dogs eat almonds? So, the short answer to this question is NO. While almonds are not harmful or poisonous as some nuts, it is one of those foods dogs companions cannot digest as people.

All the dog owners, beware of a rewarding your four-legged friend with a variety of salty nuts as treat. There are also some fruits which are not good for dogs like Grapes for Dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Almonds

Nuts are one more harmful substance which your dog cannot eat. Do not give peanuts and almonds to your dog, as these type of nuts can be toxic to them, and an upset stomach or an obstruction in your pet’s gastrointestinal tract which can lead to unexpected vet expenses and life-saving surgery.

Can Dogs Eat Almonds

Moreover, dogs love the taste of almonds, specifically the flavored variety like barbecued, cinnamon, jalapeno, vanilla, smoked and many others.

On the other hand, not toxic, almonds aren’t easily digested can give your pup an upset stomach and can create gastrointestinal distress. On the other hand, Bananas are very good for dogs. It helps them to improve their food digestion and keep them healthy.

Why Almonds Are Bad for Dogs

Many dogs love the taste of almonds but consuming them can cause gastric intestinal distress. So, if your pup accidentally eats a few, then you must observe these symptoms:

  • Vomiting
  • General discomfort
  • Gas
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite

Furthermore, almonds like the majority of nuts are high in fat and can put your dog at risk of developing pancreatitis. This is a serious condition that needs the attention of your vet.

dogs almonds

Moreover, this snack can be dangerous in many other ways like Obstruction. Although, almonds can block your pup’s intestine, windpipe or esophagus, especially in tiny breeds. All these obstructions can be dangerous if not treated at the right time, and they occasionally demand surgery.

Flavored almonds

Although, flavored almonds come with major risks. The flavorings and spices can upset your dog’s stomach and the salt in the seasoning can also lead to salt toxicity and water retention if consumed in great amount.

almonds for dogs

Possible Water Retention: Almonds like many other packaged nuts are often roasted and salted, so this intake of salt can cause increased water retention in pups. However, it is very dangerous in dogs having a heart problem.

If your dog is facing Water Retention problem. You can Feed Pineapple to your dog. Pineapple is a good source of Vitamin C, minerals (Manganese, vitamin B6, Thiamine and Folate Vitamins) and 85% water.

What to Do If Your Dog Eats Almonds

So, if your dog has eaten one or more than one almonds, do not panic. Instead, observe him carefully for signs of obstruction or intestinal distress. But, if your pup has consumed more than a few almonds, then you must call a local emergency vet or your vet for professional advice.

List of Few Nuts that are Harmful to Dogs

Mention below is a list of few nuts that can be harmful to your four-legged friend:

Macadamia Nuts

Moreover, macadamia nuts are very rich in fats that can give your pup a major upset stomach and might cause pancreatitis. Additionally, these nuts are reported to have an unknown poisonous principle that might result in neurological symptoms.

Japanese Walnuts

Japanese walnuts have no toxicity; But, they can cause an obstruction or gastric intestinal upset. Similarly, like English walnuts, moldy Japanese walnuts also contain tremorgenic mycotoxins that can cause neurological symptoms or seizures.

Hickory Nuts

Moreover, hickory nuts contain the harmful juglone that can cause laminitis in horses. Although, eating hickory buts can cause similar problems associated with black walnuts: intestinal obstruction or gastric intestinal upset.

dog ate almonds

Just like walnuts, moldy hickory nuts can have tremorgenic mycotoxins that can result in neurological symptoms or seizures.


Furthermore, pecans have harmful juglone which can cause laminitis in horses. So, feeding pups pecans can also cause an obstruction or gastric intestinal upset. Similarly, like walnuts, moldy pecans have tremorgenic mycotoxins that can cause neurological symptoms or seizures.

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