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Can Dogs Eat Cheese?​ Benefits of Feeding Cheese to Your Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Cheese: The answer to this question is Yes!. Cheese is safe for dogs to have but in limitation. Cheese is an amazing treat for dogs. Many trainers use it to motivate dogs. Majority of dogs love it.

The cheese itself is not harmful to dogs. But it may contain some harmful ingredients like herbs, garlic, onion or many others. So it is advisable to always check ingredients of cheese before feeding it to your dog. It is best to always stick with plain cheese.

Can Dogs Eat Cheese

Moreover few pups can be intolerant of cheese. So you should aware of the likes and dislikes of your dog. Cheese in a small amount can be very beneficial for pups. As it is full of nutrients.

Cheese works as an energy booster for dogs. Still, a large amount of cheese can cause diarrhea and vomiting in dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Cheese

Dogs can safely have cheese if they can tolerate lactose, that is present in the cheese. Cottage cheese, goat cheese, and mozzarella cheese are dog’s favorite. After feeding cheese to your dog, always watch his reactions towards it. Excess of cheese can cause obesity in dogs.

Cheese contains a high amount of fats, so it should be fed in a limit. Furthermore, it is best to feed your doggy low-fat cheese. It is recommended to feed plain cheese. Some ingredients in cheese can be harmful to your pups.

dog cheese

Majority of dogs love eating cheese as a treat. So, many trainers use it as a reward treat. They use cheese to motivate their athlete dogs. Cheese has so many nutrients, important for your dog’s health. Yet, too much cheese can cause health issues also.

Benefits of Cheese for Doggies

Cheese has calcium, Vitamin A, protein, B-12, zinc and many other nutrients in it. All these nutrients are vital for your dog’s health. Cheese is very beneficial for dogs, as it may help to grow their teeth and bones. Cheese allows dog bones to stay strong and active.

Moreover, cheese also covers the major deficiency of your dog’s body. Cottage cheese contains less amount of lactose in it. A huge amount of lactose is removed in the fermentation process of cottage cheese. So, it is best to give cottage cheese to your doggy. Lactose can cause an upset stomach in dogs.

can dogs have cheese

Avoid feeding your dog cottage cheese that is added with milk. Milk raises the content of lactose in cheese. So always check the ingredients carefully before buying cheese for your dog.

Some dogs cannot tolerate dairy products. So make sure your dogs can digest them. It’s better to watch your vet before giving any different food to your doggy. Otherwise, cheese in small quantity is good for pets.

Possible Risks of Eating Cheese for Dogs

Cheese should be fed in the limit. Otherwise, it can cause weight gain in dogs. Similarly, like humans, a large amount of salt present in cheese can give high blood pressure to some dogs. If your pup is over-weight than do not feed cheese to him.

Besides that, dogs can also be allergic or intolerant to dairy products. So you have to be aware of your dog allergies. Excess amount of cheese can be harmful to a dog’s digestive system. It can be hard on their immune system as well.

Cheese for dogs

Cheese can lead to many problems like pancreatitis. It is a serious and dangerous illness in doggies. It is recommended to not feed blue cheeses for instance stilton. This cheese contains a harmful ingredient known as roquefortine C.

Moreover, dogs can have allergy from roquefortine C present in blue cheese. Dogs having a kidney problem, should not eat any kind of cheese. As it has salt in it that can be dangerous for them.

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