Can Dogs Eat Nuts? Nuts are rich in fats and proteins which are essential for our diet. But that is not very necessary for dogs. Nuts are basically considered unhealthy for dogs. Even some nuts are toxic for them. Single nut from that category can kill your dog on the spot. It is very important to know what nuts dog can have?

can dogs eat nuts

Raw nuts are also not suitable for dogs not even if given in low quantities as treats. Old nuts that are covered with mold also result in a lot of problems. These nuts must be kept far away from your dog’s range. Molds can cause neurological distress, liver problems and seizures problems in dogs.

Why Are Nuts Unhealthy For Dogs?

Nuts have a high amount of fats and proteins in them. This may result in pancreatitis and obesity in dogs. Giving salted nuts to your dog can lead to water retention and many other complications. Feeding almonds can also result in choking hazards. There is a type of nut called macadamia nuts that is very toxic for dogs.

Which Nuts Are Safe For Dogs?

Peanuts are safe for dogs to eat as they are unseasoned and unsalted. But they should also be given in a limited amount. Peanuts given in fewer quantities are safe for dogs. Peanuts and cashews both are too high in fats to be given regularly. So it is better to give them in small amounts which are not harmful to them.

Almonds are not very toxic to dogs. As they also contain higher amounts of fats but still can be given in a limited amount. Fatty foods are very dangerous if fed too much to your dog. If given in excessive amount they can lead to pancreatitis.

Hazelnuts are not toxic to dogs. Your dog will be fine after having a few treats of hazelnuts. They are about a suitable size for chewing. There is no danger of these nuts getting stuck in the throat or intestines. They are completely safe for dogs.

nuts and dogs

Pistachios, without their shell, are safe for dogs but not recommended. They too are not toxic for dogs but they contain fats in them. This will also lead to pancreatitis disease. Pistachios along with shells if eaten can block the digestive canals of your dog.

Cashews are also rich in fats and proteins. Feeding them in higher amount can result in weight gain. It can also cause pancreatitis. These are recommended but in a very limited amount. Excessive intake of these nuts can result in too many complications.

Walnuts are also high in fats. These are larger nuts than pistachios or peanuts. Obviously, dogs do not chew their food properly as humans do. So nuts like walnuts or any larger nuts are hard to digest and can disturb the dog’s bowel movements.

Thoughts On “Can Dogs Eat Nuts?”

It is important for you to know that dogs can eat nuts but in a limited amount. All these nuts contain high amounts of fats and proteins in them. This can result in too many complications in your dogs if given in excessive amounts. So these are recommended in limited amounts just given as treats to your dogs.

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