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Can Dogs Eat Mango? Are Mangoes Bad For Dogs Health or Not?

Can Dogs Eat Mango: The short answer to this question is Yes! dogs can have mangoes. This fruit is rich in vitamins and safe for your pooch to eat, as long as it is peeled properly and the pit is also removed. It is important to note that you must only give your pooch mango in moderation.

Majority of dogs loves fruits, but not all kinds of vegetables and fruits are good for them. In fact, some of them are even harmful. Although, if you are like the majority of dogs parents, you have probably wondered “Can my dog have this”.

Can Dogs Eat Mango

Moreover, you might have even wondered “Can Dogs Eat Mango?” Tropical fruits just like mango, that are famous during the summer’s when they are in season, can make a delicious treat for your pup. Not all parts of the mango are safe for your four-legged friend to have.

Can Dogs Eat Mango

Definitely, dogs can have mangos. It is a tasty and sweet treat and the soft flesh is easy for pups to eat. Like many other berries and fruits, mango is a safe people food for your pooch.


Moreover, mangoes are yummy fruits. Although, dogs can safely enjoy the skin of this fruit. Your dog could choke on a mango pit, so you must always peel the fruit before feeding it to your pooch.

How Mangos are Good for Dogs

Mangos are not only safe for dogs to eat, but they are also a good source of energy for them. As we all know mangos contain important vitamins like B6, C, E and A, all these vitamins make it a nutritious treat for your dog.

You can also give your dogs raspberries but in moderation as it contains many antioxidants, that are good for dogs.

When Mangos are Bad for Dogs

Although, consider mango as a safe, healthy and yummy treat, not all parts of mangos are good for your pooch. The skin is technically edible, but it might be tough for few pups to digest. Mango pits could be choking hazard and they could create an intestinal blockage if consumed. Moreover, the pit also contains cyanide, that is harmful to dogs.


In addition to these hazards, fruits like mango contain a lot of fiber in them, that most dogs are not used to, As a result, your pet could end up with diarrhea or an upset stomach. If your dog eats sweet fruits most often then it might contribute to dental problems.

Possible Hazards of Dogs Eating Mango

Before feeding your dog mango, firstly peel it and then remove its pit. While dogs can technically eat the skin, it can be tough for them to digest, so it is always a good idea to remove it beforehand.

On the other hand, mango pits can be a serious choking hazard and they can get stuck in your dog’s digestive tract. Furthermore, the pit of mango contains a small amount of cyanide.

Can dogs have mango

Besides this, if your dog happens to swallow a mango pit, there is a great chance that it could pass through his body without any problem. However, if you notice a change in your dog’s eating habits, you must consult your vet straight away.

At last, you should be very careful not to give your pup too much mango. Excess of any vegetable and fruit can cause diarrhea and bellyaches.

How to Serve Mango for Pups

Always peel the mango and remove its pit before giving it to your dog. You can also cut the mango into small chunks if you want to feed a smaller breed of dogs.

Mango for dogs

A large breed of dogs can easily eat large slices of mangoes. In addition to serving it fresh, you can also give frozen mangoes to your dog, that is a tasty and fun treat, especially in summers.

Serve Mangos but in Moderation

While treating your pup to anything other than his regular diet, Dempsey suggested the 90/10 rule that is: Any treats, no matter how yummy and healthy, should only comprise 10% of your pooch’s daily caloric intake. Moreover, the other 90% should come from his own dog food.

Furthermore, always consult your wet before feeding your pup any new people food. Doing so ensure your pooch does not eat anything harmful and maintains safe healthy amounts.

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