Can Dogs Eat Bread: The precise answer to this question is Yes! Dogs can consume bread in many ways like humans. Bread is not harmful to dogs in any way. But you have to be careful as some ingredients present in the bread can be toxic.

You can feed bread to your dog but in a limit. Excess of anything can cause an upset stomach and vomiting. Moreover, plain wheat and white bread do not cause stomach upset. These slices of bread don’t cause any allergies too.

Can Dogs Eat Bread

Bread is a filler diet for dogs, but you should feed bread as a treat. If your dog loves bread and he is eating a balanced diet then the bread will not hurt him. Bread does not provide any extra nutrients to your pup that are not supplied by a dog’s food. So, it should only be given 5% of the dog’s meal.

Can Dogs Eat Bread

Bread is full of carbohydrates. So, if your dog is over-weight then you should avoid giving him bread. Excess amount of bread can cause obesity in dogs. Always make sure that your dog is not allergic to wheat. Otherwise, he would find it difficult to digest wheat bread.

Moreover, you should buy bread that contains a small amount of sugar in it. Too much sugar is not good for dogs. Try to avoid feeding bread crusts to your dogs.

can dogs have bread

You can only give a few bits of bread from a loaf to your pup. Do not give much bread as it can cause bloating and stomach ache in dogs. Avoid giving the whole loaf to puppies as it can be very dangerous for them.

Benefits of Bread for Dogs

Bread is the oldest staple food in the world. It is normally eaten in breakfast, dinner and at lunch. You can share plain bread with your dogs from your plate. It is best to buy bread that is low in calorie.

You can talk to your vet if your dog is underweight and you want to help him. Dogs can gain weight in a safe and healthy way by eating the correct amount of bread.

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Always read labels carefully before buying a bread. All the bread are not safe for dogs. Some of them contain harmful ingredients like raisins, chocolate and more.

Many pet parents say that bread help dogs with an upset stomach. You can give your dog a dry toast to settle diarrhea. It’s best to consult your vet before giving anything to your dog with an upset stomach.

Moreover, if your furry friend has swallowed something sharp like a broken bone, bread can help pass that harmful thing smoothly. If that does not help, rush to your vet.

Whole grain bread is a good option for dogs. They contain fiber that helps improves the digestive system of your dog.

Possible Risks of Bread for Dogs

Wheat is the main ingredient in bread. If your dog is allergic to it then the bread is not a good option. Do not feed old bread to your dog. If one thing is toxic for you, then it’s obvious that it is also not good for dogs. Any fungus that grows on bread can be very toxic for pups.

Moreover, avoid feeding your dog bread that has nuts in them. Though, all the nuts are not safe for dogs. your dog might have allergy from some nuts. You should be aware of all your dog allergies, before feeding anything to him.


Besides this, if your dog is gluten intolerant then you should feed him gluten-free bread. You can try giving pumpkin bread to your pet. As is has very low sugar content in it. Pumpkin bread is safe for dogs and they will love eating it.

Types of Bread that are Bad for Pups

Some types of bread that are toxic for dogs are given below:

  • Onion Bread: Onion bread damages the red blood cells of your dog.
  • Raisin Bread: Grapes and raisins are poisonous to dogs. They cause kidney problems in dogs. Raisins can be life-threatening for your pet.
  • Garlic Bread: Garlic is also toxic to your pet. It is same like onion bread, it also damages red blood cells of your doggy.
  • Banana Bread: Banana bread contains high sugar content. It also has chocolate in it. Chocolate is very harmful to dogs. So banana bread is not suitable for dogs to eat.
  • Xylitol:  You should avoid giving a bread that contains peanut butter with xylitol in it. Xylitol is toxic sugar substitute that can cause liver problems in dogs.

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