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Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream: Ice cream is made up of milk, sugar, and cream these are the basic ingredients. Sugar and dairy products are not suitable for dogs. Hence the answer to the question is, No dogs cannot eat Ice cream.

Though dogs do crave for some human foods. In summers human beings like to eat ice cream, your pup may have an eye on your ice cream too. While you are enjoying your ice cream your dog might lick it too.

can dogs eat ice cream

So, let us see Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream? Do ice creams have any risk factors and what can be alternatives for your dog?

Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream?

There are many types of ice creams. Depending on the ingredients of ice cream we can give it to dogs. Yet the main ingredients of ice cream that are milk and sugar are not suitable for dogs.

The reason is that dairy products ( any food item made from milk ) contain lactose some dogs can not digest it. In a half cup of ice cream, there are 6 grams of lactose. Whereas sugar present in ice creams and sweets are harmful to dogs the same as it is not good for people.

It is hard for some dogs to digest milk. Dairy products are not toxic for dogs but there can be a real problem as dogs cannot digest them. Furthermore, dogs do need sugar but they need carbohydrates that are broken into glucose/sugar by the body.

ice cream

Even if your ice cream does not contain sugar, there are flavors too which are not suitable for dogs.

Health Concerns

Every dog owner is concerned about the health of their four-legged companion. Like human beings, a healthy lifestyle is also important for dogs. A healthy life means healthy eating. Thus, ice cream is not a healthy snack at all.

Adult dogs are lactose intolerant. Yet puppies can digest milk, after all, they are mammals. In adult dogs, the inefficiency of digesting dairy products can cause gas, diarrhea, vomiting and many other stomach issues.

Though some dogs might not have any bad consequences of eating ice cream. The main point is how your dog deals with the nutrients in ice cream. If your dog can digest milk there are other unhealthy ingredients too in ice cream. Ice cream includes:

  • Milk: 
    • It contains lactose. Lactose is a kind of sugar. It is a combination of sugar molecules that are chemically linked together. To digest the milk, the digestive system must break lactose into two basic easy to digest sugar.
    • Breaking down lactose is done by an enzyme in a dog’s body known as lactase.
    • Dog’s reaction to lactose depends upon the dose they are consuming.
    • All products do not contain the same amount of lactose.

ProductLactose ( Grams )Serving ( Cup )
Milk (Whole) 111
Milk (Skim)111
Ice Cream6Half
Low Fat Yogurt51
Sour Cream4Half

    • Other than lactose some dogs are allergic to the protein in milk.
  • Sugar
    • Sugar is a big NO for dogs. Refined Sugar leads to many problems.
    • It can cause diabetes.
    • Teeth problems.
    • Obesity.
    • Yet natural sugar in fruits and the form of carbohydrates is good for dogs.
    • Sugar causes many stomach problems that is why it is not good for dogs.

 dog ice cream

  • Artificial Flavors
    • Chocolates and raisin flavors in ice cream are the worst option for dogs.
    • So is Strawberry and pistachio flavor.
    • Coffee is also not suitable for dogs due to caffeine, but ice cream does not contain much caffeine. So, it is better to avoid Coffee flavor.
    • Any ice cream containing artificial sweets are a big NO-NO for dogs.
    • Artifical sweet contain toxic element xylitol. It can cause liver failure. Liver failure happens within a few days.
    • Even though sugar-free ice creams have xylitol.

Ice Creams for Dogs

Can dogs eat ice cream, YES, there are other alternatives. There is no need to make a hard and fast rule to restrict your dogs from cool treats. We have great suggestions for you to make ice creams suitable for dogs.

Though milk is a controversial food for a dog, some might suggest feeding it to your dog whereas some people say it is not recommended. Raw milk straight out of goat or cow is a great option for a dog as they have been fed to dogs for many years.

Ice creams can not be made straight from raw milk. Moreover, now dairy cattle are not fed properly. They are dosed with drugs and hormones leaving some particles in dairy products as well.

Plain vanilla ice cream is a safe option just don’t feed a whole bowl. But we have other frozen cool treats for a dog that can be prepared easily at home:

  1. Frozen Yogurt 
    • Yogurt contains less lactose it is easier to digest. Do not give your dog frozen yogurt from a grocery store. Buy a plain organic flavorless yogurt and freeze it.
  2. Frozen Banana 
    • Banana is good for dogs. Cut banana and bend it well you can add coconut milk 1 tablespoon at most. Freeze the mixture. Feed your puppy as a snack.
  3. Peanut Butter Cubes
    • Take peanut butter make sure it is xylitol free. Mix it with mashed bananas. Put the mixture in ice cubes or popsicles cups. Freeze it. Both the ingredients are good for a dog.

homemade frozen treat

Besides if your dog eats ice cream without your permission don’t worry stay calm. Check is behavior and the quantity your dog ate. If any problem occurs take him to the vet.

Hence, Ice cream is not a good treat for dogs. Frozen fruits or homemade frozen treats should be fed to a dog in the snack.

So, next time it won’t be unhealthy and difficult to fulfill your dog’s craving for ice creams there is a solution to every problem.

I hope you found an answer to “Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream” and a solution to feed your dog healthily. For more related queries about dogs you can also visit:

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