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Can Dogs Eat Onions? Health Disadvantages of Onions For Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Onions: The answer to this question is NO!!. Your dog cannot have onion. As it contains a toxin that can be very dangerous for your dog. Not just bad breath, onions can cause serious health problems to your pet.

Onions may give taste to your dishes but they are not good for pets. This vegetable contains a harmful ingredient called thiosulphate. This ingredient is poisonous for dogs. If your pet eats onion even in small quantity he may experience hemolytic anemia.

Can Dogs Eat Onions

Hemolytic anemia is a very painful and dangerous condition, where red blood cells of your dog are damaged.

Doctor. Jeff Werber is an Emmy-award winning vet. Dr. Weber says, “Traditionally, we have always recommended avoiding raw garlic and raw onions because of a kind of toxin that can have a negative effect on red blood cells.”

Can Dogs Eat Onions

No, onions are toxic to dogs. So, you should not feed onions to your dog. As they are not healthy for them. The toxicity of onion depends on the amount eaten. Dr. Jeff says, “To be safe, avoid giving garlic and onion to your pets”.

Onion poisoning in doggies can be life-risking. Onions do not allow your dog to function properly. Onions damage red blood cells of dogs. A very small amount of onion may not affect your dog, but it also depends on the size of the pup.

can dogs have onions

So, if your dog ate one pizza bite having onions in them, he will be OK. Most often feeding onion to dogs are not safe for them.

Furthermore, if you are the one feeding your pet from your dinner table. Remember that most of our foods contain onions, fresh or in powdered form. So always read the ingredients carefully before feeding any food to your doggy.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Onions

Onion may not be as harmful to dogs as xylitol or grapes. Yet, one should avoid feeding onions to your pets. Cooking onions would not have any effect on the safety of this vegetable. Cooked or raw, onions are still toxic to doggies.

pups eat onions

Moreover, dried, powdered, raw, and cooked every form of onions are dangerous for dogs to have. As they are hard on red blood cells of dogs. So, they can be life-threatening to dogs, if they consume onions in the large amount.

Risks of Eating Onions for Dogs

There are many risks of eating onions for dogs, some are given below:

Lethargic pup

  • One of the major problems in dogs, caused by onion is canine Heinz Body Anemia. The other name of this disease is Hemolytic anemia. This disease decreases the red blood cells in a dog’s body and also harm them.
  • Onion toxicity reduces the strength of red blood cells to do their function.
  • Your dog may seem lethargic after eating onion.

Common Symptoms of Hemolytic Anemia

Some common symptoms of Heinz body anemia are given below:

  • Reddish urine color
  • Weakness
  • Depression
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Pale mucous membranes same like gums
  • Rapid respiratory & heart rate

What to do if your Dog ate Onions

Furthermore, if you want your pet to be safe then keep all the food and items having onions in it, away from him. Yet, while cooking, if you drop one slice of onion and your dog bite it. What will happen? Dr. Weber says “Your dog probably would not eat enough to cause a real problem because dogs typically don’t like the taste,”.

dog onions

Moreover, if you think your dog ate a large amount of onion then you have to immediately take him to the vet. The only animal consultant can tell you the exact situation and possible treatment for your dog.

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