Can Dogs Eat Oranges: Tangerines, clementines, and oranges are not harmful to dogs. But, they contain high sugar content and can potentially cause GI (Gastrointestinal) to upset if your dogs eat too many of them. Moreover, citric acid in these fruits is not a concern for pups.

Can Dogs Eat Oranges

Furthermore, cats might not be interested in having oranges, but dogs have been famous to enjoy this sweet snack.

Although Vitamin C and other nutrients can help their immune system and flush toxins out of the body. But, peel, leaves, stem, and seeds of orange have oils that are poisonous for some reason, so you have to assure that you only feed dogs only the fleshy part of the orange.

Can Dogs Eat Oranges?

The answer is yes, Dogs can have oranges. As we all know that fleshy part of oranges is not toxic but does that mean your dog should eat them?

Can dogs have oranges

You must consult your vet before adding any new food to your dog;’s diet. Few factors that impact whether oranges are bad or good for your dogs are given below:

  • Diabetes
  • Weight
  • Digestive Health
  • Other illness

Can Dogs have Orange Peels?

Of course, not. Dogs shouldn’t eat the orange’s peel,  the white thin film on the flesh of orange or any other part of the plant. Dempsey says “It is very important to remove all the trances of pith, seeds, and skin as these parts might contain toxic compounds”. For your dog’s health, you must know what food is essential and what they can’t have. Blueberries contain low-calories and they are best treats for pups

When Oranges are Bad for Dogs?

Oranges contain a lot of sugar content in them, this is the main reason that animals and humans love to eat oranges. But we all know that sugar means lots of calories, so pups that have diabetes or are overweight need to avoid oranges. Although, they do not need to have extra calories.

Oranges dog

Moreover, is your dog is diabetic then you should feed them oranges at all. The sugar in oranges can cause spikes in your dog’s insulin level.

Side effects of Oranges for Dogs

All the pet owners should keep in mind the additional sugars and calories found in oranges and whether or not it fits into their dog’s diet. Oranges can also affect blood values in diabetic pups.

Dog and orange

In addition to the real fruit portion of the orange, the outer peel contains a large amount of vitamin C as well as additional minerals and vitamins in a concentrated form.

However, giving orange peels to dogs is not suggested, says Keyserling. Peels are difficult for dogs to digest and it can cause the gastrointestinal disorder. Pet owners should also remove any seeds before giving orange slices to dogs.

You can also feed strawberries as they are low calorie, sweet and healthy treat for dogs, are full of Vitamin C, antioxidants and very high in fiber.

A portion of Orange can Dog Eat?

Purina Senior Nutritionist named Jan Dempsey says “You do not want to feed your pup anything that will put him off his nutritionally complete meal”. It means that you are feeding oranges as a treat, Dempsey added, “Treats can make up about 10 percent of your dogs’ total calories for a day, so for the majority of the dogs this means 1-2 sections.”

How to add oranges in Dog’s Diet?

Dempsey says, “Whenever you add new food to your dog’s diet try to feed them a small section of it to see their reaction. Normally, the majority of dogs do not like citrus fruits as they have a greater tendency to have a bitter flavor”.


As we all know that citrus fruits contain a lot of acid in it, and this can also cause vomiting or diarrhea. So, you must try one orange section per day and then wait and watch.

Although, if you don’t notice signs of any side effects than you can keep it up but make sure not to overfeed it.

Is the Vitamin C in oranges good for dogs?

Furthermore, human beings eat oranges because Vitamin C helps us to stay healthy. But the dogs can make Vitamin C naturally in their bodies and they do not need a dietary source. You can give a banana to your dog as Bananas are full of minerals and vitamins and are very good for dogs.

What kind of Oranges Dogs can have?

Moreover, there are a variety of oranges. Try navel oranges first to feed your dog. They don’t have seeds in them. Otherwise, when navel oranges are out of season then you need to be sure to remove all the seeds from the fruit along with their pith and peel.

Can Dogs have Orange Juice?

Not at all, we will never suggest you give your dog orange juice. Dempsey says, the juice even if it is natural is a concentrated source of citric acid and sugars from the fruits.

Can dogs have orange juice

Since pups don’t need any vitamins in oranges, and orange juice does not help them. Besides this, water is the best drink which helps to keep your dog healthy and hydrated.

Can Dogs Eat other Citrus fruits?

Tangerines are citrus fruit that dogs can have, but feed them in limit and only the fleshy part. Similarly like oranges, they contain high sugar content and calories.

On the other hand, lemons are so acidic in nature so they should be avoided. However, to keep your pet healthy, always research any food or fruit before feeding it to your dog.

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