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Can Dogs Eat Broccoli? Pros & Cons of Broccoli For Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Broccoli: The short answer is Yes!. But there is a lot more to the story to that. Firstly, same like humans, pups have daily nutritional needs, whatever you decide to give your dog will affect these levels, whether it is bad or good.

Can Dogs Eat Broccoli

As we all know that certain vegetables and fruits can be powerhouses of goodness for our pets, we also know that some foods can cause problems like an upset stomach. In this post, we will let you know how much broccoli your dogs can safely have.

Can Dogs Eat Broccoli?

Moreover, broccoli contains a wide range of minerals and vitamins, both of which are utilized to fortify your pooch’s proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Amounts are based for comparison only, on one cup of broccoli which is 91 grams.

Broccoli dogs

Furthermore, broccoli’s content of minerals and vitamins increases your pup’s immunity and it has a protective section against heart problems. It maintains healthier skin and bones, also contributes to better digestion. As we all know that some of the minerals and vitamins found in broccoli provide a protective action against some specific type of cancers.

Broccoli also has isothiocyanates that are known to cause a gastric problem in dogs. If your Dog has Gastric problem then feed Tomatoes to your Dog as they are high in fiber and low in calories, and is good for digestion.

Advantages of Broccoli for Dogs

While pooches do not actually require a large number of vegetables and fruits for healthy lives, specific one does make suitable snacks and can give health benefits to them.

Moreover, broccoli is high in Vitamin C and fiber and it is low in fat. Although, broccoli is safe for dogs to eat, cooked or raw, as long as no seasonings or salad dressings are added. You can also give Lettuce to your overweight dogs as Lettuce contains 90% water and contain very-low-calorie so is good for your dog.

Risks of Broccoli for Dogs

Furthermore, these advantages may make broccoli seem like a top choice for a vegetable snack. But, AKC Chief Veterinary Officer named Dr.Jerry Klein warns that it also has a potentially dangerous ingredient. Moreover, the florets of this vegetable have isothiocyanates, that can cause a mild-to-potentially-severe gastric problem in some pups.

Broccoli for dogs

Moreover, Dr.Klein also said, “Broccoli is considered safe in pooches if the total amount ingested is less than ten percent of their daily intake, over 25 % is considered dangerous.”

Moreover, every pooch is unique. Some pups may react more strongly to broccoli than other dogs, so, it is very important to monitor individual pooch to see how they react to broccoli or any other new food item.

How Much Broccoli Can Dogs Have?

Moreover, broccoli is considered usually safe if it does not take up over than 10 percent of your pup’s daily diet. Over 25 percent of their daily diet would be considered dangerous. You can also feed healthy fruits like Apple to your dogs as Apple is also an amazing source of Vitamin C and Vitamin A and it contains fiber.

Which Parts of a Broccoli Can a Dog Eat?

We have established that pups can eat broccoli, whilst they can eat broccoli steamed and in raw form.

Moreover, A dog can eat:

  • broccoli stalks
  • dried broccoli
  • broccoli florets
  • steamed broccoli

Your four-legged friend shouldn’t eat leaves from the broccoli.

Choking Risks for Dogs

Dr.Klein says broccoli stalks have been famous to cause an obstruction in the esophagus, especially in a tiny pup. Besides this, you have to make sure to cut up the broccoli into tiny sized chunks and observe your dog as he eats broccoli.Can dogs have broccoli

Moreover, tiny bites also make it easier to measure the amount of broccoli your pup consumes. So if you want to introduce any new food to your dog, always start which a very small portion of it, same as with broccoli.

You must ask your vet if you have any question like is broccoli right treat for your pup or how much broccoli is safe for your dog’s health.

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