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Can Dogs Eat Cashews? Some Important Benefits & Precautions

Can Dogs Eat Cashews: Yes! dogs can have cashews but in a small amount. Cashew nuts are not toxic to dogs if they are roasted or cooked. Cashews can be very beneficial for dogs if fed them occasionally. They are full off protein and fats.

Before feeding cashews to your pet, you must know about his allergies. Cashews are something from which your dog could have an allergy. Allergy from nuts are rare but can be very dangerous for dogs and humans.

Can Dogs Eat Cashews

Dogs can have peanut butter without any health risk. So many people assume that all the nuts are safe for pups to have. But, this is not the case, all the nuts are not safe for dogs. Hazelnuts are dangerous for dogs to eat.

So, always consult the vet before introducing any new food to your pup’s diet. While feeding cashews to your dog, you have to keep some points in mind to safely feed them.

Can Dogs Eat Cashews

Dogs can have cashews but in a limit. Cashews contain a high content of fat. So, if your dog has pancreatitis, then you must avoid giving him cashew nuts. These nuts contain a large number of minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins. That’s why they are a good source of energy for your pet.

Dog eating from bowl

Before feeding cashews to your dog make sure, that the bag of nuts contains only cashews. Do not give other mixed nuts with cashews to your dog. Similarly, avoid giving salted cashews to dogs. Salt can be harmful to your dog to have.

Benefits of Cashews for Dogs

Furthermore, cashews have many health benefits, some of them are given below:

Cashews contain omega-6 fatty acids in great amount. When these fatty acids are balanced with omega-3 fatty acids present in a pup’s body, they help heal many problems. Moreover, Fatty acids in cashews help to improve the dog’s skin and its fur.

cashews for dogs

Cashews have antioxidants in them. They help to reduce the risk of heart problem and tumor in dogs. Cashews help dogs in the growth and development of their bones. As they contain many nutrients in them, that are vital for body growth.

Moreover, cashews contain a high content of fiber. Fiber helps in the digestion process of dog. Many other advantages in cashew nuts may include folic acid, flavanols, and several more. These nutrients help to improve the immune system of dogs.

Possible Risks of Cashews for Dogs

Besides benefits, cashews have some possible hazards for dogs. Some risks of having cashews for dogs are given below:

dogs cashews

  • Cashews can be very dangerous to dogs if fed in a large amount. High-fat content in cashews can cause many health problems to pups. Fats in large amount can cause obesity in dogs.
  • It is not advisable to feed cashews to over-weight dogs. Cashews can be a choking hazard for a small breed of dogs. Cashews over the limit can cause joint problems and diabetes in dogs.
  • Avoid giving salted cashews to dogs. Salt can dehydrate your dog. It can also cause weakness, vomiting, and seizures in dogs. So, stick to the plain cashews for your doggy.
  • Cashews have a large number of fats in them, so do not feed them regularly. Feed cashews occasionally to your dogs.
  • Before feeding any new food to your dog, always watch for symptoms of an allergy. Dogs might have an allergy from cashews. It is best to always consult your vet before giving any nut to your dog.

Symptoms of an Allergy

Few symptoms of an allergy are given below:

  • Hives
  • Extreme Itching
  • Swelling

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